Street scenes

This week's photo contest gets us back to basics. No real theme or technique this go 'round, just something interesting you see during your daily business. In the example above, I thought the saw looked lonely inside it's little cage so I grabbed a picture of it. You might think it's interesting, you might not, but I did and I had the camera (Nexus 4) in my pocket to grab a snap. 

That's where cameras on our phones are great -- they are in our pockets. So wander around, doing things you normally do, and see what catches your eye. When you find something you'd like to share, head into the forums and drop it in the contest thread. This week the prize is a Lloyd gear t-shirt and washed polo cap from ShopAndroid so you can show your Android pride wherever you go. Hit the big link below for the rules and to enter.

Before we go, let's all say congrats to last weeks winner starkillers#AC for the great pic of his or her 10-year old rock star. Nice job starkillers, check you inbox for info about getting your Sonos system.

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Weekly photo contest: Street scenes


It was postulated that when everyone was carrying a camera 24/7 UFOs and Sasquatch would be documented in a matter of months.

The opposite has proven true, and Bigfoot has become more elusive than ever.

So we are reduced to photograbbing the mundane. The sad part is, every single one of us can look in our gallery and find dozens of copies of the mundane.

Now we can get a prize for that.

Good point. But I'd also like to mention that photography will change your view on what is "mundane" and what is not. The world around us is not mundane, it's incredible!
The existence of Sasquatch would be no less incredible than the creatures that are already around us, with all their complexity. And a UFO in the sky would be no less mundane than a gorgeous sunset created by the light of a massive star reflecting off millions of water drops suspended in the atmosphere.
It's not that we're reduced to photographing the mundane. It's that we take the so-called "mundane" things for granted. We're so used to seeing the amazing things in life that we don't realize just how incredible they really are.