Motorola On Display

If you happened to miss out on the full video from Motorola's On Display event, no worries. Motorola has the video posted to YouTube and is awaiting your click of the play button. You'll also find it below for your viewing pleasure. If you're looking for hands-on with the devices, stay tuned we got lots coming up in addition to what has already been posted.


Reader comments

Watch the Motorola On Display event replay video


The band was an odd way to start an event like this, but OK. I liked some of the main screen graphics on that curved screen, but then that "We've only just begun" video started.

OH MY GOD! . . That was a truly dreadful bit of video production. A tasteless clashing mix of messages and styles, without a single redeeming element. It was a bit like sticking a bit of kevlar on the back of a phone and calling it "style". Why does that come to mind at this point?

I have used Android for 2 years and this was the fist time I felt like walking away in disgust. This is 2012 Google! You should be presenting Android more effectively.

Finally...this is the way to do it. Instead of dribbling out incremental improvements with each new mod el give us e at different price points ask r at the same time. Here's your new car, would you like a 4-banger, a V6, or a mighty V8 with that? And finally...a year late to the party, Moto ddresses the single glaring weakness of the Razr line, those awful pentile screens. If the had given me these choices 9 months ago, I'd be rocking a Razr instead of a Rezound.