There's a wealth of photo and video editors available — do you use one?

If you haven't watched the latest Talk Mobile 13 hangout, you should. There was a lot of great discussion about being creative with your mobile devices, from people who live and breathe mobile. It also got me thinking about some of the ways a lot of us use our Android devices "creatively." I figure the best place to start is where Android excels — sharing things like pictures and video.

Read on, it's a little long this week.

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Sharing anything from your gallery in Android is dead simple. Sharing with an editor, like Snapseed (pictured) or any of the other great photo and video editors available from Google Play or built right into your phone and tablet. With a few clicks, you can get creative and do some awesome things that take your images and video clips from "great" to "Spectacular!" And the best part is, once your done sharing with friends and family — whether on social media like Facebook or Google+ or more traditional ways like email — is once again, just a tap or two away.

So do you or don't you? Unless I'm looking to post an out-of-the-camera example i always run my pictures through Snapseed. The controls are easy and the effect is usually pretty good. Other editors work as well (maybe even better). The same goes for video files. Apps are built in on most devices, and Google Play always has something worth installing if you look for it. The poll, as usual, is to the right in the sidebar. It's also embedded below to make things easy. Choose your answer, and discuss in the comments.

Before we go, last week's results:

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As expected, the Samsung Note 3 has most of us excited. I can't wait to see how Samsung did with their latest. Discuss, and look below for this week's poll.

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silverfang77 says:

Does cropping photos count?

JobiWan144 says:

Yeah, same here. I also don't bother cropping a photo on my phone; I save that for my Nexus 7. I'm surprised there isn't a tablet-only option in the poll.

Posted from my HTC EVO 4G LTE via Android Central App

Grahaman27 says:

Aviary rocks.

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speculatrix says:

Yeah, Aviary is great for basic fix up.

My kids love the stickers you can overlay

flipponater says:

Not very often..i just use phone photos for social media

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Kayone73 says:

Mobile photos... Sometimes

My camera photos, no because I shoot in RAW format and i don't think there are RAW conversion apps to date for tablets or phone

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ilhe1s says:

RAWDroid (That is all)

reelon says:

I use the google+ editor a lot. It is good!!

BB_Bmore says:

But of course I do. Not every photo shared but if I feel like sprucing it up then I do. I find myself using what's built into my phone more than I use a separate app.

Posted From my HTC One running PlayBook 3.0 via Android Central App

Troothdotcom says:

Yes, both videos and pictures quite a bit

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bigbill25 says:

I love using After Focus. So much easier and faster than doing something in Photoshop. Sure, maybe not publish-able results, but great for Facebook, etc.

I edit photos and do some graphics in Photoshop, but never have found a decent video editor. If anyone knows of any decent ones, please let me know.

Posted from the incredible new Nexus 7

b_boogey_xl says:

Same here, looking for a decent video editor. Movie Studio sucks and can messes up the video sometimes on export.

bjsstranger says:

I use snapseed if it is going to be a quick edit (or Google + Auto enhance if posting to Google +). I use aviary if I want to feel artsy

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bassdelux15 says:

Snapseed all the way

deeb215 says:

plus one

jimmytheyank says:

After focus.. Then pixlr express

Posted via Android Central App

Pixlr Express and Camera Zoom Fx are my go to photo editors. I'm still waiting for a good video editor for Android. The Google app Movie Studio isn't available in the Play Store for my Nexus 7.
What about music creation? Android sites and general tech blogs never mention music creation apps for Android. The attention always goes to social networks apps and games. Caustic2, FL Studio, Heat Synthesizer, TouchOSC, Reactable, ADJPro, and Supreme MPA never get a mention but are fantastic apps worth a review.

solid_s_1117 says:

I have a Nexus 4, and thus inclined not to take photos and video.

Mmm not really, sometimes just a little crooping

Until VSCOcam is released to the public, I sometimes use Snapseed.

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vansmack says:

Jerry got me hooked on Perfectly Clear.

And I use the built in editor, Photoshop Express, Snapseed and Pixlr. I've used these both with photos from the phone and, more recently with photos I transfer via wifi from my Sony NEX for quick online publication.

Mo ZedEl says:

I use a combination of Snapseed, aviary and pixlr express. It depends on how much editing is needed. I also edit a lot of my DSLR shots on my phone (separately) just to showcase how powerful these apps can be.

