Samsung Galaxy Note 3

It's not yet available over-the-air, but an update to Android 4.4.2 KitKat can be had for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 on Verizon if you're willing to plug in. The update comes courtesy of either Samsung's sync and update software Kies or the Verizon Software Assistant.

As noticed by Android Central Forum member spunkmeijer, the update took about half an hour to install.

Kies is available for both Mac and PC, as is the Verizon Software Assistant, and both are triggered merely by plugging your phone into the computer while the app is running. From there you'll be walked right through everything you need to do.

Verizon's Galaxy Note 3 is running behind on the KitKat update train, with the other major US and international carriers getting the update as of March. We don't have work yet for when the update will be available over-the-air for those that don't want to install yet another app on their computers, but hopefully it won't be too much longer.

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Verizon's Samsung Galaxy Note 3 gets wired KitKat update


No joke, it's a completely official version, and this device has not had it before... as if they often would upgrade and then downgrade in official releases.

It's real. I'm downloading it right now via the VZW software upgrade assistant. Build vrucnc4. April 28th build. 4.4.2.

Could someone please explain how to do it.. I've never tried it this way before

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If you have the Verizon Software Update Assistant installed, when you plug in your phone into your computer it should just start automatically or you can open the assistant and manually check for it there.

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LOL, finally... the biggest cry babies on the web will finally be silenced! Every time some other phone got an update, Verizon Note 3 owners would actually curse them and say they should have been first.

Wired update? Do they still make those? Do you have to do this with a dial up connection?

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I don't know about crybaby.. But my wifi has been less then reliable. To the point I've had to up my data package to avoid overage charges. Yes I got 2 replacement phones, before finding out its a very common issue. So if wanting my wifi to work like it's supposed to makes me a crybaby.. Waaahhhhhhhh..

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Well, get prepared to have your battery life reduced significantly and possible data connection issues...kitkat completely ruined my note 3 experience. I'd highly recommend people not upgrade to kitkat until google fixes these issues. The battery drain and data connection issue are across all devices....The data connection is hit or miss with some people....Some experience it some don't. And if you have a sd card, it will affect some of that too.

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Haven't had connectivity issues, but my battery life has been severely impacted. One of the things I loved about my Note was the fact that a day of heavy use would still leave me with battery reserves. Now...light use and it's dead by the end of the day.

I too had battery life issues and slow performance as soon as I got the update. I chatted with Verizon, tried to troubleshoot for a while, and they are going to send me a new (albeit refurbished) phone.

It's the worst! Today is my 3rd day since the update and my note 3 sucks! My battery would last me a good 2 days prior to this update now I'm lucky if I get 4 hours... I called Verizon to see what can be done and they advised me that this is the first they have heard about the battery. .. yeah sure

I was setting up a client's new S5 that got delivered today. While I was doing so, I borrowed her USB cable to plug my Note 3 into my laptop to charge. It was my first time setting it up on this machine (or any, really), and I just went ahead and installed the Verizon software. Imagine my surprise when up pops a message saying that it's downloading updates for my phone. I just came here to verify that it might finally be KitKat. Very excited now.

Downloaded it and everything is working well except for Visual Voicemail. Spent half hour on the phone with VZW Tech Support and still no fix.

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Same problem here, visual voicemail not working. I didn't even try calling VZ I'm just waiting for a fix on their end. Everything else working fine though.

Yeah they said it might be a network issue. They are going to call me tomorrow and see if it is resolved. At least it is free now.

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When I open up the old Voicemail app I get:

Welcome to Visual Voice Mail.

Due to a change in your phone, we need to update your Visual voice mail service.

When we finish the update, Basic Visual Voice Mail will be provided free of charge.

I never had Visual Voice Mail before, so I assume this basic version is free for all Note 3 owners after the update. When it finally starts working I mean.

I have the paid version and I'm still not able to log in to see my voicemails. I hope they fix this issue quick.

I keep getting messages saying that my Voicemail has been updated, but when I open it I get the same message telling me that an update needs to happen. A bit frustrating, but I'm talking about a service that was paid yesterday and would only be free now, so I guess I can't really complain too much.

