Join us as we see if Amazon is actually about to launch its first smartphone

So, here we are. Today we're live in Seattle, Amazon's HQ, for a live device launch. We've seen Amazon device launches before but none, possibly, like this one. If the rumors play out, we might be about to see Amazon's very first smartphone. Or maybe new Kindle Fires. Or both. We really don't know.

We're on the ground at the event to bring you the very best of it all and we've fired up the old liveblog machine to help. It's all going down at 10:30 a.m. Pacific which translates to 1:30 p.m. Eastern and 6:30 p.m. in London. So, join us, and head on past the break for the liveblog.


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Live from Amazon's Fire Phone launch event in Seattle!


Personally I am excited to see what they come up with. Their tablets have always been solid and I just picked up a fire TV and I am impressed.

I hope they announce the instant video app available to all android devices. If they want to sell content that would be a good start.

I think you are right, and that's why in part, I'll be letting my Amazon Prime subscription expire in a couple weeks.

Really? I use the free two day shipping more than enough to justify my subscription all by itself. Video, music or whatever is just a bonus that came after I initially signed up, and not enough for me to cancel Prime on reasons of "principle." I generally prefer to watch shows and movies on an actual TV rather than a phone anyway.

They increased their price $20/year. You used to have an option for $3.99 one-day shipping but now that's gone. The shipping part has become less of a good deal even if you don't use the streaming service.

my guess is 3d technology like the nintendo 3ds. Amazon has been aiming at gaming recently but I still think the amazon app store still falls short. Without googleplay theres a huge selection in apps that its lacking.

No googleplay is why I wouldn't even consider this phone. I made the mistake of buying the Kindle Fire HDx. While it's a great tablet hardware wise the app selection is poor. Not to mention I have to buy the same app twice if they do have the app I want that I may have on my phone. Fail all the way around when it comes to apps.

My first tablet was the Kindle Fire. I realized how bad of a purchase that was the moment I started using it. I did root the device and install the android market which made it better but having to jump through hoops wasn't worth it.

Just a quick note about having to buy apps twice: you could always install the Amazon app store on your phone so that you can download apps purchased on your tablet to your phone without buying them again from Google Play.

It's all personal preference. For example, I know first-hand (I met him at a Yahoo tech event) that Jean Baptiste-Queru (JBQ) uses a Moto G as his primary phone. He's a power user, if there ever was one.
He also has a Sony Z Ultra GPe, but uses it less.

Myself, I want nothing larger than 5 inches.

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Welp, I'm sufficiently underwhelmed, I think. Nothing particularly "new". FireFly sounds interesting, but I want more than marketing slides before there's a decision on its usefulness.

And the DynamicPerspective thing most definitely sounds gimmicky, but there's nothing wrong with gimmicky if people like the feature. I loved my old Evo 3D (still use it as a 3D camera from time to time). I'm just tired of companies and other people trying to tell me what is and is not "gimmicky". if you feel the need to say "it's not gimmicky!" in your marketing materials, then you *know* full well it *is* gimmicky.

And I'm a little surprised to see this thing shipping with the specs that it has. Granted, they're not *that* old, but we're a couple of months out from seeing phones with way better specs drop. That's going to be a tough sell for some people. Especially at the same price point.

Which brings me to the carrier exclusive BS. Why do carriers believe that we're going to switch carriers for a phone? And why do the OEM's let the carriers convince them of that? Granted, the Apple made that arrangement work for a while, but there really wasn't anything else on the market quite like the iPhone when it came out. People *did* switch carriers for the iPhone at the time, but it's a very different market today and I don't believe you're ever going to see that happening en-mass like we did back then.

Personally, I suspect this will be more popular than the Facebook phone, but only just.

I would have much rather seen the option to buy the device for $100 or have a discounted cellular plan for Prime members than the "12 Months of Prime included!"

Bad move Amazon on going exclusive with AT&T. They really suck. i was waiting to see what they had up their sleeves before I made a commitment on my next phone. I was digging it until the ATT exclusive part. I will spend my money elsewhere. I hope they reconsider soon (I doubt it, but they should). I just do not get why put 4 years of development on a phone and tons of cash in R&D just to pigeon hole your product on a single carrier? Why not open it to the masses so that you have the widest reach in a very competitive landscape? Nice job Amazon, you put training wheels on your top of the line racing bike.