There have been a few stories in the news of late of a certain tech company losing a certain phone in a bar. If only they'd had WaveSecure. With it, you can back up, lock, locate or wipe your Android phone from any computer, anywhere, at any time. Phone stolen? Not a problem. WaveSecure locks it down and alerts a designated contact if a new SIM card is inserted and requires a PIN to unlock. (Only applies to GSM phones, of course.) Left it somewhere? Track it down with Google Maps. (Get the full run-down at WaveSecure's site.)

And we've got 30 1-year subscriptions (normally $19.90) to give away. All you have to do is leave a comment on this story through 11:59 p.m. EDT tonight and tell us the worst place you've ever left/lost/or had your phone stolen. We'll pick 30 winners at random and e-mail the subscription codes. Good luck!


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We're giving away 30 free 1-year subscriptions to WaveSecure [contest]


I left my HTC Touch Pro on a public bench for at least 15 minutes at about lunch time in downtown Minneapolis, somehow it wasn't stolen.

I left mine on a rollercoaster my prized (at the time)HTC 6900 and it didn't fall and I recovered when the ride returned...

I left my Samsung Moment at a rest stop on I-95...I drove 2 exits before I realized were it was. I went back to find it right were I left it...sitting on top of the toilet paper holder:)

I work for a boat manufacturing plant and dropped it right off the side of the boat and into the dark abyss of the atlantic ocean

Despite the name, I don't think WaveSecure would have helped you in this case haha. The data would essentially be wiped and even if you could locate the phone chances are it'd be of little use.

Don't pick me, I already have a free membership to Wavesecure. The worst place I left my phone was in a rental car. I was gone for no more than 10 minutes and when I came back the car was rented. They called the customer who said that the phone wasn't in the car... @$$#oles.

It was probably the rental company. They didn't just hand the car over to the customer... they, if they do their job check the car with the customer prior to giving it to them.

I left my Motorola T720 (yes, old school) in my jeans when I ran them through a washing machine. Needless to say, that phone didn't work anymore...

I left my phone at a 1 night stands house. Lets just say that I did not want to go back and get that phone. It would have been nice to make sure it was there... it was a blurry night!

lost my BB Storm in Albany, NY (~150 miles away) and my car broke down on the way home... (on highway 95, i think). I had to stand around for hours until a police stopped by and helped me out.

I have left my phones in restaurants before and sometimes leave it in random locations. I always keep it by my side but then there is that one time you forget about it.

worst place i ever lost my phone was the bottom of a river. went out boating, and wrapped my phone in THREE waterproof bags just in case it went over. worst part was, i knew the phone was on because every time i called it, it still rang before going to voicemail. problem was, i had no idea where it went over.

One time at a bar, my phone fell out of my pocket and onto a seat. I went back and it was gone. Come to find out someone had gone through my phone and started to call and yell at any girl listed in my address book.

Obviously it caused issues.

I'm hoping to avoid that in the future and possibly tell all of them that I'm sorry by explaining how androidcentral.com gave me a second chance! It will never happen again!

Had to scrub my old phone down with rubbing alcohol once after it fell out of my pocket in a public restroom at walmart. Bad times.

Ok, this may sound strange, but I lost my phone 2 years ago. Some how a volleyball coach from the Maryland School of The Deaf, picked it up. As you can imagine, it was a little difficult to communicate over the phone. At first I thought someone had found my phone and decided to keep it, since they were reading my texts, and answering the phone calls but not saying anything, then hanging up. It took sometime to exchange e-mails, and arrange a place to meet. After a couple days and a little frustration, I was reunited with my lovely LG Chocolate VX8500

the worst place I ever lost my phone was in a bathroom at a gas station while on a road trip. I didn't realize it was gone till about 3 hours later, drove all the way back and it was gone.

So six hours wasted and no phone.

i left my phone in the bathroom at waffle house for two hours. it wasn't stolen, but i must have cleaned that thing for 30 minutes...

I've never lost my cell phone. Ever.

Of course, now that I've said that I'm doomed to lose my Incredible (arrives tomorrow, hopefully). So clearly I need this program.

I once left my phone on the seat next to me at a club. Went outside to the car and then realized it....by the time i got back inside the phone was gone.

I'm a pilot and I was flying from Sacramento to Phoenix in a small plane. I stopped for fuel at a small airport in AZ that had a "self serve" type fuel arrangement. I left my phone on top of the pump. When I got to Phx, I realized I lost my phone. I contacted the airport by landline and they offered to mail it to me. I told them I would pick it up on my return flight.

Could've used this product about a year ago. I was at a hotel and the door on my room had to be pulled extra hard to close it.

Left for dinner and came back to find my room ransacked with my cell phone and charger gone.

Would've been nice to track phone with GPS and show the police where to find the person who stole my phone.

Left my BB 9530 in Coyote Ugly bar in Nashville, TN one night on a business trip. Amazing it was found my the management and mailed back to me, very nice folks.

wish I had this for my ipod touch, was at my local shoprite. I went to the salad bar to get some tuna, left it on the counter so I can get said tuna. I walked away for a moment, when I realized that I did not have my ipod I went back to find that it was gone. On top of that, I had just bought MLB package app on there just 1/2 hr prior to going out. Lost all of my bank and CC info on there, and havent had an music player since....but it did motivate me to order the Incredible, so it was ALL that bad...but still sucks

I reached over a shelf at work one time and my phone dropped into the toilet. I reacted before thinking and reached in immediately to grab it. Maybe I thought the quicker I got it out, the less chance of it being damage.
Technically, I didn't lose it easily could have made a tour of the swere system had I not realized it dropped.

The worst place I've ever lost / Misplaced a cell phone was in a running snowblower.

I only found pieces blown into a snowbank...

One of the weaknesses of my Hero is its short battery life. Once I misplaced my phone somewhere in the house and the battery died. Lost it for 2 days before I found it in my day pack. Never again.

Went swimming with my phone in a small plastic bag, realized I was late to work the soundbooth at a wedding, ran to my car, set my phone on top changed quickly, and took off!

I think it's still in that bag somewhere along the road...

I once left my phone on the roof of my car and found it after it had rained. By some miracle, it still worked.

I put my phone in one of the side pockets of a carpenter pants, and couldn't find it for days. I found it when I put the pants in the washer and heard the loud tumbling. Believe or not, the phone worked perfectly for a few months, until I dropped from a table in a restaurant and it shattered to small pieces.

I left my phone on my boss' desk. Seeing as he was out of town, I thought I'd snoop around for some information one Friday on an upcoming "mandatory company meeting" happening the following Monday. Needless to say, I about crapped my pants when I found out / remembered... that night at home... where I had left my phone.

I can tell you I was the first bastard at work Monday morning, before anyone got there, to pickup my phone. I was terrified I'd get caught and fired; Instead, I got laid off. FANTASTIC.

I am a high school English teacher. Somehow I dropped my BB curve in the hall while classes were changing. It took less than half a day before students were laughing and snickering whenever they saw me. In short: pictures were found on my phone, sent around the school, made into flyers. Luckily, they were just funny pictures of myself, nothing offensive (so glad I decided to erase all the NSFW stuff on that phone). Got the phone back, decided not to expel the kids who spread my pictures.

P.s. ordered the Incredible yesterday. It's my first droid and I am so excited to join the fold!

