WePad video demo

I'll be up front - WeLove the WePad. I'm all itchy in the pocket just waiting for it to hit the US shores. Today we get a glimpse of the Neofonie UI and I for one am loving it.  Big icons, widgets, and a sidebar look to be a great mix for an Android tablet.  The video shows something else to get excited over, the first half shows the WePad with a USB mouse attached.  Yes, a computer mouse on a tablet.  Maybe ports and connectors on a tablet isn't a bad idea after all, Mr. Jobs.  Later in the video we see another prototype using the touchscreen as well.  If you're holding out for an Android tablet, you gotta have a look.  At 450 Euros ($609.00 US) the WePad won't be the cheapest Android tablet, but after seeing the latest video, it looks like a bargain to me.  Hit the break for the video.
[via TechCrunch and SlashGear]



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WePad shows off with another video demo


I'm using my iPad to write this. I'm just saying...with a big grin on my face. Just one question. Is the WeePad house broken? Yup, I went there.

I think companies like Apple can build just about anything and it would sell to all the brain dead techies out there . I cant think of a more worthless product . The words sucker born every minute come to mind when I think of this wepad and the iPad , especially because of the ridiculous amount of money they charge LOL !!

I've got a ridiculous amount of money. The iPad is a luxury item and with most luxury items, you don't need to justify it. It fulfills a need that you only discover after the purchase.

looks nice but not sold on the mouse... part of the uncluttered experiance is being able to touch and move something on the screen with my finger.....

Doubt I'd use a mouse either. But I certainly could handle plugging a keyboard or joystick into that usb port ;)

The only thing that bugs me about this is he picked up the larger pad to show the touchscreen response. Didn't show us anything of the touch interface on the smaller pad the mouse was plugged into. Hopefully, the response would be the same, but I'm a skeptic and I want to see it.