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Ahem. First we had to wait weeks for the Verizon Galaxy Nexus. Then we found out that the NFL Mobile app -- which is annoyingly exclusive to Verizon -- doesn't work. And finally, today, the app is updated for Ice Cream Sandwich. Only, guess what: It still doesn't work on the Galaxy Nexus. So let's just assume we'll see an update to the update sooner rather than later.

But, hey. At least 4G LTE is working tonight.

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NFL Mobile updated for Ice Cream Sandwich, will need another update to actually work


Yup. Yet another vzw fail. The worst part about it is most of the vzw apps do not work on the nexus yet. This is something that should have been ironed before release.

This is a great example of why carriers should not be allowed to lock handsets and force their bloatware on us. If I didn't root my phone I would be stuck with a bunch of vzw crapware that I could not remove and DOES NOT WORK!


I'm not one to defend Verizon by any means, but what "VZW Crapware" did you remove from your Nexus by rooting? There are two VZW apps on the Nexus and they both work fine. That really isn't a "bunch of VZW Crapware that DOES NOT WORK."

yea i agree, the apps verizon has on it are not exactly "crapware". I actually find the My Verizon app to be pretty useful.

What morons at VzW! They say supports Android 4.0 devices yet the only 4.0 device on their network doesn't work. LMAO just flat out pathetic on big red's part.

I was speaking more in general than just the nexus specifically. This same thing happened when the TBolt was released.

Its funny cuz they said that they werent going 2 release the nexus till it was at the best of their standards! Nice standards vzw!

That's the same error I got with HBO GO when I upgraded my Nexus S from GB to ICS, except it said HBO GO instead of NFL Mobile.

Their so called standards mean whatever they need to do to make money. They don't give a crap if this application works because it's free for LTE phones for now from what I understand.

Why would they rush to fix it?

Confirmed working on my Galaxy Nexus! I had to go into Verizon Login App and clear cache and force stop. Then signed in again. Turned on NFL Mobile and it works great. Hope this helps.

Sports fans are always last on Android it seems. The app developers always favor Apple. NBA app doesn't work for videos/league pass on Honeycomb or ICS.Watch ESPN app doesn't work on ICS, and the Big Ten Network is furiously pimping their new streaming app BTN2GO which isn't available on Android. Sucks because the Captivate has a pretty darn good ICS ROM that I can't use yet until apps that I use quite a bit are updated.

The app works fine. Although everything just seems a bit Smaller on the screen for the Nexus. That really sucks considering I would like to take advantage of whats there. Oh, and the fact that my team didnt make it to the playoffs. BASTERDS! lol OAKLAND RAIDERS FTW!

Woke up this morning and got an update for the NFL mobile app. Works fine and video is clear as always on my 4G LTE. Would have been nice if this worked from the get go so that I could have watched the Redzone.

Works for me on Axiom 2.1 ROM. Didn't work for me on Axiom 2.3 ROM.

Go figure. Nandroid rulez!

It is clear it is working now. AC need to update the post, if I didn't read the comments I would not have tried it.

I keep getting an error saying the app only works on VZW.... I am on VZW, trust me my bank account feels it ever month!