A waterproof tablet? We know you're skeptical. So if you don't believe it to be true, I have some video evidence for you to check out. Really. See it in action above, and be sure to check out the rest of the Pantech Element coverage.


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Video - the Pantech Element gets wet


Might make a good job-site tablet of field tablet if the rest of it is as impressive as the ice water demo.

phsss please ive done that with my droidX i kicked it as it dropped on accident last week ;) (ok i lied i wanted an excuse to get a new phone) but i went flying into a puddle of water and survived

Does it use Qi inductive charging? I wonder if it would short if you tried to connect a charger to it's micro USB port. If it does have an external port, it's probably encapsulated and has a circuit to prevent it from shorting.

I don't think many people will buy into this for themselves. Spilling water on it isn't too much of an issue, at least for me... but the market could be huge for parents that want their young children to start using tablets for learning purposes at an early age.

With many products being so similar, then next generation of devices must compete for market share by innovating differences like waterproof, beats audio, better camera, etc... I fear that many of these features are more "gimicky" than actually adding value. However, the Note did a great job blending the stylus software over the Android SDK; and you can't beat their super thin AMOLED screen.