IPX5 and IPX7 certifications make the Hydro Elite a tough customer

A new "waterproof" phone is headed to Big Red this week — the Keyocera Hydro Elite. Closely resembling its counterpart on Sprint, the Hydro Edge, the Hydro Elite will feature "protection from blowing rain and immersion in up to one meter of water (3.28-feet) for as long as 30 minutes"

Let's be clear here. The Hydro Elite's main selling point will be the IPX5 certification for low-pressure water spray and the IPX7 certification for water immersion. This means that the phone will withstand "water spray projected at all angles through a half-inch (6.3 millimeters) nozzle at a flow rate of 3.3 gallons (12.5 liters) per minute at a gage pressure of 30kN/m2 for 3 minutes from 3.28 feet (1 meter)." And this is a big selling point for many, who aren't concerned with having the latest and greatest specs, or playing console-quality games on their smartphone. The rest of the supplied specifications — wireless charging, NFC, 2100mAh battery, 8MP (rear) and 1.3MP (front) cameras and expandable storage — are pretty standard for all phones now.

The Hydro Elite will be available online on August 29, for $99.99 after a $50 mail-in rebate with a new two-year customer agreement. See the source link for the full details.

Source: Verizon


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'Waterproof' Kyocera Hydro Elite headed to Verizon Aug. 29


LOL, expandable storage! One's hard pressed to find such rarities these days. The new Motorola doesn't have it. Nokia doesn't have it. Certainly the ridiculous iPhone doesn't have it. HTC doesn't have it. The list goes on. But with these greedy cellphone companies like big V or - worse - AT&T it OUGHT TO BE STANDARD !

Actually looks pretty good. Its specs are actually pretty decent, HD display, dual core processor 1GB or RAM, microsd card slot, and its waterproof with 4.3 inch display. Pretty nice.

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OS version? Not I could ever buy it (I'm from Venezuela), but knowing what Kyocera has done in the past with their phones, and judging by the lack of word on their update schedule, this must be an ICS phone, I'd be surprised if it has Jelly Bean.

Joking. I know nothing about Kyocera except what I have read here and in GSMArena.com.

It's running 4.1. Kyocera has shown some willingness to update their phones in the US, enough so that I'd rank them above, say, LG or Acer - some fairly big name companies - in terms of OS upgrades.

That all flies out the window when it goes on Verizon though. Don't expect any updates to this one :P

Is it truly waterproof, or is it another GS4 Active where it is billed as waterproof, but really isn't at all. For me, I don't care how waterproof a phone is. I will never willingly submerge it in water. Too much of a risk there.

It's a 4.3 720P display (not sure whether it's AMOLED or LCD) which is the highest resolution currently offered in 4.3 phone. It also is advertised (Verizon web site) as 1.5 GB RAM (a little future proof vs. say the HTC Mini with only 1 GB), 16 GB on board storage, micro SD slot, removable battery with Android 4.1.1 (4.2 would be nice), on screen buttons and a ridiculously small bezel/width (2.38 inches). While the Motorola X is very easy for one handed use it may still be too much for smaller hands. Finally, the price - $49 on contract, $350 Off contract (for those who don't want a commitment or replacing a phone that broke or wanting to keep an unlimited data plan) - this is killer considering your normal choices for a full price phone - the new Droid Mini is $499 off contract.