I was once playing 9 holes of golf after work one day and it was still light out. We were riding our carts and the manager said we had to bring in the carts and walk the rest of the coures because it was so close to closing time. We finished our game and I got into my truck and started home (by this time it is dark) and discovered I lost my phone on that golf course somewhere. What an awful feeling. I never found that phone, and when I returned the next morning to look for it the maintenace crew was cutting grass!

Left mine (thankfully a works mobile) in a bar in Japan the night before I flew back to the UK with a hangover and minus a phone. Remembered about it in Heathrow

I'm a Detroit police officer and I lost my phone somewhere inside of Ford field while I was working Superbowl 40. And the Guy who found it kept calling my wife and talking dirty to her.

My boss once showed up with a brand new phone, right after buying a very expensive brand new phone. I asked him why, and he refused to answer. Took a little while to get the truth out. Seems the phone rang why he was using the urinal, and...

Anyway, he decided it was easier to get a new phone than to fish the other one out. He called his carrier, who deactivated it, and it sat there for a while before someone finally removed it.

Left my P990i in a public transport bus, somehow it sat there untouched all the way to terminal station, by which time the driver picked it up and called all my last called entries to let me know the phone is with him..
The only time I actually lost my phone was at school, when I left it in the desk for 5 minutes, and .. it was gone.

Remember the nokia phones used by Mulder and Scully in the series? I had one of those -- and lost it... well, I think it *somehow* fell out of my pocket while walking to my car after work one day. Mysterious.

I also once left my Palm Pilot Professional in the back of a Taxi -- I know it's not a phone, but it was just as expensive as a superphone back in the day!

I dropped my phone off in my swim bag and it slipped into my fins. Later in practice I decide to put my fins on and I see something fly into the water. I swim down to the bottom and find my Blackberry wedged into the drain... Cool thing was I was able to send a txt underwater before it conked out.

My kids decided my wifes phone was dirty so they gave it a bath... in the toilet. Then rinsed it off in the sink.

Traveling across country I left my Razr...Yes Razr! In a restroom somewhere on the interstate in PA... After getting about another 100 miles down the road, I had to turn around and go get it.. Unreal what we do for our phones! It was still there.. Resting in the TP roll in the stall I was in..

I got really inebriated (read drunk) at happy hour one night. Ended up getting the waitresses phone number. Promptly left my phone on the table on the outside deck. Some deuchebag picked it up, saw the first number in it (which was the waitresses) and proceeded to text her a bunch of ridiculous stuff. Needless to say, by the time I got the phone back (they eventually turned it in to the bar) my chances with her were officially done.

I got pretty hammered and lost my phone at a bar. It fell out of my pocket. (maybe I can work for apple?) After noticing I didn't have my phone, I called it from a friends phone and heard my phone ringing in another guys pocket and he answered and said whos this and I was like who are you. I had to trade my phone back for 4 beers from some scum head that took it. I loose things all the time so this would be great.

When I sold my iphone to get my nexus one, I used kijiji (similar to craigslist) the person that I met with to do the exchange, ended up snatching it from me and running into a new housing development area. Police did nothing. and when I asked the people in charge of the building I met this person with (since there were cameras), they told me they couldn't since i filed a police report and now the police would have to contact them.

My pride and glory was the Verizon XV6800 Phone from HTC, running windows Mobile. I'm thrifty when it comes to clothes, but I'll splurge phones.

Needless to say, I took my phone out of my back pocket to try on some $15 shoes at Wal-mart. Excited at the fit and price, I hurried to checkout and made it home just in time to realize the math. $15 Shoes - $250 Phone = Not so happy cell phone nerd. Of course I returned within 20 minutes to discover, "No one has ever heard or seen that phone before."

My wife still gives me crap for this often. #fail

I left my phone (then a BB 8330) in my Anatomy class once... and by the time I'd realized where it was - after canvasing the entire campus - the classroom was closed and the professor's office hours were passed... so I had to wait until the next class, 2 days later, to get it. By then, the professor informed the class that I'd gotten some interesting text messages and proceeded to read some of the more sorted ones - from my fraternity brothers, a stripper I'd met, and my drunken mother...

Left my phone in my pants when I was exhausted after a long international flight...found it the next day when we heard thumping in the washing machine. Not good.

Mine (somehow) fell out of my pocket when I was walking home from a bar. The next day I must have retraced my various, possible steps quite a few times. Seems like I walked a couple of miles back and forth, but I FOUND IT! It was laying in the grass just waiting for me to pick it up. Nothing was wrong with it and I was thrilled. Would have been nice to be able to track it down though.

In high school, I left my phone (I can't remember the model, it was an old verizon camera phone) in my backpack in my high school's locker room and a girl in my class who hated me stole it and started making prank phone calls to all of my friends.

Back in senior year of high school, it slipped out of my pockets (somehow) in the principals office. cell phones were strictly prohibited in my school. I was in the principals office asking for letters of recommendation for university applications..so much for obeying rules, eh?

You guys are crazy. I have never lost my phone. That would be like losing my brain. Can't wait til tomorrow when I get to open my Droid Incredible!!!

Strip Club while getting a lapdance....followed by the stipper being a wise @ss and calling *Home* and getting me in deep trouble with my Girl. Not a good situation.

Leaving it in my parent's car when they dropped me off at college. They'd only made it back to the highway so they weren't super mad, but I don't think anyone likes driving in MA any longer than they have to.

In a Taxi, 3 weeks ago Thursday. I called it 3 times, had my wife send a text with call-back number, nothing. I only live a few miles from airport, where I'd dropped off a rental car and hopped the cab home, so drove back, he was in the cab line, standing outside with the other cabbies burning one. He knew what I wanted when I walked up, but window in cab was open, he had to have heard it ringing. Anyway, got lucky, got it back, handed him the $3 I had in my wallet. It's a Treo 680, everything is backed up and spashid controls access to the important stuff, but besides the pain of getting everything loaded onto a new device, I'm still waiting on ATT to release the Desire or like spec'd phone. I'll definitely install WaveSecure or something similar when I get it - soon, eh AT&T?


Strip Club while getting a lapdance....followed by the stripper being a wise @ss and calling *Home* and getting me in deep trouble with my Girl. Not a good situation.

I left my "phone" in the back of the bar in Redwood City, CA. then some idiot sold it to Gizmodo for $5,000

Good thing you had MobileMe so you could at least remotely wipe your data! If you didn't have that, your boss might have been more upset with you and you could have even lost your job... who knows, you still may. Yeaaaaah, good luck with that.

P.S. He wasn't really an idiot... he made the deal in cash. ;)

I'm a lecturer and accidentally left my phone in the class.

You don't know what pain is until you've had 20 over excited teenage boys e-mailing, texting and phoning everyone you know.

True Story. The worst place i ever lost my phone was in the bathroom in my own house. My att blackJack 2 was on the window sil next to the--"potty" while i was "using" the "potty". After i finished, just at the time i flushed i heard my phone fall. At first i had NO IDEA it got flushed because there was nothing in the "bowl"! all i found was the back cover on the floor..... about a month later had to replace the WHOLE TOILET!...

I left my phone in the gym while playing basketball... came back to where I left it with my other things and it was gone! wavesecure is a must!

