VSCO Cam for Android

As promised, VSCO Cam — a longtime favorite of serious iPhone photographers — is now available on Android.

This isn't a camera app for everyone. Depending on your taste, it's either dead simple, or so devoid of any telltale buttons and icons you might not know where to start. But once you get the hang of things, you've got a pretty serious set of tools at your disposal. Filters (with individual settings for each), a whole bunch of editing tools, and a slew of sharing options — including easy access to VSCO's own service.

Best news, of course, is that the app is free. So give it a whirl.

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mathematiker says:

C'mon Phil! You guys are making too many typos recently. :)

Wow. Whoops. Thanks. :)

tutibreaker says:

Excelents news !!!!!! downloading now !!!!

Jester23 says:

So slow to start up though!
Edit: Seems better after opening it a few times.... Down to 3 or 4 seconds on my stock Nexus 5.

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curl2k1 says:

A store inside a camera app? I'll pass. Not to mention the pictures weren't any better than other apps I use. Uninstalled. :-(

SeigaGen says:


This is a very nice software for filtering, but I definitely don't like the fact it downsizes the photos (unless I'm missing a setting somewhere). Think Snapseed is still the app to beat.

aergern says:

What do you mean "downsizes"? Do you mean 4:3 instead of 16:9?

mattopotamus says:

people like this app? I just tried it out and it was not good at all. There is minimalistic and just plain hideous. IMO, this falls into the latter category.

The most important question is: will this work on a BlackBerry?

I'll let you know.

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DavidPrzG says:

So, did it work? I own a Z10 and would really like to give VSCO a try, do you have a working .bar file?

havanahjoe says:

Meh. As a Camera it doesn't do that good of a job on the Nexus 5. Not the app's fault, but I usually have to take my N5 pics with HDR+ to get good results. No HDR gives me blurry pics even when shooting still objects.

As an editor, I like that you can adjust the strength of the filters, but I have been using Snapseed lately and I love all the adjustments I can make on it. Stock Camera + Snapseed gets me amazing shots on the N5.

I guess a new camera app will not fix the N5 camera issues until Google gives us a low level update.

Wicket says:

installed it but was not impressed.

xderiwx says:

So is this just a bunch of filter presets, or is there actually more options you can control manually compared to your stock camera app? Never heard of vsco, I'm just reading up on it now.

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strikeIII says:

I guess I have to get used to it but so far it's not what the hype is all about. iOS users swear by this app. Maybe its better on iOS.

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bluesun3030 says:

No mention of IAP?