I've recently started using the standard built in editor in the gallery, it works really well.

Posted via George Foreman Grill

tim242 says:

PicSay Pro FTW!

lithium98 says:

I'm surprised PicSay isn't more popular. As someone who's used Photoshop since it's early days, I was amazed when I found an app that could produce a work of edited art almost as well as I could on Photoshop. It's a little rough around the edges, but nothing else compares.

I do on my S2

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Kiamat says:

All. The. Time. The HTC One really got me into moreso than any other phone. I love what I can do with Zoes and the video highlights feature. I've recently discovered Magisto which is basically HTC's video highlight feature on steroids.

I also post a lot of still pictures up in the Android Photography Google+ community, usually after running them through Snapseed, Aviary, Pixlr-O-Matic, etc.

rivencap says:

Huge mobile photo editor here! Let's see: some free photo editing program from Samsung Apps, Aviary, Perfectly Clear, Camera Zoom FX and Photoshop.

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dmcincubus says:


psyjohn says:

Since upgrading from a galaxy s3 to a used note 2 recently I have become a big fan of Pixlr. With the built in s-pen features editing photos is really fun.

meyerweb says:

Pretty much anything I want to do to a photo is a thousand times easier on a big screen.

JoeZone says:

Hahaha no

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miknxn says:

Nope. Barely use the camera.

v¡a ACapp njo¡!

robfactory says:

I like to take a lot of photos. I also use my tablet to edit pictures. Here is a list of some of the stuff I use Not pictured is Photoshop for the Note 10.1.

mth785 says:

I use Snapseed if the image calls for it.

Via my Nexus 4.

mth785 says:

I use Snapseed if the image calls for it.

Via my Nexus 4.

_X_ says:

I use Adobe's PS Touch it's head and shoulders better than all the other products. Work the $5.

For video editing there is no good product. MovieAid kind of works but is very unstable.

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Mihavit says:

i have a nexus 4 and i tried using some editing some photos. for some reason the video editing sucks badly. we havent got any updates for the video editing built in app since the release. it needs a serious update and performance upgrade. it donesnt work well at all. i think google forgot about it.

I don't tend to edit videos but I always use the built-in editor on my Motorola RAZR i if I want to edit photos as it has practically every option I could ever think of. Don't need a separate app!

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SpookDroid says:

Mmmm... I feel a bit more options are needed this week. I 'do' edit photos in the sense that I use Instagram a lot, so cropping, applying filters, and some mosaic arrangement is usually a must. However, I don't feel this should qualify as 'editing' per se, don't you agree? So my answer is YES, but I feel it should be NO, or even better, something in-between.

movielover76 says:

I do some light editing on my phone in order to post it to social media.
Almost always cropping.
Sometimes play with light balance etc, depends on the pic.

I've cropped video a few times, but not as often.
Then again I don't take video as often, so that kind of follows logically.

turdbogls says:

pretty much every edit I do to a photo is done on the phone. I guess once i start taking pictures of more important things (like my child) I will use a proper photo editing program....i have Photoshop on my PC, but i think i have used it a couple times in the past year.

_X_ says:

Not really necessary any more as a parent I use to use photo editing apps like GIMP to photo enhance all my digital pictures. But many of the newer cameras have those filters built in.
And app like Adobe PS Touch are good enough to fill the void. It's the best photo editing app in the market

Posted via Android Central App

plunder says:

I would have said "no". But recently I tried a few more Apps and now say: "Basic Email chopping, but not editing".
Quick shots on my Phone + basic chopping >> Drop Box >> then Email on my Transformer. Works for me and saves time.

Until we have something closer to desktop Photoshop, with full stylus control (possibly on something like the updated Samsung Note 10.1); we simply do not have the fine control and horsepower required for "Editing". I really hope Adobe will ramp up their Android App to fit this device; it could be effective.

jfriend33 says:

I'm shocked at only 6 mentions of aviary. Thats my go to app for editing.

jlschulz says:

Photoshop on my note 10.1 the best editor out there and I dont share ANYTHING on the cloud.

TenshiNo says:

Pixlr has been my go to for a little while now. I don't do "filters" and such, but Pixlr has been *fantastic* for cropping, color correction, adding borders/text and the like.