Acer Iconia A110

Sure, it doesn't have the appeal of the Nexus 7 but the Acer Iconia Tab A110 does have some hardware additions the Nexus 7 lacks such as a microSD slot and an HDMI port. Acer started off selling the Iconia Tab A110 at a base price of $229.99 but if you're in Canada and looking for a great deal on one, your local Walmart will has them right now for only $178. For that money, you'll also get Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and Tegra 3 of course -- 8GB on board storage, 1GB of RAM, a 1024x600 display, a 3420mAh battery and finally a 2MP front facing camera. Impulse shopping at its best.

Source: Walmart Canada

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Gekko says:

Is that $178 in canadian money or real money?

Bla1ze says:

It's Walmart, they take Monopoly money depending on who's handling the cash register. :P


+9000 lol Just remember to check your change haha

Jeffq1n says:

And by 'Canadian money' you mean worth more right!?
Ho hey! Zing!!

mhans311 says:

Worth more by a penny? $1 Canadian is worth $1.01 American. Very significant indeed.

Jeffq1n says:

You may be being sarcastic when you say "very significant indeed" but you shouldn't be. It is. 15 years ago Can$ was worth half a US$. I'd say that's a significant slide for the greenback. And probably not very comforting when you think about it.

return_0 says:

Actually, 1 Canadian dollar is worth $1.007. So it's one American dollar and seven tenths of a cent.

nimer55 says:

Say what you want about us, but at least our money doesn't look like it's been cut out of a newspaper. :p

John-Smith says:

Loonie, toonie.. This is what they call their money.. Nuff said.

return_0 says:

Those specs are actually pretty nice. Is it safe to say the Iconia Tab A110 is the second best 7-inch tablet?

Jeffq1n says:

Love the way android tabs are going. I'm an android newb-switched from IPhone which I was forced to get after my palm pre finally bit the dust. Once my HP Touchpad craps out I will definitely be going with a non ipad tab. Love that I've finally seen the light.

return_0 says:

Congratulations on seeing the light! :)
I would recommend the Nexus 7 or Nexus 10 for a tablet (anything with the word "nexus" on it is a great buy!).


At $178, that's a still a great deal; especially considering most budget tabs of that price lack the ports it provides. But, if someone is shopping for a tablet and they don't care about storage space, the 8GB Nexus 7 would be the better deal, in my opinion. Some places (Office stores) are selling it for under $150.

return_0 says:


Vizualize says:

You have to be out of your mind to buy this.

Diskoman says:

Not really. It's in the same price range as a Nexus 7, and essentially trades a sharper display for expandable storage and HDMI out. Yes the Nexus will get updates first, but considering how robust the developer support is for the Iconia Tab A100 I would expect more of the same for this tablet. I like the Nexus better, but this is a nice little tablet. If they had never made the 32GB Nexus, I might've bought this instead.

return_0 says:

No, you have to be out of your mind to buy an iPad Mini. Or an iPad for that matter. Or an iPhone. Or a MacBook Air. Or a Coby Kyros.

Not so much. If you care about hdmi and sd card support this tablet is quite impressive for the price. Want the latest Android OS for the next 2+ years then definitely go for the Nexus7 instead.

heathroi says:

this or a galaxy tab 2?

return_0 says:

Nexus 7.

djorourke says:

I think it's a pretty solid deal. I picked one up as a gift.

I own a Nexus 7. But here in Canada, nobody seems to carry the $199 Nexus 7 in store. So I was either stepping up to the 32gb price tag, or had to deal with shipping costs if I bought through the Google Play Store.

That made this deal quite worthwhile. Thanks for the heads-up.

Gary1408 says:

Bought two of these tablets. One for my mother and one for my father. I have to say, for the price, this is simply the best bang for you're buck you can get at the moment. I own the Nexus 7 and the only disappointing or negative I have with the Acer A110 is the viewing angles and screen isn't great. That said, the micro SD slot and HDMI out more than makes up for this. As for the butt hurt yanks posting lame comments, perhaps you're just upset that Canada is in a far better situation and we keep coming down and buying up all your cheap houses lol