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An interesting new application hit the Android Market today from Sony Ericsson which allows you to easily share content from your Android smartphone to a bigger screen via a web browser. 

Called vscreens, the app is currently in beta but despite being a Sony Ericsson product, they claim it should work with all Android smartphones running 2.1 and above. 

The idea is relatively simple. Download the free app from the Market (download links below) and install on your device. Then by visiting the vscreens website and scanning the displayed QR code, your phone automatically connects to the service allowing you to 'throw' your photos from your device to the browser. If both devices are on the same wifi network it is even possible to do the same with videos. 

Attention should be paid to the beta tag, and this is still in its very early stages. It's an interesting idea though, so it could be good to watch where Sony Ericsson go with it. If you try it out, hit us up in the comments and let us know how it went.

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Vscreens from Sony Ericsson brings your mobile photos to bigger screens


Well, I just tried this on my home setup - wifi on the phone, computer wired to the router. Works fine! Images take about what you'd expect a 3-5 meg image to move over wifi speeds and it shows up on the computer screen. I can see this being good to show off pictures if you have a computer hooked up to your big screen tv. ;-)

Nice, but there is something called DLNA that my phone, computers, TV all have, which already allow this..... I can also flick pics to all mt TV's via my FiOS box as well... I guess this is good for those that don't have that tech.

The device doesn't have to be DLNA certified to work - it just uses the local wifi on-demand when you fire up the application. Personally, I had not considered DLNA as an option to pursue when purchasing digital devices (I certainly wasn't going to buy a new TV) - so this is very good as an alternative to that.