Apple Thunderbolt

Now this is getting downright confusing. We're expecting the Verizon ThundertBolt Android smartphone to launch any day now, and here comes Apple with Thunderbolt, too? Say what?

Word on the street is that "Thunderbolt" is what Apple's calling the new LightPeak -- as in fast, fast, FAST 10Gbps -- port on an upcoming MacBook Pro refresh. It's a port on a laptop -- not a smartphone.

But if Apple starts throwing around the world "Thunderbolt" on Thursday -- the same day we might finally see the Verizon smartphone be released -- well, it's bound to be repeated by just about anyone who's at Steve Jobs' beck and call. So things could get a little interesting. [Fscklog via MacRumors, TiPb]

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ben dover says:

it's a dumb name for a connection port. perfect for a phone.

"crap I left my USB cable at worries, I have a thunderbolt cable with me..." doesn't work.

LightPeak isn't the greatest but sounds much better!

Dhamp2g says:

it's really a dumb name for phone too.

ls377 says:

Lawsuit in 3...2...1...

Also ran apple... or how about, me too Stevie

Adjei says:

Yeah the world's biggest tech company is an also ran, keep living in la la land.

rorywohl says:

I find it hysterical that Apple has absolutely no regard for copyrights or trademarks.

Remember that "iPhone" was a Cisco trademark for Cisco's VOIP phone. Apple launched their iPhone and only after the announcement did they begin negotiations with Cisco to license the name.

But, what can you expect from the company that's spent almost its entire history in disputes with the "other" Apple, Apple Corps (The Beatles-founded record label and holding company).

leehblanc says:

Well, at least there will be a Thuderbolt released tomorrow... no, not Verizon's VAPORWARE... Apple's Lightpeak.

stevenvargas says:

This is going to be one interesting week...

mikebob says:

Well this seriously sucks, now my (mostly fruitless) searches for Verizon Thunderbolt release information are cluttered with articles containing references to Apple's purloined use of the name.

This will come out before the HTC Thunderbolt. My OG Droid is done for, using a dumb phone waiting for the HTC TB is killing me slowly inside.

Dhamp2g says:

yes I love my evo I'm really waiting for the next gen phone to come out on sprint. I just can't afford to go back to verizon or at&t. plus now I get a brand new phone ever 12 months I'd you can't beat it

Who? says:

Verizon offers 1 year contracts for $70 more.

I hope you're gold premier member. If not, you're not eligible to upgrade anymore after 1 year.

Rickyq12 says:

Here comes another lawsuit...Apple needs to rot.

eahinrichsen says:

The technology is exciting, but they have got to come up with a new name for it. I like Light Peak. ThunderBolt just doesn't sound right in this context.

BoNg420 says:

Come on HTC put on your suing pants and sue Apple.

Fuck you apple for delaying my Thunderbolt!

aergern says:

Anyone remember how long iOS != Cisco ... and now it doesn't. Maybe this is why it's delayed. Someone got wind of it and now a whole rebranding and/or a fight has to occur. :(

tim242 says:

HTC Thunderbolt definitely delayed past tomorrow. No word on when it will release. Uggggh

pearljam5000 says:

just look at what they do to their workers in China!
They dont care about anyone,they only care about money!
Fu*k apple

Adjei says:

Fckk you. Your Android phone was made in China too with the same workers, sucka!

tiga2001 says:

Actually, the HTC Thunderbolt is made in Taiwan, at least according to this video. . I watched it at 720p at full screen to read the packaging.

pearljam5000 says:


deercreek says:

Lawsuit? It's not like thunderbolt is a new word.

True but if the word is trademarked by htc then it could be a legal issue.

Just like the "Droid" branding on Verizon is not their word but they license from that guy.

Trust & believe, if At&t, Sprint or t-mobile came out with a HTC droid evo or Motorola Droid backflip it would be a lawsuit within seconds.

Which is why the motorola droid/droid 2 loses it's droid branding overseas and on other cdma carriers and becomes the motorola milestone.
I hope this won't turn into a lawsuit though but i don;t doubt this is the cause of the delay

robertw0925 says:

This is not android news. This website is beginning to be so bad that I will stop comming here if it continues . Don't write articles that are not about android. This is a reach for something on a slow news day. Etc... I know although of you are beginning to feel the same way.

LOL Idk why people have to announce that they are going to stop coming to a site or stop reading this if such and such doesn't stop happening(yeah yeah, i get it freedom of speech

but still. Posts like these are almost as annoying as, FIRST!

Adjei says:

This is website is obssessed with Apple, what do you expect? This has nothing to do with Android, or is Android now competing with Macs now, desperate people.

rickjsh says:

WHO CARES WHAT THE NAME IS? That is unimportant. They can both be under the same name and exist. Relax. It's a cool technology that they're putting it in the pros, hopefully not proprietary.

boarder3 says:

What do you call gingerbread and honeycomb on an android phone?
An update
What do you call updating the software on an apple phone?
Iphone 5

Adjei says:

At least iphone users can get timely updates and not have to pray for carriers to release updates for them.

angel35 says:

I think apple thinks it can get away with any thing it wants. Ihope they will do some thing

Who? says:

Verizon, just release the Thunderbolt so I can buy it. Don't delay and make me want to wait until Sprint's CTIA announcement, because the EVO2 is going to destroy the TB.

dkmorgan says:

Thunderbolt is Intel's name for it and it's aimed at the entire PC industry, not just Apple's computers:

Besides, I would imagine that very few people outside of tech sites even know about the HTC Thunderbolt and even fewer still know about the Thunderbolt port. I don't really see the two getting confused with each other.

Apple teamed up with Intel years ago when they decided to use Intel processors in their computers. They decided to stop trying to out do one another. This Thunderbolt does not just seem like a port. From what I can tell, it is another computer innovation. They are talking the same data speeds as the phone. They might have planned all of this with HTC. HTC might have a way to connect with a computer with this port soon. Phones connect though USB and have been for a long time. Intel talks about it's Thunderbolt Technology, and shows a trademark symbol next to the word Thunderbolt. Being a computer builder for 15 years' I only use Intel processors. They show that the chip is very small. For all we know, the chip could be inside the thunderbolt. This is from Intel, (Thunderbolt technology is a new, high-speed, dual-protocol I/O technology designed for performance, simplicity, and flexibility.) (Intel's Thunderbolt controllers interconnect a PC and other devices, transmitting and receiving packetized traffic for both PCIe and DisplayPort protocols.) They mention the cable, but if you know anything Teccy about computers, you will know that this is just a chip. They even show both on the site. I could be wrong about all of this. This is just the way that I understand it. From what I have read about the phone, it has this technology, somewhat. They do not mention the chip on the specifications, because it seems to just be a video chip just like NVIDEA. Maybe someone from HTC or Intel / Apple will clear this up. Apple has always been known for great graphics. I do not think that any of this is getting off subject, if I am correct. Phones have to have a video processor in order to work. We do not even have the full specifications about the phone. It has leaked that this phone could have the Qualcom processor. Nobody knows unless they designed the Thunderbolt phone, at this point. The only thing that we know right now is that this phone should be awsome, and it will make other mnfrs have to scramble to beat it.