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We're coming at you live tonight from the Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas, where our pals at NVIDIA are going to talk about ... Something. New internals? New devices? Dunno. But they're streaming the the event, so you can follow along with us here.

Check in at 8 p.m. PST — that's 11 p.m. on the East Coast, and 4 a.m. in London — for the whole thing.

And be sure to swing by our CES hub for all the latest news!

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Bring it on!

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ki11ak3nn says:

Can't wait. Just one more hour!!

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Grahaman27 says:


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Plug in not supported on the mobile AC site? Will try the AC app.

On my Nexus 4

Very interested in what they might announce for mobile. Feel they just need something like integrated LTE in a high end chip out of the gate to get more companies on board.

GreyCelt says:

So how am I supposed to watch this if it won't load the plug-in on the mobile site and it's not showing up in the AC app? I have no access to a computer right now.

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NoNexus says:

switch to full site/desktop view

GreyCelt says:

Yeah, no. Found it on though.

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ki11ak3nn says:

I can't wait to get my Shield that I won. I'm super excited!!


That was awesome to watch!! Thanks, AC!!

enyce36 says:

Absolutely beautiful , Great Demo and all REAL time...Simply amazing