Wow I've spent 3 hours trying to download kies, I'm hoping maybe I will try the Verizon Download manager and have better luck.

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Or you can go by your local best buy and let one of the Samsung Experience Consultants do it. I was picking up my new samsung fridge and while I was waiting for pickup the rep asked me what device I had. I told him the VZW note 3 and he plugged it into his pc and it took about 5 minutes and I was updated to 4.4.2 Kit Kat...I love those guys...Can't wait for the Note 4 announcement.

Holy crap!! I've been downloading via Kies from my Mac Air and the process is so slow. At this rate it will not be done for 3 hours or more!!!! What the hell. I cannot believe this.

Not sure why both Kies and Verizon Assistant tells me my phone is up to date when it's still running 4.3 :-(

Same here for me now.

Something was wrong when downloading. It said 30% downloaded and it was 3 hours in!! So, I cancelled the download since I needed my phone for a couple hours.

I went back to start process and now it says I have the current software, which obviously I do not. I think, if I had to guess, that the servers were overloaded and they had to stop the downloads until they can get more on their servers...not sure if that is correct but figured I would wait and try again tomorrow.

3 hours and 30%? No question they had to have been overloaded.

That's what it seems like. I'll try again later tonight if not I'm just gonna wait til tomorrow. The sooner the better

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I tried downloading the new update. But Verizon and Kies says my phone is up to date

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Got the update using kies. I too had the same issue with the verizon update assistant showing up for 15 seconds then disappearing. I wasn't able to use this as the computer I was using wasn't loading it fast enough. Also I am on a business account and my visual voicemail is not working. Says the same as everyone else's. And I did pay for this service before. .

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Every time I plug my phone in the lab top Verizon and Kies both say my phone is up to date. Could be possible they took the upgrade down? Anyone know of anything?

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I read this last night and tried for several hours. Neither VZW SUA nor Keis 3 is showing an update in Tennessee. WHere are the others getting this update?

Visual voicemail updated for me last night, had same issue stuck in a loop saying my order could not be completed. Opened ticket with VZW now all fixed. No battery issues as of yet. But I am on wifi all the time.

After reading your post yesterday, I went rounds trying to figure out how to create a help ticket on Verizon's web site. That experience aside, when I finally got someone (named Lynn) on the chat, she didn't know about the Visual Voicemail upgrade being free, but investigated it for me, and came back several minutes later with a fix.

I assume it's working, but since no one actually makes phone calls any more, I'm waiting for the chance to actually try it.

Still, thanks for the advice on opening a ticket. S'all I needed to do.

For visual voicemail Verizon needs to change the feature code on your account for it to work correctly was same issue with the g2 after they updated it to kit Kat. Once change visual voice mail will work normally. There ate two options basic is free and premium is 2.99

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Went through the hassle of actually installing the update software on my Macbook, only to have it say my phone was up to day. Checked for an update OTA, and there's an update currently downloading.

Just updated to vz kit kat on note 3 2 days ago on air update. Battery drains over night over 7 hrs. Took Verizon how long to put this in place and immediately have an issue....Does anyone.else have issues or how to fix?

Having the exact same issue. Prior to KitKat my batter easily lasted two days, sometime more if I wasn't using it heavily. Now it's dead by the end of the day. Really upsetting.

Same here with battery issues. In addition, I'm experiencing a 1 second delay when I type using all sources including in-game chats. Very disappointed! Will be waiting for patch to fix all issues with KitKat!

I performed the wired update and noticed performance issues. It appears to me personally that the update has a minor flaw in it. I had been running it for 2 weeks and notice huge battery drain and slow performance. Yesterday I performed a factory reset of my phone and it seems like my phone just got a layer of Kit Kat features are visible to me and the update is applied better to the phone. I recommend performing a factory reset after the wired install, seems to be working much better now!

You're latest update sucks!!!! I will post this anywhere I can so someone from your company will see it. I hate when everything get changed around. Really?? You have to change my battery bar from green to white? What the purpose?? There's no advancement there. Can't even navigate from Facebook to Internet Explorer easily. Just leave it the same why do you have to go changing things around? Very unsatisfied with your stupid FORCED update!!!!!!!!