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Seriously, this is the last time we're going to write about this Verizon-Galaxy Nexus exclusivity thing. But it's worth noting that Verizon's removed the "Exclusively from Verizon" line from its little banner image, which really only means that something that wasn't actually exclusive in the first place apparently still isn't exclusive. Make sense? No? Fine. Read this again.

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Verizon's exclusive Galaxy Nexus exclusive no more?


Sorry for the language but I don't give a shit about exclusivity anymore VZW. Just give me my damn phone with 4GLTE.

Dan Hesse calls Verizon CEO (whatever his name is)

Dan: wtf mate we getting that shiz too

Verizon CEO: oh yeah, I forgot

I hope sprint gets it

Here's hoping you're right. Argh! I hate this back and forth crap! Every phone should be available on every carrier, excepting those that the carrier CONTRACTS the phone company to make for them. (IE: a custom unit, such as the Droid line of phones.) But anything else should be just put out there for anyone to have.


(Please excuse my yelling. I'm frustrated.)

This is a Google phone.

Why don't they make it easy fr customers to buy it like Apple does ?

Why do I - as a customer - have to wait this long time to know even the release date and the carriers !!!


APPLE controls the carriers

The carriers control GOOGLE

Not really. Why does it matter? it was released a week ago. why does it matter if you know the date but its still far in the future vs. knowing the date when its available the next day? Who cares?

They don't have any obligation to tell us exactly what day its available. It'll be ready when its ready.

Because I'd rather know when /if it's going to be released on Sprint so I can figure out which phone to get with my upgrade, or to buy a used Nexus S 4g to hold off and upgrade when it gets released for Sprint. It gets hard to wait on a new phone when you have a hero. Can't even play angry birds without being frustrated at the lag.

But if its announced and its not available for purchase yet, it doesn't make a difference.

You can only wait so long. You're going to get more happiness with the phone you actually have in your hands. You can't wait forever for the next thing. And you'll always be mad when the next thing comes out and you just bought a different device. This isn't exclusive to the Nexus phones.

They do. They sell the Nexus unlocked if you're on a GSM carrier. Whether or not the CDMA carriers choose to strike a deal with Google is up to them.

Um... until this last month, Apple was only on 2/4 carriers. Not exactly easy to buy, unless you were on AT&T or Verizon. Sure, you can unlock it and put it over on T-mo, but that's not exactly easy either.

Just gotta say something here. People who read blogs/forums like AC need to realize that we are in a very small minority of the user base. The reason why we even know so much about all the awesome phones that are coming over the horizon is because we read this stuff. We look at leaked photos, specs and FCC filings. Now, you can't go doing that, then get frustrated because you aren't getting enough "official" information. If you can't handle this type of early bird info, then remain like 99% of the rest of the flock and not know about any new phone until it comes on a TV commercial during your favorite show. The Nexus was introduced in Asia, and people are crying that they do not know any details about the US. Maybe because it hasn't had a formal US intro yet? I know, I know... we all have the right to read and feel what we want. Just saying.. keep things in perspective.

Most sane comment of the lot of them.

Take a chill pill everyone and relax. You'll get your phone eventually.

Extreme agree... I read a couple sites like AC and drool over phones month to month. My wife and her family have no idea about these sweet phones til they see it on tv and they are excited to buy the new phone at that that point i'm already thinking the phone is outdated and reading about the next phone that isnt even coming out for another few months. Ignorance could be bliss, but nerding out on these sites is constant mind foreplay.

God, I hope this doesn't mean their testing or delays is going to put the US release of this phone BEHIND the European release, and that's why they aren't saying 'exclusive' anymore.

I really want a new phone on November 10th.

Based on the demo in HK, it seems like there are kinks to workout. I doubt the EU or US will get it until it's ready. The last thing GOOG want is to release it with lots of bugs.

...but we still don't have any official release dates for any carrier in the US, including Verizon! They can make a lot of people happy by just giving them dates. Then at least they'll know how long they have to wait.

Hahahahahhahahahahhahahahahahhahahaha....take that verizon...CAN YA HERE ME NOW....HAHAHAAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH....SPRINT BABY

I was all about Sprint too when I got my Evo. Then I went to work the next day and had ZERO bars. I had to roam on Verizon's network for a year until I finally switched to them. I just wish they still had unlimited data. That would be perfect.

Theory here:

Verizon had the timed-exclusive in place a long time ago. What happened in the recent month(s) is ...

1. Motorola and the Moto RAZR ended up locking down or hitting their target launch date
2. Samsung/GNEX locked in the 17th NOV date for all of EU, and was targeting a 10th NOV date for US/Verizon).

Now if Verizon were to launch the GNEX before the 17th date (e.g. the rumored 10th NOV date), it would cannibalize all of the RAZR sales. Honestly, who would walk into a store with both the RAZR and GNEX available, and leave with the RAZR in their hand, I don't believe many. Not to mention, the subsidized and off-contract price will most likely be the same (based off historic 4G/Verizon releases).

I am not saying the Verizon 10th launch will not happen, at all, it just makes more sense to launch sometime after the 17th, to capitalize on both the RAZR and GNEX sales.

Just my thoughts.

That sounds good to people that follow a tech blog. But the average consumer will want what is a trend. (e.g. iPhone) You have to admit that many people, more adults really, are familiar with the Razr branding. And "Driod" is commercialized in their head from the media. I really think that both will sell fine, however, the Nexus is really driven towards a certain audience and not the masses. Take your wife or girlfriend who just wants a phone for Facebook and messaging and ask her to pick a phone out. We will say in this instance an Evo4G and Nexus S 4G. The Evo looks more enticing with animations and flip clock and pretty widgets compared to plain looking Gingerbread. And although we (the blog readers) know the potential of a device, she would most likely choose the Evo. Unless you are able to convince why the Nexus is better, that's the outcome. There is far more uninformed or don't really care customers than there are tech geeks walking into a VZW store.

Edit: This is in general terms.