Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant

If you're in Canada and looking to pick up the  Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant, you may want to check out Virgin Mobile. They are currently offering this device for just $349.99 with no contract, which looks like a great deal compared to some of the other carrier's prices. And with carriers changing data plans left and right, there's no better time to look into pre-paid services.You can find full details at the source link below.

Source: Virgin Mobile; via Mobilesyrup


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Virgin Mobile offering the Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant for $350 off contract


It had better be cheaper than other carrier's prices. Pre paid phones are mostly refurbished models from the manufacturer that never got back into circulation. So instead of throwing them out, they sell them to pre paid companies at a discount price.

The Vibrant was a nice device released last year. Now it's dated and not worth the $359 price tag. Drop $100 off the price then it would be worth picking up.