I have never accidentally left my cell phone anywhere, nor have I had it stolen (knock on wood). But my brother did drop his phone on the bus to work once. Luckily it was a company bus and he was able to send his laborer back to the work camp (about an hours' drive away) to go and get it. It rolled around on the floor of the bus in mud and dirt when the bus drove back to the camp. Luckily for him he had an InvisiShield installed and when he whipped the mud and dirt off it didn't have a single scratch on it. He's still using that phone today.

oh boy, I forgot mine in a cab once, but the cabbie was nice to call my office. I do not expect that to happen again, so I need some more protection :)

I've never lost a phone... yet. Which is why I was planning on buying WaveSecure when I get my Incredible this week, but I'll certainly appreciate a free copy!

Don't think any phone secure app would help when you drop the phone down the Rocky Mountain while hiking. Although, I suppose remote wiping it and backing up the data would be nice to have at the time.

I had just purchased my Motorola Droid (<3) back in late January. I never used smart phones until this one.. My friend had a Droid before me. It got me turned onto them, so, I went out before my upgrade plan activated, paid full price and got my droid.

I fell in love with it, used it constantly. Texted my girlfriend all the time with it. Some of these texts were pretty .. personal .. involving pictures from her and me as well.

Well I take my phone to my friends, and I show of my Droid to him, his to me.
Turns out we have the same cover, same screen protector, same homescreen icon setup, almost everything similar.

Well, after a while I grab my Droid and head home.

About 15 minutes later I get a text from myself... turns out I had taken my friends phone and he was laughing about the texts me and my girl had been sending back and forth. (At this point I'm really embarrassed.) So I snoop through his phone and find way more embarrassing things than what I had on my phone.

For his sake, I wont share what I found, but I am scarred for life.

Just make sure you know the phone you have is YOUR phone. Also delete anything personal that you don't want others seeing, or hide it really well.

That's my story.

I'm feeling a little insecure... had mine stolen at gunpoint along with my wallet in front of Church. Should add that the day started with me pulling a muscle in my back, then I went to turn on my Macbook Pro and the Logic Board fried. At least I got all 3 bad things out of the way in one day!

I've lost a few unfortunately.
One I lost while in college at a hot tub party. After a ton of tequilla shots and jello shots, I just may have gotten into the hot tub (it was actually below 20 degrees outside) with my phone in my pocket. It was never found again.
Last year (superbowl weekend) I dropped my BB storm in the back of a cab. That one sucked. The first software for finding lost phones came out like a week later.

On the counter at my old store. Some kid stole when I turned around. MY BAD! I definitely did some detective work and ended up hunting him down to get my phone back. Oh, how I loved my Motorola Sliver L7. It was my baby. Don't mess wit' it!

I once broke 3 phones in a month.

The first, I got too drunk and peed my pants, ruining my Razr.

The next was at a birthday party, where everyone decided it would be a good idea to get in the pool. My friend pushed me in, phone in pocket. The phone only got partially wet because I reacted quickly and grabbed it, but it was still functioning. But, again, being in a drunken rage I didn't really think, and assuming my phone was broken I freaked out and chunked it at the ground. Then it was done.

3rd phone was on my center console of my car. When I was backing up, I switched from reverse to drive, causing a shift in motion that pushed my phone from the console into a drink behind it. The only drink in the car.

Needless to say, I take much better care of my Droid.

I once had my phone slip out of my pocket at a "significant others" house inbetween her couch. she called my house using my phone while i was there and my girlfriend (at the time) picks up....needless to say that was the end of that relationship! but shortly after, the girl and i started dating and now have been together for 6 years and have a child on the way... funny how life works!

I left my phone in a cab in Cusco, Peru, once. I used a friend's phone to call it continuously for about 20 minutes. Finally, the cab driver picked up (I assume he was just ticked off that I kept calling). After a 5 minute yelling-match in Spanish, I finally convinced him to return my phone to me. He made me pay him 10soles (about $4) to get it back. It was worth it.

I left my Nexus One at work in the bathroom on the toilet paper dispenser. I was so worried I emailed the whole office asking if anyone had seen my phone. One of my coworkers brought it down to the front desk security guard. I was really embarrassed by glad my Nexus returned to me.

Thought I had lost my phone after a soccer game. Spent hours looking for the phone but came up empty handed. Then I spent $400 on a new phone and 4 weeks later I found my phone in the back seat of my car while cleaning it out.

Needless to say I bought an expensive backup phone. I could have saved a lot of money if I had WaveSecure.

On the sink of a truck stop bathroom in Omaha, NE. Didn't notice it until we drove an hour and a half to Sioux City and had to turn around. Dang thing was still sitting there, 3 hours later! The phone gods love me!

I once left my phone at a bar...

it was my birthday... and i got drunk... now, im a household name... why, why did i leave my phone at that bar!

Currently with a Nexus One but with my previous Bold 9700 i was filling up gas while driving into the middle of nowhere Michigan to get together with family and i set my Bold down on my car after talking to my mom because i was about to pull the gas nozzle out and get my recipt and then completely blanked and drove off.. I turned around after about 1 mile and headed back.. needless to say no phone, kids outfront that "didn't see anything" and the gas stations cameras were just there to scare people because there wasnt actually a tape to record anything.

No fun at all... that phone had my directions to get where i was going...

I already have a WaveSecure subscription, so I don't think I need another one, but I'd like to share with you my story ;)

I dropped my iPhone in the driveway, didn't realize this, and when I as drove my car out, I realized it wasn't with me... The car had run over it. I then bought a Google Nexus One :D

One time, I thought I put my Touch Pro2 in my messenger bag, when really I had dropped it to the floor...

In the middle of the New York Penn Station Subway/Train terminals.

Needless to say, I didn't recover it.

Knocking on wood as I type this, but I have never lost a phone, and this goes all the way back to the days of bag phones.

One late night I stepped out of my car and unknowingly dropped my phone in the landscape. Well, that night turned out to be one of our strong Florida thunderstorm with flash flood watch. The morning after I couldn't find the phone until I walked outside and saw my phone under 4 inches of water. Phone has never been the same since.

I've never lost my phone or left it anywhere public, but I do live in a bad neighborhood. Twice I've had my precious HTC Magic stolen. And twice I've gotten it back. The first time I was walking alone at night. I had just ended a call when some guy took the phone at knife point. I got it back by tracking it with the Wave Secure Beta. The second time, I had wiped the phone in preparation of doing the Rogers mandatory 911 update. I was using a public computer at the family center when someone grabbed it I went to the Pawn Shop a block away and told my friend who worked there that my Android phone was stolen. He called me about an hour later saying he had it. This girl really lucked out getting it back both times. Now I switch to an old phone when its not safe out as I missed out getting Wave Secure when it was free.. :(

I've left my phone at my parents' and my in-laws' houses before. Nothing major there, at least it was around trust-worthy people, but it would have been nice to know exactly where it was without calling around first! :)

I had my phone on the tailgate of my truck and forgot about it. I headed into town and realized I didn't have my phone and where I left it. I looked along the side of the highway where I luckily found it. It would have been a lot easier knowing exactly where to look.

I left my phone at my girlfriend's house... may not seem like a big deal but if you knew me at the time.. it would.

I'v left my phone at the bank, on the island while filling out deposit ticket, luckily I had just made it like 6 blocks away! I raced backcrossing my fingers it was still there, Luckily it had been taken to the teller and I got it back.

I have left my phone on an airplane. They actually found it and I called about it and after a bit of verification They sent me myphone back. I would have been so lost with out it.

Had my old Nokia 1100 fall out in a cafe bench seat. I got home, missed it, drove back. Had to asked the lady sitting on it if she would stand up. It was wedged between the seat and back. Guess I was lucky; that was the ONLY time I lost a phone.

