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Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 LTE

And there you have it, folks. Looks like the "official" (insofar as leaked launch dates go) launch date for Verizon's LTE version of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is July 28. Interesting is that according to this screen (and confirmed by another at Droid-Life), only the gray version of the Galaxy Tab (see our hands-on with the gray edition) will be available in stores at first -- the white version will be direct fulfillment (aka shipped) only.

Pricing remains as previously announced: $529 for the 16GB version, $629 for the 32GB version.

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Verizon's Galaxy Tab 10.1 LTE launch date pegged at July 28


Well this should be CHEAPER than the WiFi-Only model....

Remember, since they'll be tagging this down with a 2-year contract the price should be reduced. If it's more expensive, then they messed it up.

All that tablets are over priced imho. I'm perfectly happy with my netbook. Cost me 600 and that's with the keyboard lol. 500 for a tab then another 200+ (I'm guessing) for a keyboard dock? If (not so much when) a tablets price matches what it is realistically, then I will get one. They're cool but that's about it.

Why the Galaxy Tap is always more expensive than the iPad even though Samsung says "it will half the price of the iPad" ?

I didn't even realize they were going to release this tablet with a mobile connection. Even though it is with Verizon I am now much more interested in it than I was before catching this post. The pricing is high, considering that they will almost certainly require a two year contract, but I can at least see myself able to make good use out of it whereas the Wifi only tablets are really only good at the house or in the office.

just picked up the Thrive. If I really need wireless Internet on this thing, I'll just use my phone's hot spot. LOVE all the ports on this thing. :-)

The Thrive is nice...too bulkly..though...nice though...
yeah...whats up with the xoom owners...still no lte...thats sad..

that price is without a contract im sure. with a sure it will be less...

my question is will the lte tab come with ports of any or hdmi..?