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Announced almost one full month ago, the $99 Vizio Co-Star Google TV box is now up for pre-order over on the manufacturers website. With the added bonus of OnLive gaming thrown into the bargain, the Co-Star is potentially the steal of the summer at that price.

Supporting full HD video, and the full Google TV experience, with a watered down price isn't coming a watered down device. While it isn't as handsome as a Google Nexus Q, it's small and discreet enough to sit nicely in your living room setup. 

What we still don't know though, is just what is inside the Co-Star. The specs page is decidedly thin and very based on how it's going to fit in with your TV and Video viewing. In any case, to pre-order one for yourselves, hit the source link below. Estimated shipping dates are showing up as August 14. 

Source: Vizio


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Vizio's $99 Co-Star Google TV box goes up for pre-order


I just preordered mine. Fingers crossed.

I currently have a Logitech Revue, which I bought BEFORE they lowered the price (pity me). For all its flaws, the fact that it ran Android apps and had a built-in browser made it central to our TV viewing. However, Logitech seems to have done something with the latest update to make it essentially a Netflix/Amazon brick. Can't get any other app to install.

So, I'm trying again with the Costar. Google, you need to ride closer herd on these companies using Android. If this generation of GTV products fails, I don't think there will be a third.

I am also having problems installing apps. Did you try unpluging the device? I was able to get some to install after I did that.

Rebooted, reset to factory, blah.

Tooling around the forums, it looks to some (me, too) like the Revue is attempting to phone home to a Logitech server that's offline, and that's preventing it from working properly.

Logitech shoulda stuck with peripherals.

ARG! I feel your pain so much. I have the same experience logitech revue before the price drop and now the damn thing won't open the play store or my podcasts. Feels like a damn brick and done all the factory resets as well.

Anyways, I am also trying the co-star as well, high hopes for it. I do really want the oyua as well mentioned but this one seems like a better media playing device which is important.

I just talked to a rep last night asking about this and they told me they had not announced pre orders yet or compatible apps.

looks like I need to preorder now, hopefully the PogoPlug app will work with it.

Edit: It looks like they are not charging for shipping (Sweet). BTW I went and registered for a private beta for M-Go (that little purple button on the remote, ) Now I just have to get a good OnLive remote.

Does anyone know if this thing can bitstream HD audio? (I know the GTV bluray players can do it, but they're twice as expensive and I don't need another BD player).

Edit: Nevermind, the specs clearly state "Audio Features: Up to 5.1 channels of surround sound pass-through"... :(

Someone else already asked them about Skype. Tech support told them that they are working on Skype support, but are not promising it at this time.

I'm definitely gonna get this. Not only does it give me access to Google TV, but I can use it for OnLive as well. I currently have the Revue and the OnLive Micro Console so getting this will make it so I have one less device to plug in :)

I have the AppleTV, Roku HD and PS3. Though I do want this device, it seems that it doesn't do anything different than the other three I have besides offer Google Play services. Anything else it does that I don't know?

Boo Just tried to order this but the website is giving me problems and now I'm on the phone with them and they can't get it to go through either.

I like the idea of this device. However, most new TVs come with their own Smart Software, so it renders this device's functionality useless.

However, if they had added HD Component output maybe consumers would buy this to make their old huge HD ready projection TVs "smart".

Just pre-ordered mine as well. This is exactly what I've been waiting for: a device that works with Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, and local streaming. Google TV is just an added bonus for me.

Go to the main page and one of the front banners is the preorder page, the coming soon page is still up as the main info page for the product, they have not updated it yet

I tried to preorder, entered my CC number and address and when I press Place order now the site returns a php error and cannot complete the order. Lame...

Update: While their Web site makes no mention of it their Twitter is saying they are 'sold out' which means they ordered a VERY small number- no one but Apple sells out in three hours :) Again, off to a very bad start.

They took it off now; can't pre-order at all. Not a good start!

That sucks that you did not get your PreOrder in before they sold out. But look at it this way, the higher the demand, the more support they will be giving this device. If it sold out in hours before any advertising for it, I bet they will kick up production and plaster ads about it now and devote a big section of R&D to continue adding support for it. (At least that is what I hope)