Vodafone is a bunch of faking fakers

Because crime, apparently, is a funny way to market your product. And, yes, we're fully aware we're doing exactly what they want by publishing a second story here. Lame, Vodafone. Lame.

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.46caliber says:

I want to sit in on their Marketing Department's meetings.


rjc02648 says:

Wow, that was really stupid.

sk8trix says:

LMAO haha so dumb

hmmm says:

Wouldn't that be illegal here in the US? I suppose only if you file a report.

You really have to wonder who thought this would be a good idea.

Unless someone clued the cops in to the joke, I'm betting an investigation was started. I hope they bill Vodafone for the cost of wasting their time.

icebike says:

Hmmmm, seems I was the only ne who posted any doubt about this story last time around.

Good to know my bullshit detector is still operational.

I had my doubts too, as NZ is known to have some bizarre and hilarious advertisements (check out Hell Pizza's ads and you'll see what I mean!), but it was just plausible enough that it *might* actually happen.
Crime does happen there, but in general, NZ has an enviably low crime rate; their cops aren't even armed, except Special Response Teams (NZ's equivalent of SWAT teams). I plan on going back there again as soon as I can afford to.

eyesparky says:

Really unimpressive.

Wow, that IS lame...