Sprint Evo 4G video chat

Aside from the 4G WiMax hotspot, one of the other cool new features of the Sprint Evo 4G is honest-to-goodness two-way video chat, with Qik serving it all up. And it worked fairly well in the demo. You can choose to stream video either from the 8MP rear camera, or the 1.3MP front-facing camera. And it works over all three of the Evo 4G's data options -- EVDO, WiMax or WiFi (though the later two definitely will give you better results thanks to their higher speeds).

Oh, and since you asked, this is part of what's included in that extra $10 Sprint is charging you. Check it all out after the break.


Reader comments

Video-chat demo on the Sprint Evo 4G


Imagine a cooperative arrangement between an ambulatory blind person using the phone with someone house bound or bed ridden who could act as the visual interpreter. The bed ridden person would be able to see different places, and the blind person would have a super rich information resource.

ahhh man I cain wait for this phone I'm glad I didn't use my upgrade when I got the palm pre bye bye webos hello EVO best phone on sprint this is gonna kill iphone

THIS PHONE IS THE SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT! I can't wait till it comes out! I am def going to pre order this phone from best buy, I mean theres no mail in rebate! At the Sprint store it takes 10 to 14 weeks for that rebate to come in! Really? Ill pass and just go through best buy

If you go through best buy, will they pre order if you are an existing customer and are due for an upgrade?

Basically, is it integrated through Sprint?


The Iphone is already half way in the grave. This phone should push it the rest of the way. The only thing I see wrong with the phone is that you will have to carry extra charged batteries to fire up that screen.