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Since Apple unveiled Siri, everyone has jumped on the "virtual assistant" bandwagon. Take a solid set of voice actions, give it a cutesy name and claim it has some personality, and you have the next big thing. Vlingo has been at this game a while, since way back when Siri was just a gleam in some programmer's eye. Today, they show us that they can not only make a great cross-platform application, but they have one hell of a sense of humor.

This is how you should market every app -- with Grandma's who cheat at bingo and puppets who want to get "crunk" and forget each others names. Just watch it, you'll be glad you did. The download link is after the break if you haven't tried Vlingo yet.



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Vlingo reminds us they offer a virtual assistant for anyone and everyone


Completely agree, thought I was the only one that felt this way about the one on the Epic Touch. Trying to find a way to delete the crap.

Google should drop the name Majel
Get a license to use the name and voice and imigery for K.I.T.T. (From Knight Rider for you youngins ;)
Toss away the microphone image in favor of the segmented 3 red vertical bars.
Call it a day.

Maybe even the option to use K.A.R.R.s green bars.


Unfortunately it is not available for everyone. Can not be installed in my country for some reason.

Vlingo is okay, but doesn't work well through the bluetooth in my Kia. Safereader doesn't work at all with bluetooth.