We've all seen this by now -- it's webOS booted up on an EVO 3D, and it's got everyone in a tizzy.  While webOS fans who have spent decades (it seems like decades anyway) having the horrible hardware of the Pre and Pixi have reason to be excited, everyone seems to be getting ahead of themselves.

This has nothing to do with today's news of HP open-sourcing webOS.  In fact, Ryan Hope, the fellow who did it and took these pics is more than happy to tell everyone they are three months old.  To top it all off, nothing is working and it's not even close to being usable.

Think of it as an early SDK port of ICS, like the ones we saw last month -- those ones where radios, cameras, even the touch interface didn't work.  The EVO 3D has the same basic internals as the TouchPad, so getting webOS booting (which is a far cry from actually running) was an awesome project to start on.  Now that Mr. Hope and others will be getting source code, expect this sort of thing to happen for real.  In the meantime, stop bugging your favorite webOS and Android developers and let them enjoy the day -- it will come soon enough.

Source: Twitter; via Pre Central, The Verge


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webOS 'running' on an EVO 3D isn't really webOS 'running' on an EVO 3D


It looks rather beautiful on the EVO 3D, even if it's just a lock screen. Looking forward to see more WebOS development now that the source code is coming soon.

Between having Ice Cream Sandwich and WebOS on my phone, it's an exciting time to be an Android owner.

Having webOS on an Android phone will not increase webOS market share, only Androids. At least you might get some decent hardware if they can get the gesture area to work.

LOL, kinster got spanked and caned for being ill-informed so often on PreCentral that he stopped coming in. Guess finding a new venue didn't help his self esteem.

@kinster, stick to what you know.

I know that it will increase Android Market share by webOS fans buying Android devices to port to. A win for Android.

I think the point people are getting excited about is if webOS will potentially run on a device that currently runs Android, it wouldn't be too difficult, in theory, for companies like HTC to make future devices for webOS using similar Android-running hardware.

Android has the huge market and all the apps. But webOS let me change anything on my pre. Anything. Overclock to what was in the top bar. And no need for this rooting stuff we have to do on android. Life was a lot easier on webOS but android has all the apps. Running webOS on hardware that's state of the art..my God.