I haven't lost my phone.......yet. Having so much important information on a device sure makes me nervous at the thought of losing it. Especially since it isn't just personal but business as well. Sounds like WaveSecure would sure calm my troubled heart. If I don't win the contest I guess I will have to open my wallet for the $20 and get it(I hate doing that :), free is always better! ).

Thanks for doing the contest by the way!!! You guys rock!

I was hiking in the mountains near where I live one day and the trail ran along a steep valley with a small stream at the bottom. Awed by the beautiful sight I decided to take a picture and send it to a friend of mine. After snapping the picture and sending the text, I was putting my phone back into my pocket when I slipped on a rock and fell flat on my bottom. Aside from being embarrassing, the fall had the unfortunate luck of knocking the phone out of my hand and I watched in horror as it bounced down the very steep hill and *plunk* into the stream. Not wanting the brave the slippery slope to retrieve a phone that I knew was fried anyways I wrote it off as gone :(

Oh, I remember one day I was talking at phone in the downtown at midday, and someone hurted my head and ran away with my phone (one of the firsts HTC Himalaya around the world) causing me a severe injury in the neck. That was a present from a company because they were very happy with my work, so it was difficult to loose it. It would never happen with wavesecure.

I lost my phone while on business trip to Orlando,Florida...I forgot it in my hotel and I didn't realize it until I was on my way to the airport...luckily the cab driver was so understanding, he turned around and I went back to the hotel and got my phone...I almost missed my flight.

I left my phone on top of my car one morning and it fell when I backed out of the driveway. I knew I had lost my phone, but did not realize that it was on top of my car. That same day, I come home (still wondering where my phone was) and I pulled in to the driveway. My tires made a nasty crunching noise; it was at that point that I remembered where I had left my phone.

left my iphone 8gb on a ferry, after talking to a sexy girl and not paying attention to personal items left behind... (never recovered it) :(

Last year when I was getting off the subway to go to school, I noticed that my HTC Touch Diamond was missing... The whole day, I could not concentrate on anything in class, because the phone was pretty new and I was feeling bad.

At the end of the day, I call my number from a payphone, and turns out I dropped it right out of my front door. My neighbour had picked it up and kept it for me. Phew. Never lost my phone again after that.

I lost my phone a year ago at a football game, it fell all the way down the bleachers tumbling step by step and then flew all the way down to the next floor. By the time I got down there my phone had disappeared, although I knew it was already toast from the nearly 40 foot fall.

Left my phone under the Hood of a friends car I was working on and he drove off. You'll never guess how surprised he was when his Hood started ringing twenty minutes later in traffic. By the time he figured it out and I got my phone back it was halfway melted to his engine block

I left my phone on the beach during holiday on Baltic sea. I figured this out 2 hours later, and I never see this phone anymore.

I once left my Phone in a cab in Tunisia (North Africa) and guess what, I didn't get it back SURPRISE =)
(If this ist a US-only Contest, skip me, I'm from Europe/Germany =)

I've never lost my phone, luckily, but I can imagine how terrible it would be since I have lost my wallet NUMEROUS times. Do they also have WaveSecure for wallets?

I left my BlackBerry at a girls house because I forgot to take it when I sneaked out the morning after....

On an international flight i turned my phone off and put it into my carry on. Needless to say the person who also stowed his bag in the overhead compartment must have accidentally opened the zipper pocket. and the phone must have fallen out. Further more i couldn't find it after the flight, and by the time I came home and called AT&T to try to cancel it, i had already been charged over 150 minutes in international roaming charges from a country in eastern Europe i had never been to... What a pleasant surprise.

I lost my phone after a one night stand when her boyfriend showed up at the house ( I had no idea she had one ). This was when the razors first came out. I never saw the girl or my phone again. Tell you the truth 2 days later i coudnt even remember where she lived. Blame it on the alcohol. sigh

Have yet to lose a phone, but I'm sure my G1 is doomed after this post, so I really need a free subscription.

Have never lost or had a phone stolen "knock on wood".. If this does happen, having WaveSecure will make it better.

Left my phone on my work desk for the weekend.
Who knows what the cleaning people could have been doing it with! lol

I left my HTC Hero at a park after playing basketball one day. I didnt realize where I had left it until I was at home and got a call from my cell phone. I thought they were calling to say they had found it and were going to return it. But instead he said he was calling to let me know he was going to sell it. The worst thing was that all my appoinment dates were in the phone so I ended up missing and interview and eye appoinment the following week. So now I have broken glasses and no phone...

Haven't lost a phone yet, except old phones in my apartment :) Hope I'm not going to lose my Desire if I get the subscription.

I was visiting the dying grandparent of my significant other, it was an emotional time, and somehow my old samsung flip phone got lost in the shuffle. Never found it.

I puted my old SE p990i on the roof of my car and drove off! :D When I arrived to my destination (30km later) I discovered that I lost it. When I came back the phone was gone, tried to call it but no one was answer it. After 20 min off calling nonstop someone answered it (by mistake) I could here people taking in the background. That was the last thing that I heard from that phone.

If I had WaveSecure I am confident that the outcome had been different! :)

I had my phone in my lunch box at work and someone accidently took my luch box thinking it was theirs. luckily, I recovered it.

I was in TJ Mexico with a few friends one afternoon. We were in San Diego and decided to check out the sites down south. Well after about four bars and many beers later. We needed to get back to the border and head out of Mexico. We got a Taxi and had him drive us to the border. My friend asked to borrow my cell phone. So I let him borrow it and went on staring out the window at the sites. We got out the Taxi and crossed the border about 10 minutes later I remembered he still had my phone. I asked him for it back and he told me he already gave it back to me. I didn't have my phone, and now neither did he. My guess would be that it was still in the back of the Taxi and I would never see it again. I sobered up pretty quickly and called to have all service to the phone shut off. Till this day he swears he gave me the phone back and I still have no recollection of him giving it back to me. So who knows.

This one time after spending the morning at the driving range, I decided to treat myself to a dozen or so prostitutes. I accidentally left my phone in the brothel, and one of the women (the dominatrix incidentally), sold it to the press and everyone found out Ive been cheating on my wife several times a day. If I had WaveSecure none of this would have happened!

I was in New Orleans for Mardi Gras walking around midtown. My group of friends and I had been walking for upwards of an hour and a half when I realized that I had left it somewhere along the path. I actually walked back with a friend for an hour down the path, where I saw it off the main path in a small pool of water. All that time walking wasted heh.

I also dropped my phone in the toilet, and unfortunately, the phone still worked. I never liked the phone much after that. :) I know I really would not need WaveSecure, if I drop my phone in the toilet, but it sure would be neat to try, starting tomorrow when my Incredible hopefully arrives! :)

I left my first smartphone, a trusty HTC PPC6800 in my pocket when at a theme park, and I was on the rollercoaster. My phone flew out of my pocket mid ride and I never saw it again. NOT A GREAT DAY.

Oh well...

Worst place I have every left my phone? In the bathroom on top of the toilet paper holder in a really run down, nasty bar!

Well, it wasn't actually my phone, but last year I went to Six Flags Over Texas and a friend lost their phone within 15 minutes of being in the park. They retraced their steps and BELIEVE IT OR NOT someone had actually turned it into lost and found. I was pleasantly surprised.

See ya!

I've never lost a phone and not been able to recover it, I usually realize pretty quickly whenever I don't have it on me. That being said, a little extra insurance can't hurt, right? So let me win!

bathroom stall at work. thankfully, the prankster that is my boss opted against sending inappropriate text messages to everyone in my contact list!

