So you missed some news this week? Don't worry, we write it and sometimes it feels like we miss it too! This week was yet another fun filled Froyo week, devices going official, then not, then official again, craziness! Well, take a look below while you enjoy your weekend and check out some of the news you may have missed this past week.



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kslm94 says:

alraight so I follow Tmobile on twitter and I got the idea to ask what the HTC glacier was......Tmobiles reply "the thing that sank the HTC Titanic ;)"

dacp283 says:

Hmmmm the titanic meaning the htc flagship evo???? Let the conspiracy theories fly lol.

kslm94 says:

If the HTC Titanic refers to the Evo..then the Glacier will definetely sink it! Glacier is 3 times as fast! Can't wait for leaked pictures!

storm14k says:

Interesting since it was an iceberg that sank the titanic and not a glacier lol.

kslm94 says:

U got a point there but that's just what the Tmobile twitter told me