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Want more of the Samsung Replenish? Well here she be, folks. We've mentioned that it's made of more than 80 percent recycled materials. And it's got the Sprint Green ID pack. But what really piqued our interest was the solar-powered battery cover.

You can buy a Replenish for $49.99 (on contract), and for an extra $30 you can pick up a battery cover that has solar cells embedded in it. Point it skyward and 60 minutes later you've got another 15 minutes of talk time. It's not going to get you through the day, but it's going to be darn handy in a pinch. Check it out.

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karnoff says:

i think she likes you

gocegi says:

an old school geeky phone-based flirtin' yo. Niice :D

kinster02 says:

They should put solar panel chargers on the backs of all cellphones.

icebike says:

This might be a great beach phone, or any outdoor activity where it would be charging all the time but are not near an outlet.

technomom says:

Um..might be more convincing if you, y'know, turned it on?

dchawk81 says:

Agreed. The video doesn't tell me anything that I didn't get from pictures. Hopefully a full review is coming.

iconicbrand5 says:

I yawn for more than 20 minutes

ConceptVBS says:

She's definitely into you, Phil.

Go get it. :D