It's the final day of this week's worth of Talk Mobile 2013 pieces, so we're getting the gang back together for a little live Hangout action. Join us at noon EDT!


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This week's Talk Mobile live hangout!

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Good discussion thanks.

Choosing carriers (for most of us) is the first criterion for the reasons you folks mentioned.

Next is choice is between price and service.
- Price is important for some, others prioritize service. This is hard since it's difficult to identify and specify the level of service. So, it's the part of the decision that folks rely on their own experience especially if they've been around.

- About your discussion on the on-contract, subsidized phones and no. You folks damned that option a bit casually, suggesting it was signing up for "a lifetime" of two years.

-- Well, if you like the carrier's service, you expect to be with them for two years anyway. Why not let them offer a discount for my phone when I will be there anyway? It's not like they will offer a "bring-your-own-phone" discount rate anytime soon.

-- Second, two years for we middle aged people, working, living life, etc., is not a lifetime. Unfortunately, it passes way way too fast. Phone contract for that long? What's the issue?

Really appreciated the insights and wide-ranging discussion.