For those who are bent out of shape about not being able to get Skype on their T-Mobile or AT&T Nexus One and Backflip phones to make long distance calls, Vonage has come to save the day. Vonage works to make VoIP calls over Wifi or 3G networks. You can either pay per use, or use your monthly plab to make domestic and international calls. Vonage is a free app [Market Link] [vonage]


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Vonage available For T-mobile and AT&T


I use google voice for text messaging , but since it does not allow phone calls over wifi its useless for me . This Vonage app works GREAT for phone calls over wifi , I am LOVIN IT !!!

Can this be used to make national and local calls through wifi ?? You cant do this through Google Voice ! if so it is worth it

I am using this as of today and it works GEAT !!!! No cell carrier can make calls within my home and I have had them all , just live in a bad area, but 1/2 mile down the road either way and I get a great signal again. Anyway now that I can make calls through wifi , that problem has disappeared, loded $5.00 on my vonage account but have made 4 calls already and it is not deducting from my account ? So I guess local calls are free !!! YEAH !!!