One of the worst feelings is when you realize you left your phone at HOME! Growing up most of us did not have cell phones and now I get a weird, eery and disconnected feeling if I don't have my phone within reach at all times. Also, I have dropped my phone in the toilet before as well...

Had an LG Voyager with the body glove case, belt clip. Went to a casino and was standing in line at the restaurant and my wife asked where my phone was. I looked down and the back part of the case was still attached to belt but not the front part or the phone. Luckily someone turned it in and the case went right into the garbage since it had fallen off before. From then on, I carried it in my pocket.

I had just gotten my first Casio g'Zone water proof phone the day before. I was bragging about it with friends while out boating and it fell out of my pocket while I was getting off the boat onto the dock. Nasty filthy harbour water too.

My friends just laughed and said, well apparently it doesn't float too well though.

Another friend told me for weeks he was getting texts from my phone sent by sponge bob.

First trip to chicago I was touring with work and doing the convention thing, left my Sanyo 8200 (og camera phone) in the bathroom of a convenience store, after some hours of backtracking I finally realized where left it, when we returned it was long gone. Some lucky street merchant had it in his coat, I'm sure of it...

Worst was leaving my phone an Underground train and as it was the circle line I had no way of knowing which train it was on or catching it up.

Luckily someone handed it in though and I got it back :)

In airport security, within the first 24 hours of my marriage, on my way through security (given the "complete" pat-down), already late for a flight to catch our honeymoon cruise.

Blessedly, airport personnel got me on my plane and tracked it down for me while I went on my honeymoon and took it to lost and found where it was waiting for me, undamaged and still with a charge, when I returned a week later.

I'm not going to lie and make up a story. But I've never left my phone anywhere, let alone even dropped my phone. I take very good care of my electronics. I hope this still enters me into the contest :/

I traveled to england from the us last year with my xperia x1. I had all my maps/itinerary/finance information/sensitive emails on the phone. Needless to say I lost it the metro system. Even though I had my money, i was literally like a fish out of water ... my whole trip was designed around my mobile phone as support.

Even if i may have not been able to get back my phone physically, i would have atleast taken my data back.

Extremely terrible being in a foreign country lost with no contacts.

I am 100% confident if i has wavesecure this would not have happened. Now that i remember that experience i feel bent of shape again.

Wow, I had not thought about this for years.

While in Baku in Azerbaijan I left my Moto world phone on a bench in Kirov Park after eating some lunch. That was about 1pm local time. Well, I did not realize my phone was 'gone' until nearly 6pm at which point I retraced my steps (a lot of them by then) and found my way back to Kirov about 7:30 or so.

To my shock and surprise there were 3 or 4 locals standing around with two very sharp looking young men in military uniform with those automatic machine guns that are (were) so common in that region. I was scared to death at first until I understood from one of the locals that spoke English that someone had seen me leave and found my phone on the bench. He was concerned about my phone (!) so he stayed for some time to protect it. As time went along a few more people came to chat with him including the two military men. When they herd his story they stayed around as well; I guess it was a slow day :) All this to make sure my phone did not get stolen.

Anyway, I got my phone back and made a bunch of new friends. I asked what I could do to thank them for spending their afternoon/evening guarding my phone and we agreed to hit a local bar (automatic weapons and all) for drinks.

I never really got their full names or anything contact info. and needless to say I have never seen any of them again.

In Baltimore, MD on business. They had a very slow elevator and hated to use it. So I took the stairs everytime to the 8th floor. Had my hands full one trip, set phone on hand rail to open 8th floor door and left it there. When I realized it was missing I would have loved WaveSecure to find it. Three hours later headed out for dinner and went back do the stairs, there sit my phone waiting for me. I guess I was the only one that used the stairs.

Well Left it in a lot of public restrooms on top of the sink or on top of the dispenser... I think the worst place I lost my phone was at a girls house and she got a little to curious and went through my phone... never the less Not many good conversations after that..

I have never lost my phone but have had some close calls. I almost lost my blackberry in Virginia Tech parking lot. When I got my nexus one, I've been cherishing it but I thought I lost it but forgot to take it out of my pocket when I changed my pants. I was looking for it for two days.

I've never lost my phone but I did have one stolen from my hotel room at the Hampton Inn in Flagstaff, AZ (along with everything that wasn't clothes, toiletries or with me). That really sucked.

I've never lost my phone thank god, but I am always losing my BT. Just the other day I left it at my local Verizon store over the weekend.

browns vs bengals game, right before christmas 2008. at the clevelander after horrible loss in bitter cleveland cold. brand new blackberry curve in one hand and full, delicious, great lake christmas ale in the other. attempting to text and hold beer, got bump in crowded bar, phone in delicious beer. dunzo.

I had left mine on my rear bumper. After I drove off from my house I realized that I had left it there and quickly turned around. I found it in the middle of my street. It was scratched but still worked. It was one of those old school nokias. You couldn't break them even if you tried!

Luckily something like this happened to me when I still had phones of the cheaper variety. After a night of partying I slept at a friends place. At the time we had the same kind of phone, and being somewhat fuzzy from hangover, I accidentally took his phone in the morning. Subsequently, I got pocketed on the bus on my way home. I had to let him have my phone in exchange, and get myself a new one.

I was in court in Belmar,NJ for a urination in public ticket and disorderly conduct (I was beyond intoxicated). Just so happens I was going on vacation right afterwards so I wanted to pay my fines and and be out asap with a 10 hour drive to the outer banks in north carolina. So I pay my fines leave the court room get about 20 minutes away and realize no cell phone to call and meet up with my family. Turn around head back to court house, no cell phone in my seat or on the floor. Lost and found had nothing reported to them. So I call my phone from a payphone to some dude answering I said can i meet you to reobtain my phone, he said no and it was his now or I pay him 500 beans. It was my first smart phone (some Kyocera model that I bought a week prior) and wasnt going to shell that out. So had insurance take care of that but i had to to the 10 hour ride by myself always reaching for my phone to no avail...lol returned home 2 weeks later and they shipped me a razr..hahah some potluck

Hrm, I'm pretty good with keeping track of my phones. Though one time I lost my work cell and it ended up being in the pocket of a pair of pants that got hung back up in the closet but the battery died on the phone and didnt find it until the next time I went to wear those pants.

Totally true story:
a couple years ago, after a great night of partying me and my friends were heading back home. I was a bit (alot) buzzed, and had to go to the little boys room REAL bad. I made my friend stop in the middle of the freeway. I got out and had to climb down a slight hill to do my business. After i stumbled my way back up, got in the car and left, i realized that my phone was missing. :(
I had a belt holster for my blackberry. It must have fell in the bushes when i undid my belt. It was real dark and I had no way of knowing the exact place i lost it in the freeway.

Wow... with the number of stories about people leaving it over girlfriend/one-night-stand's houses & bathrooms.. Maybe they should make a new product called "Zipper Secure"? It could save a lot of aggravation!

Just sayin'

No BullSh*t! I left my DROID at an APPLE store while my buddy was snaggin a new MAC or somehting..When I went back the phone was indeed still there, but not after an APPLE user showed me no mercy n screwed a bunch of stuff up and did some damage to my "social networkin sites"

I left my phone on a desk in my lecture hall at Northern Illinois. By the time I was able to backtrack to where I last used it, it was long gone. I'm sure someone popped the SIM out of it and sold it on eBay.. Goes to show that you shouldn't be texting during class anyway...

