Vlingo version 3.0 Vlingo version 3.0

Vlingo, the popular voice-activated personal assistant app, has been updated to version 3.0, which brings with it a completely overhauled UI and graphic design. The app’s functionality remains the same: simply speak a command and Vlingo will carry it out for you. In addition to the makeover, 3.0 now supports additional languages including French, Italian, German, Spanish and Chinese, with Japanese and Korean support currently in beta. The update is also said to improve the local search function. Grab the Market link after the break.

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Vlingo version 3.0 brings additional language support, overhauled UI


Vlingo adds a few abilities like posting straight to facebook and foursqaure or twitter. It also has the ability to open apps by voice command and a few others. It can also read text/emails out loud to you, and that is very helpful.

My problem is that I bought this app for $10 when Phil was raving about it for $9.99... Needless to say it went free 3 weeks after I bought it, and I had no problem with it because I used it all the time and still do to read my texts to me. What I do have a problem with is that I PAID $9.99, it went free, now I have ads? I wrote them an e-mail earlier today and wait to hear back. I don't think I should even be asked to pay $1.99 more considering I paid $9.99 more than everyone who adopted it over the past like 6 months or so.

Just sayin'

I use it with blue tooth daily... It works great both with manual bluetooth button press and using the wake up command feature.

I believe I had to set it as the default action after pressing the button on my bluetooth device.. if another application is already set as the default action you will have to clear that application's defaults in the "settings > applications > manage applications" menu of your phone before android will give you the popup to select a new application for that action (On my DX "voice commands" was set as the default app; clicking "clear default" under "launch by default" on its app management page will allow you to select vlingo the next time you use your bluetooth button).

I like to use my blue tooth to play my music on my car stereo and sometimes Vlingo will kick off the bluetooth if the phone rings while music is playing. I don't have bluetooth built into my vehicle, I have the GoGroove Flexsmart X2.

I bought it for blackberry and android.. now they want me to put up with ads? ...guess I will be using ad block until they fix this for us paid users!

One of their new changes that they neglect to mention is that it's now ad-supported. No thanks Vlingo.

It's a great app. Lot better than Google Voice search for sure. Hope the ads aren't too annoying because I'd hate to have to delete this app.

I don't understand this comment at all? I guess you just assume that you absolutely have to "Update"? I mean if there is even a small chance that you will be so annoyed by the ads that you would delete a program thats current functionality (without update) you love, then DON"T UPDATE ? I have a whole mess of programs I love that function great which I will not update because the update says "Manual" and when I go and look at the change log it says "now ad supported". None of the new features are great enough for me to put up with the ads, so I don't update. I just love this attitude that people have about "must update"?

I paid for it so that the developer would continue to update with new features and now to get the new features I have to use an ad supported app. No thanks! If you are happy with old apps that is your preference, some of us like to actually have full featured apps.

In your case I would agree with you. This is an unusual situation in which vlingo had a pay revenue model that was crushed because google incorporated many of their functions into their voice search feature so they had to make their product free. However, what they should have done is maintained a ad free version for their paying constituency. This could have been done easily. So I do agree with that.
I am just sick and tired of all the people that just rave about how much they love an app but then when the developers try to support themselves with an ad based revenue model they cry and whine like infants because they are too stupid to understand how the world and an economy works. They grew up pirating everything so they think that software should be free. And even MORE AMAZING is that most paid mobile apps are in the $1 to $4 range!!! YET, If they were told by their employer Burger King that they were not getting a pay check they would call the police and scream at the top of their infantile voices that they need to get PAID! But then again I have to realize we are talking about people that also subsidize a $500 phone and sign a 2 year contract and think its a $199 phone. And then don't even realize in the end they are paying $700 for that $500 phone....

True, if I use an app and it has a paid version then I buy it. Most people don't understand that this is what a lot of these people do for a living. I've heard other people use the 2 year contract makes it a $700 phone argument but have never heard it explained. Can you explain it. Whether I buy the phone on contract or not I have to pay for the service so how is it more expensive?

