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That other VoIP company, Vonage, have launched their new mobile offering with Skype firmly in their crosshairs. The app listing in the Android Market even goes as far as name-dropping the Microsoft owned competitor, while advertising their own service including free worldwide texts and calls.

Vonage Mobile promises high definition audio calls over WiFi, 3G and 4G worldwide, and cheap-rate international calls to people not using the application. You don't have to be a current Vonage customer to take advantage of the service either. Credit can be applied to your account via your Android Market account and it uses your existing phone number and contacts list. Any of your existing contacts using Vonage Mobile will be indicated, leaving it straight forward to take advantage of free communication. 

As a launching offer, all calls to any phone in the US, Canada or Puerto Rico are free from anywhere in the world for a limited time. Terms and conditions naturally apply to this so be sure to check them out first. You'll find a handy promo video after the break, along with download links if this looks like something you want to try for yourselves.  


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Reader comments

Vonage Mobile for Android available now in the Android Market


I tried it out last night. Doesn't seem to work if you're on Sprint with Google Voice as it wouldn't send the SMS activation code.

Also, as a Vonage home user, I was hoping that I'd be able to use it with my existing account...not the case. The other Vonage app (Vonage Extensions) is pretty useless if you ask me.

Why won't Vonage just let us use SIP w/ our Android phones natively?

If it does not send the SMS code, hit the retry button and the system will do a voice call to tell you the code. So it seems to me that even a land line could be added. Any try it again and let the system do a voice call to you to activate it.

I use the Ooma VOIP app and Love it. Nice UI interface. Very clear HD calls. I'ved used to overseas to call back to the US and very clear quality.