I used to be a flight attendant and I had a trip to tokoyo, I arrived at the airport heading back to Minneapolis with my crew and realized that I left my glasses and phone on the nighstand at the hotel. I had our Tokoyo station manager call the hotel and told them and they sent it with the next crew that was heading to the airport. They didn't make it in time before my flight left back to Minneapolis. But the crew to Detroit kept it with them and then sent it via company mail from Detroit to Minneapolis and it arrived in my company mail box 2 days later.

I was on a business trip in San Diego dropping off my rental car and heading to the Airport. When I got to the Airport I was going to make a call and discovered I didn't have my Treo Pro. Additionally, I found out that I couldnt remember a single phone number and felt abandoned. Luckily the rental car company FEDEX'ed it to me the very next day!

Went to the bathroom and put the phone on the water tank part of the toilet. While I was flushing, I received a call and the phone vibrated into the toilet and sigh...

When I was like 19 or so I lost my phone at this SUPER dirty club called "The Nile". It was probably the worst place to lose it because I actually went back and somehow found it, but in that few hours between losing it and driving back and finding it... it was CAKED in dirt, grime, and had been kicked into the wall and the shell was cracked.

THANKFULLY the screen was still in tact.

I left my phone on top of my car once. I drove to the first stop sign and when I hit the brakes, the phone kept going into the intersection. I was forced to watch in horror as it was run over by no less than 2 cars in front of me...bad times

worst place? Out mountain biking. I had a flat, got a call and left the phone on the trail after repairing the tire. I rode for another 2 hours, 15 miles back to the car before I realized the phone was missing. I had to back track the entire trail to find it. Talk about a needle in a haystack.

I left my Droid in a building full of middle schoolers. the same middle schoolers that made my Oakley's disappear, when i forgot them for 3 min.

Just a two days after getting my new Droid, I took a cross-country flight and it slipped out of my pocket when I got up. The plane was immediate boarded with another flight and I didn't get my brand new shiny back for a week. It was 7 days of agony!

I left mine on a rollercoaster my prized (at the time)HTC 6900 and it didn't fall and I recovered when the ride returned...

Much like the Apple employee who left the iPhone 4G in the bar, I did as well, but luckily the place was a little dark, and the bar was dark. The phone kind of blended right in. I went back a half hour later (when I discovered it was gone) and it was right where I had left it. Phew!

I got my phone stolen at a funeral I was at with my girlfriend. I put it in my inside jacket pocket so I wouldn't be tempted to look at it during the funeral and I came back and the phone was gone....

My phone fell out of my pocket getting into my car. Fortunately, it was picked up by a Police Officer. Unfortunately, he freaked my wife out when he called my wife from my phone and identified himself as Office Smith.

My wife and I had finished lunch at our local Panera restaurant. We cleaned up our plates, silverware, trash, etc. and headed for home. As we pulled in the garage I realized I didn't have my BB Curve 8330. Back to Panera I went. I walked in to see someone already sitting at our table. Good thing the staff and customers were honest... it was being held at the counter!

I haven't lost a phone... yet! It's a nightmare I've thought of many, many times! I've always stored most, if not all, of my personal data (contacts, logins/passwords, account numbers, etc.) on my phone, so losing one would completely and totally suck!

I was broke at the time so I had to go to the junkyard to get parts to fix my car. I left my cell on the seat of one of the cars and only remembered it after my friend had driven me an hour home.

Being pretty naive I hoped someone would turn in it but instead I had a nice phone bill with $800 in calls to Guatemala!

Worst place I left my phone was in the pocket of my swim trunks as I jumped into a pool.

Moist phones are not working phones!!!

I used to have an LG clamshell which met its demise while I was out on a date. After several pints of beer I went to the bathroom and, midstream, got a text. Thinking "Hey, I can multitask, no problem!" I pulled the phone out of my pocket with my other hand and flipped the top open, which promptly caused the whole thing to flip over my hand and into the waiting, and by now quite full, bowl.

I am lactose intolerant. Most of the time, i'm fine with milkshakes but sometimes depending on who makes it, it can be really bad for me. I was at the hospital visiting someone, and just before we stopped for lunch. I had a milkshake, it was freakin delicious. Well 1 hour later at the hospital, i was feeling a turtle neck poking out. It started to get worse and worse as time went on. Now normally i only usually #1 in public restrooms, but i had to make an exception this time. I rushed out of the room as fast as i could, everyone was looking at me funny. As i made my way to the restroom it started to pressurize and i could really feel it coming. I made it to the stall and unzipped my pants and underwear as fast as i could, just as the underwear got to my legs i exploded over the toilet. I felt so relieved, but man did it smell bad. As i went to get off the toilet and pick up my pants, my velcro phone holster which had finally worn and i was actually going to get a new one, came loose. My phone somehow dropped out and smacked the seat and went straight into the bowl. I heard the auto flusher activate and immediately reached my hand in pull the phone out. Luckily it landed on poo and didn't sink into the water fully. As i brought it up with such haste, i flung poo on the ceiling and wall of the stall. I didn't want to wash the phone so i brought it to the hand dryer and proceeded the dry the ummm stuff on it. Well it wasn't coming off so well, so i took a damp cloth and wiped it down. I cleaned it off somewhat ok, and the phone still operated. Well by this time the thought set in that i would never be able to stick this phone in my face again anyways, so i went out and bought a bluetooth headset. Well 3 days later, i still hadn't replaced the pouch. It was raining heavily and i was running to walmart from the parking lot. I think the phone must have slipped out again while i was running. 10 mins later i walked out to the parking lot and it was nowhere to be found. Instead of being angry or sad, i just laughed. Hahaha,sucker who found that phone.

3 stories

I was at campus (12,000 students) and left my phone on my food tray. I dumped the trash and put the tray up. 30 minutes later I realized what happened. I went to the cafeteria, but they emptied the trash. Long story short, i spent the next hour in a dumpster searching for my T-mo SDA. And yes, I left it on silent.

the next story isn't really about the location, as more as it is the recovery. I left my Dash at a hospital I was admitted to. When I went to pick the phone up, the nurse returned from the "Soiled Hazardous Materials" room, phone in-hand.

the last just happened recently. I had an iPhone i wasn't using (hate them). So we were at the race track and I wanted to get video of the run from the perspective of the car. I duct-tapped the iPhone as best I could to the roof of the car. It proved not enough as the 1200 horsepower car forced the iPhone off. WaveSecure would have been great then, since we had no idea where it went. We combed for about 20 minutes until we found it. R.I.P Iphone...

I think the worst place I've ever left my phone was at work. I don't have a key to the building and had no phone for an entire 3-day weekend. :(

I've never completely lost a phone, but one time while living in Japan I misplaced my phone on my birthday. I had been roughhousing with some friends, and didn't notice my phone was gone for a couple hours. At the end of the night, we were all walking through an arcade on the way home, and my friends kept calling my cell hoping we'd hear it ring. Eventually we did hear it ring... from the middle of a pile of trash. A little disinfectant later and my phone was perfect.

I am actually a very good golf player and I want to install this on my girl friend's Android phone (which is my property). I gave it to her as a way to get in touch with her anytime I wanted. I can really use WaveSecure so that if need arises and I have to remove all the text messages I have exchanged with her remotely, I would easily be able to do it. Especially before my wife finds out about them . This App will be a true life saver for me.

