IFA 2014 Earlier this week Asus unveiled it's first foray into the Android Wear space, the Zenwatch. From our initial hands on we've been left really impressed with it, and we're looking forward to it going on sale in October to get some real, quality time with it.

We're still on the ground at IFA 2014 in Berlin, so we're back with a little more Zenwatch goodness. We didn't see much of anything on the software front since like so many others the demo units were all locked in retail mode. But it's a nice watch deserving of a quick video.

And here it is.


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Video walkthrough: The Asus Zenwatch


Agree with the video review... it's a very interesting watch with a touch screen... I'm looking forward to some reviews using phones like Samsung's S5 and HTC One M8, just to name a few. I want to see this work with all phones... it should and not be proprietary like the Gear smart watch line of products.

It seems like whenever anyone demos one of these Android Wear watches they have a lot of trouble just getting a simple swipe to respond. Just watching this demo, he seems to have to re-swipe several times. Can anyone who owns one comment on this?

why are you calling it a 'walkthrough', when you only show the watch and tell a few things that probably everyone knows by now...? it's a 'first look'...at best.

That's the biggest concern with all these. I use my Toq regularly when riding my motorcycle to tell time and flip music and answer calls. If I can't see this it's useless to me on a bike.

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I want to get Gear S from Samsung but i think it only works for Samsung devices only so have to wait..

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Right now, this looks like the Android Wear watch that I will choose, waiting till the Holiday Season to see what all is available and their respective reviews by actual owners of the watches.

I think this is my preference if all the Android wear devices I've seen it I'll be waiting for the next generation devices

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