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And that, folks, says it all. E-mails are going out inviting folks to a soak test for Verizon's Moto X, with an update to Android 4.4.2 on the way. Not in the soak test? You shouldn't have to wait too terribly long for an official update.

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Verizon's Moto X entering soak-test phase for Android 4.4.2


Ummmm..... am I the only one that doesn't want this?? I'm perfectly fine with 4.4. I don't need any minor enhancements in exchange for taking app ops away!!!!!! WTF!!!!????

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You're probably not the only one who doesn't want this, but for many of us, this will fix a nasty exchange email bug and numerous other bugs. so calmly chill the F out and ignore the update when it comes.

Remind me, which carrier saw 4.4 on Moto X first?

(I get we're you're coming from, I have a vzw galaxy nexus, just sayin')

Actually, the Verizon Moto X saw 4.4.2, before some people with Nexus devices. I'll never forget all of the butt hurt people crying that they hadn't seen the update yet, lol.

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Doesn't matter when a update comes out for who or what, there will always be some whiner all butthurt about something, gives them something to do with their boring lives in their parents basement

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I believe it, lol.

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You sir......are a FUCKING IDIOT. when verizons moto x was one of the first carriers to push 4.4. even before any of the nexus devices.

Yeah but my Note 3 got 4.4.2 before the incredibly like stock Moto X did on Verizon. So my software, that means nothing, is better than your software. /s.

Calm your jets

Did you forget that the Verizon Moto X had the 4.4 update before even the Nexus 4 got an OTA 4.4 update? Maybe Motorola figured since 4.4.2 isn't that big of an update they'd spread the love around to some other carriers before pushing this one through Verizon.

Why do some people just refuse to look up something on their own..... The other guy beat me to LET ME GOOGLE THAT FOR YOU!!

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No, I never bought the Moto X. I started to, but I couldn't justify it, after buying both the Nexus 4 and 5. I did play around with it in-store and was impressed with the features and the size, though.

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Only people that have no life outside of their phone would care, lol.

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Are you serious? I hope your not pretending as if you don't care. Not to mention your Sig and comment are hilariously contradictive

I honestly don't care. And, I don't care what you think about either my comment or my signature, lol. Don't pick a fight that doesn't exist, lmao.

Yes, there are folks without 4.4, Republic Wireless has not updated yet. I am looking forward to getting it but I don't get bent out of shape because I haven't.

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and that is the way to go.

Nothing to get all worked up about on this update. Yeah it is nice to have the newer stuff but this time around you do not even notice.

Lol hilarious.. The HTC one had 4.4.2 before the moto x. Its just funny because I remember so many early adopters paying 550 for that tremendously low specd phone because 'they wanted to always get updates first'

I haven't even rooted my x because its that good. I've had quad core processor phones that this thing dances around. Faster, smoother and more responsive than any phone I've ever used. All with "lower specs". Tried the g2 because on paper, it was a beast. Didn't care for it. I'll pick real world use ability over "specs" any day.

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Typical VZW. Rarely, if ever, the first to update firmware. Or second, or third. Usually the last. One of the many reasons why I left VZW for T-Mo last month. Don't miss it at all.

Anyone who views this as even 0.0001% fail should look at the chart of what percent of devices are on 4.4 at all.
That's right. Any Verizon Moto X on 4.4.2, as "late" as you'd like to pretend, is WAY ahead of the game.

Calm down everyone and just use your brains. The VZW Moto X has been on 4.4 for a while, as is the X on all other carriers. This is a spec bump to 4.4.2, and no one is late to anything.