This will save me from future embarrassments . Thank you in advance, and I hope you understand why I need to stay anonymous.

I left my Motorola Milestone in a restaurant in Milan! I return there the next day but noone found my phone!

i lose my phone on a weekly basis but one day after drinking and playing in a beer league softball tournament all day i lost my phone and when i realized it later on i called it and the bum that comes down to the fields to collect everyones cans and bottles to cash them in answered it and i bribed him with $40 to meet me at the field and give my phone back. so i guess guess not all bums are bad

If anyone is a firefighter, you will know and understand why the absolute worst place to leave a phone, laptop or any type of internet ready device is in plain sight in a common area at the firehouse!! Been there, done that...suffered the consequences for a few months!!! lol

While visiting NYC I left my phone on the subway ride back to the hostel where I was staying. Before I had time to sober up and realize it was missing, I received a wake-up call at the hostel with a message from someone from the train-yard. Turns out this friendly individual recovered my phone and found the hostel info in my email! After a morning ferry-ride over to Long Island, we were united again!

Left mine on a hot air balloon - it went for a ride without me - luckily I was able to get it back later when the balloon landed safely!

Not unique - but I forgot the phone in the seat on the train. Lucky enough I had the IMIE number and could block the phone.

I left my Samsung Moment at a rest stop on I-95...I drove 2 exits before I realized were it was. I went back to find it right were I left it...sitting on top of the toilet paper holder:)

i was with a group of friends. me and one of my friends have droids. so when we went on a ride at a carnival. i asked him to hold my droid in his pocket with a zipper. then a droid fell out of his pocket. he was laughing so hard because he thought it was my droid. it still worked because the droid that fell was on the lock screen when i looked at it on the floor. then someone picked it up and ran off. i was pissed but when we got off i started dying because the droid he had was mine. and we never saw his droid again. now he carries arround an old razr lmao.

Way back in the days before GSM, I lost my phone while on a survey job. We had just finished lowering the sonar into the water, and as I stood back up the 3/4" steel reinforced data cable hooked over the top of my phone and broke it off of my belt clip. I dove for my phone trying to catch it before it went overboard, but I was about 4 inches behind it the whole way. Once I made it back inside, I was able to watch it fall to the bottom of the bay via sonar. I called BellSouth that evening letting them know I didn't have my phone anymore.
'Did you lose it?'
'No, I know exactly where it is.'
'Then why don't you go get it?'
'Because it's under about 60 feet of water in Delaware Bay.'
'I can give you the GPS coordinates, if you like.'
'I think we'll just put it in the system as `lost`.'

I went on a trip to DC this past summer and on my way back I used my phone on the flight a bit. At some point during the flight, my girlfriend put the phone in her purse and when we got home, it was no where to be found. He called the airport and they could not find it, but were watching out for it. About 24 hours later, I decided to call and get a replacement from verizon ($50, insurance), and when it arrived a few days later, my girlfriend found my old phone at the deepest darkest cavern of her purse. :-)

The worst place I ever lost my phone was in the middle of an intersection.

My wife and I were taking our cat to the vet to be put to sleep, and I was carrying her purse while she carried the cat. While I was getting our kids into the car, I put her purse on the roof with my phone in it. Not really being in the right frame of mind, I drove off with it still up there. It wasn't until we got inside the vet's office did I realize her purse and my phone was missing. I left immediately and traced our route but didn't see it anywhere. Later on that day, my wife got a call from the police. One of them stopped to grab the purse out of an intersection 2 miles away from our house. They called the last 5 numbers in the call history and eventually landed on her number. Got everything back that day; except the cat.

I had left my phone at home and now a days you can not be with out your phone! also i work for a water company and i was standing on the intake where we get our water from to treat and i dropped my phone into the river! (i wanted to cry)

I hope this doesn't disqualify me from the running (because I'd like to enter), but I've never lost my phone. Seriously.


The worst place i lost my phone was under the covers on my bed. I lost it for more almost 2 weeks and I had to pay a $50 deductible to get the same exact phone. You can tell how messy I am by that.

I also lost my phone one day at the mall, when i realized i panicked and went back to all the stores I went to. I went to into one store and saw a lady holding the same phone I had, but she was looking at it as if it was some foreign device. So I called it with my friend's phone and she answered and i said "that's my phone." Instead of giving it to me, she turned it in to a cashier, but I eventually got it back.

I was playing basketball in a gym. I left it in my gym bag. I was ready to make a call to my wife and it was gone.

I was playing basketball in a gym. I left it in my gym bag. I was ready to make a call to my wife and it was gone.

I left my Storm atop a Genie boom lift 30 feet up in the air in our Cold Storage. Needles to say, when I went to manuever the lift to retrieve my phone, it fell to its death. Although, only the screen suffered damage. The capacitive layer still worked, and so did the rest of the phone. If I guessed right with my fingers, I could still call out ;-)!

My girlfriend left my phone on top of the car.. found it three blocks down from our house.. scratched but not broken..

bathroom at work, Walked 30 ft back to my desk and turned around and ran back, Was gone by the time I got there. About 20-30 seconds time. Bye Bye HTC Touch.

Thankfully I've never lost it yet, but I work in shipping and receiving and it almost went for a 70 mile ride on a pallet once.

i wotk at a high school and i lost my env2. this sucks because someone is running around with photos of me at partys drinking like nothing you have seen before.

I don't want it. Just figured a comment was needed. You can pull the apk's from the device and render wavesecure useless. Notified company that this can be done and they replied "Yes we are aware of this issue and are trying to come up with an solution for the same.

Soon we will be launching a uninstall proof WaveSecure which requires a PIN to uninstall."

So I downloaded the newer uninstallable version and guess what. Bye bye wavesecure again. I hope they offer to buy you a new phone if their software cant keep it's claim.

I "lost" my one week old iphone 3g in a gravel pit parking lot. The good news is some one turned it into the police station; the bad news, It had been run over the screen was cracked, and it was irreparable. Oh yeah and they didn't offer insurance on iphones back then. FML...

oh wait wrong website lol.

I stopped on the side of the road, and left my phone therI stopped on the side of the road and left my brand new phone there, I then drove 100 miles and realized I had left it, had to turn around and drive all the way back, it was still there!

I left my phone on the roof of my car once. Got half way down the road and turned around immediately! There it was on the ground in pieces on the ground right where I pulled out.

Now this wasn't my Android (N1) mind you...I know where that thing is all the time! It was my previous Blackberry...poor thing.

I left my old Sony Ericsson(I think thats what it was) on a planter box that was next to us as we played volley ball. I then went inside and watched a movie. When I came back out the sprinklers were on and my phone's buttons no longer worked. (though you could still answer and hang up by flipping it open)

Some time ago, when I was on a school trip to Cologne (Germany), I rode a cable car high up in the air over the Rhine River.
It was a beautiful view all over the mighty, ancient city. But the main attraction for us begun, when we noticed a couple was shagging down there on the beach. When we were about to leave the gondola, we were just giggling and screaming all over. In all that rush and excitement I left my precious Nokia 6330 on the seat...

Amazingly I have never lost or had my phone stolen, like ever. But there is ALWAYS a 1st Time, so select me so I can be worry free. Thanks.

BB convert to Droid - 2 more days until my Incredible arrives.

I dropped my phone getting into my friend's car one time. I couldn't remember using my phone while out with my friend and figured I left it in my car. When we got back to the house, I found my phone on the ground....Run over by my friends car.