Its simple. In "general" most providers offer a contract-less service that isn't pre-pay and is about $20 cheaper a month than subsidizing. For instance t-mo offers "even more Plus" plan where in general you get the equivalent minutes and data for $20 a month cheaper if you own your own phone. $20 x 24mo is 480 plus the $199 you paid for the phone when you could have just bought the phone from an online retailer for $375. Its simple math. Not to mention your phone is unlocked so if you leave the country you simply purchase a sim card for $5 and put $20 worth of air time on it and you are good to go. AND .... if a provider with a better deal comes along you have the freedom to go there. For instance, several people I know just left t-mo to go to Walmart Family Mobile. Which is basically just walmart reselling t-mo at $45 unlimited talk & Text and data at .04 a meg. and it's T-mo service! Then there is mysimplemobile which sells unlimited everything for $60 and its t-mo towers and service also! Basically purchasing your own GSM phone right out and having the freedom to use whatever carrier you want and not subsidizing saves you hundreds! In fact, most countries in Europe it is actually illegal for phone companies to subsidize a phone. It really is just a rip off. Besides this facade of 5 and $600 dollar phones costing $199 is BS ....

No one said I had to update. I said good things about the app because I want other people to try the app too. However I don't want an app to drain my battery because it's pulling network access to show ads every time I use it. I won't know until I try it. Then do you really think the app will just let me uninstall the last update? Nope. So it is deal with it or uninstall. Do understand that?

Yes! I understand that once you update you can't roll back... maybe you didn't understand my comment so I will just cut and paste ....

I mean if there is even a small chance that you will be so annoyed by the ads that you would delete a program thats current functionality (without update) you love, then DON"T UPDATE ?

For $1.99 you can remove the ads. It's a lot easier for someone to say that instead of getting slick with folks.

Can somebody clarify the 3.0 now "ad supported" part of this thread? I mean did the display of ads become more prominent in the common function areas like the main UI interface or main car mode UI? Because ever since it became free Vlingo has been ad supported but they were only in the search result area and not prominent in the main UI areas.In fact, they were hardly noticeable especially if you just used the main functions and did web searches with google voice.

Sadly, they've gotten rid of their small microphone widget that I kept on my main homescreen and replaced it with one that takes up 4 widget spaces. The whole point of using the voice command is so you don't have to dig around for something. Now it's faster just to open apps directly instead of paging over to the huge widget in order to get to the microphone.

There is info in their update info on the market that says something about long pressing the search button to get the same function as the removed small widget.

Thanks! I hadn't read that. You can long press the phone's search key and Vlingo is one of the options after that. Alternatively, it says to select "auto listen" within the app and then put a shortcut on your homescreen, which in turn will end up serving the same purpose as the now-banished small microphone widget.

does anyone know what happened to the Vlingo keyboard with this update? it was completely removed from my input methods...

if you look at the update info on the app in the market it explains that they couldn't make it work right for some reason. However, you can use Vlingo voice with any other keyboard now.

Weird, when I use SwiftKey and press on the microphone button, it brings up Google Voice recognition even when I had specified to use Vlingo as the default voice recognizer in my voice input settings.

Im surprised Google hasn't caught up with some of the features that they have here.

I use Google voice commands all the time and they are awesome. Would really like to see them add some features to car home that would rival vlingo. As in text to speach notifications for SMS and email while in car home. Etc.

Better car home UI for SMS and such. Like adding a secondary ui for SMS and email and such while in car home. Instead of the regular apps when you click them.

Does it still constantly run in the background? I stopped using this a while back because it ran all the time, no matter what setting I chose. And when in landscape mode, the screens would be upside down. It only worked in landscape in one direction. I can't remember if it was clockwise or counter clockwise. But if you tried the wrong direction the screens were be upside down, which of course, is not useful.