I dropped my previous phone (a HTC Diamond running WM6) while waiting for my wife to finish her lesson, discovered the lost right after dinner (a period of not more than 1 hour from discovery to phone lost). Search everywhere for it but couldn't find. Called my phone but the line was cut off :)

Suspended my line immediately and got a new phone the next day, a HTC Hero. Was a little happy about the whole incident (getting new phone process but not the losing phone process) because I finally got an Android phone :)

Oooh I left it at a picnic once. Try looking through tall grass for a small, egg-like object and you'll realize you don't actually like Easter all that much...

I left my prototype HTC Desire II in the bar. And someone picked it up. So I used WaveSecure and it was mine again before word got around.

Haha kidding, but good PR stunt Apple.

Nothing as exciting as the above mentioned 'situation' but I frequently leave it a home and who knows what happens there when I'm out!

Lost my phone in an airplane lavatory. -.- The person after me probably took it and turned into a criminal cos he/she did not return it to the flight crew! Does carelessness deserve dishonesty? You decide.

Left my phone in my girlfriends house on the kitchen counter with nakee pics of us, and her mom picked it up and started playing with it and found the pictures.....fml

I once got drunk and passed out in the street. When I came to I found that all my belongings had been taken, my mobile included!!

i left my DROID in the apple store...... when i went back to get it they were amazed by all that it could do compared to the iphone!

this should win for being awsome worst place i lost mine was in my couch and it was dead i looked frantic for days for it got a replacement for it and when i got a new couch i found my old phone

One day I got done and for some reason I felt the need to lay my phone down on top of my car while i dug in my pockets for my keys. I drove home (5 miles, stop and go for about 1.5 miles) and while i just assumed it was at the office my wife asked why my phone was on the top of the car about 30 minutes after i got home.

I had an old, trusty Samsung phone. And of course at night I would plug it in and put it safely on my bedside table. One morning, as a call came in, the phone began to vibrate--until it rocked it self right off the table into the glass of water I had placed by my bed.

My normally "safe" position meant my phone was completely dunked into my drink.

I've made sure never to repeat that wonderful combination again!

I went spring skiing in my shorts this past Sunday. I had my Droid in my pocket and thought it would be fun to take on some moguls.

When I got to the bottom of the mountain, I realized that I didn't have my Droid in my pocket. In a panic, I wondered if some spring hiker would later discover my beloved phone having been drenched in the spring runoff and pushing up Daiseys.

Luckly, my son discovered it in the snow as he took the same path. He thought he had found someone else's Droid. Thank goodness it was mine!

Never lost my phone before, but would be nice to protect my data and privacy in the event of theft. thanks android central for the contest hope to see many more.

Left my Tmobile MDA at my ex-girlfriends house after breaking up with her...yes i went back 20min later to get it...

I left my phone in my truck one night when I went out partying. My truck ends up getting stolen so my phone goes with it. If I had this software I would have been able to catch the person who stole my truck and get my phone back!

Droped my phone in a movie theater and didn't realize it till an hour or so later. Lucky for me it was still there.

I was at one of those family fun centers with an arcade. I believe I left the phone on top of one of the games and that was all she wrote. Luckily I had insurance.

Lost my phone for a week once....

Underneath the passenger seat of my car. Never even occurred to me to look there... the joy of flip phones! Good thing it eventually rang.

My phone was stolen along with my wallet from my hotel room in Costa Rica. I was on spring break with some friends and we went to the beach for only an hour, yet when we came back it was gone from on top of the room's desk.

We think it was the housekeepers since they had easy access to it, but we could never prove it.

I was changin my sons diaper at his doctors office restroom on the baby changin station. Didn't realize my phone had fell out into trash bin. Left then rea.lized I lost it returned. The office was sweet enough to call and one of the receptionists was in restroom and heard the
Phone ring and dug it out of the trash and returned it to me...... with a couple sterilizations wet wipes!

The only time I have ever lost my phone was in the back of a taxi after it slipped out of my pocket. Thankfully the driver was a decent human being and returned the phone to me. Gave him generous reward for being kinda enough to return my phone

My wife lost her brand-new, $350 Pantech Duo two years ago.

At our own wedding.

And, by the time we realized it was missing, and had probably been knocked off the sink in her dressing room into the trash, we were 4000 miles away, across an ocean, in Hawaii.

I've never lost a phone and I'm def not about to lose my handy dandy Droid. But losing it scares the crap outta me so this would be good to have.

I once left my phone in an Android Central article comments thread, but then I realised that I just made that up in the hopes of winning a WaveSecure subscription.

Silly me.

Last year, I was at a filming session of ABC's "Lost" TV series. As I recall, I must have been lost in my thoughts because when I looked around, I realized I'd been separated from the film crew. I reached down to access my trusty navigation/location app on my phone, and realized it too was lost! (Not the app, the phone)

I began to retrace my steps. I soon realized with all the dense vegetation there was no way I was going to find my phone. That's when I heard the noise. If you've seen "Lost" before, you know the horrifying noise I'm talking about... Panicked, I ran, shrieking like a school girl. I lost my balance and twisted my ankle. I was losing daylight, fast, and without my Android flashlight I was at a loss for my next action.

I suppose it was at that time, I felt all hope was lost. That was until Kate appeared... You've probably lost interest by now so I will stop there.

One time i left work to go get lunch. As i got to my car i put my cell on the roof as i searched in my pockets to find my keys. I then proceeded to get in my car, drove into downtown (highway speeds of over 80km/per hr) and pulled into a drive through restaurant to order lunch. As i went to place my order from the employee at the window he informed me that i had a cell phone on the top of my car. I had never really liked the cheap rubber skins that go on cell phones but in this case it was just sticky enough to keep my phone from sliding off the car and being destroyed.


My HTC Hero fell out of my pocket on the bus. The driver found it an is sending it back to me im very lucky !! I need this software incase it happens again !!

I have lost one but three phones..i am kind of habituated to it..

->lost my first O2 Atom Exec when i went to a beach party with my college mates.. tried but never got it back.
->lost my second nokia phone in the office, i kept it on the desk and came after 5 mins ..never found my cell again..i tried to call it but it says switched off. not even the security cameras were able to find the culprit
->lost my another nokia phone ia a cab.. i was going home on a cab and some how the phone slipped out through my shorts pocket, i managed to catch the cab after an hour of searching but he said some people who hired the cab a few mins may have taken it..again the cell is switched off..
.......Dont want to loose my hard earned Android Xperia X10 which i am using right now.......

i Agree only if he had WaveSecure to lock and backup his Stuff.

i had a htc-magic+, i am an on call Computer/Server technician,
i went to a clients business to perform some server updates, and i had accidentaly left my phone on the desk under a small pile of papers some one had moved,the busines owners son had found my cell phone while waiting for his dad to close up the store.

The 17 years old kid had my phone with all my Remote desktop
connection and saved passwords, and secure web site maintenance bookmarks, some financial, and technical information on our server builds, some Excel sheets with data, financials. There was a bit of damage caused to one the servers, not knowing what he was doing, the kid had deleted some files on the server rendering it in a downtime state for hours, Deleted some contacts and uninstalled many programs on my phone, took we weeks to get my phone back to the original state i had it in. On the other Hand if i had Wave Secure, i could have locked the phome immediatly, and prevented any unathorized access. Lesson learned, always keep an eye on your phone.
Wave Secure is the only product i now trust.

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