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We can't point the finger at anyone in particular for Skype being pulled from the HTC Thunderbolt before release, but we can have a chuckle at how this particular SNAFU is getting fixed in some Verizon retail locations.  Above is a picture of the stand-up display for the Thunderbolt as it reads now.  Notice that Skype is featured on this one.  Rather than pull the displays, stores are getting stickers to cover the text that tout DLNA instead. 

Cover up sticker

Just goes to show that everyone thought Skype was coming at launch.  We do have to give credit where it's due -- nice work keeping things green and not wasting a few hundred pounds of cardboard Verizon.  Thanks to you know who!


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Verizon sending out stickers to cover up Skype on Thunderbolt materials


I don't know man...I'm starting to have a bad feeling about this whole thing. First Skype then we find out that the NFL mobile app doesn't come pre-installed and won't install from the market.

this thing is REALLY starting to feel half-assed

I'm having a doubt about making this my next device

Well I can see why the NFL mobile app wouldnt work, based on the fact the NFL is having a lockout this season............

That has nothing to do with it. There is still news everyday regarding the lockout and progress...also the draft is still going to happen one way or another. The user who tried to download it from the market said he got an error that said "this application is not compatible with your device"

Hopefully the app just needs an update to get it working on the TB

At any rate the app was supposed to come preloaded on the device and I can promise you no strike or lockout has anything to do with why it's not on there.

Even if that really is a dealbreaker for you, which is stupid, it's only March. You have until September to keep whining about getting a new phone.

I never said it was a deal breaker, I said it was half assed(in that they showed it off at CES) ..and then not include it at launch

Since when is ANY bloatware not being on the phone a bad thing?

No apps should be preinstalled! Manufacturers/carriers need to let the people who buy their phones & sign their service contracts make the decision on what apps they want on devices that they own.

*rolls eyes* Yes because all other phones that didn't have Skype or the NFL app failed in a spectacular fashion.

Dramatastic post is dramatastic.

actually I never implied any such thing...the only one being dramatic is yourself least wait until you have the device to become such a sensitive fanboy ;) :)

It looks handwritten BECAUSE THAT WAS THE FONT. The point of it was to have the phone in the center, and then a bunch of notes pointing out various features that looked like they were hand-written.

So will the front camera be usable for video chat and what is going to be used to achieve it if skype isn't not available yet? Google chat with video?

So glad that Skype wont be on it. Total bloatware. Can't you just use qik ? No video conference for me anyway. Just doesn't appeal to me. Do I really need to see you, let alone talk to you? Facebook and the likes are enough. Really happy to be getting out from the Motorola locked umbrella. Except for my Xoom, but can probably thank Google for strong arming Motorola with the quick unlockable solution.

I have an appointment for 9:15 tomorrow. Made it yesterday when I called to ask how much inventory they were going to have, so I knew if I had to get there early. They even suggested the appoinment and signed me up!

I played with one at Best Buy. They had a "live demo" they let me play with by their cabinet. It had Skype on it. Just saying. I dont know if it worked, there wasnt a 3g/4g/wifi connection I could use on it. it was disabled. The phone running the demo died in 2h 58m. The phone was burning the battery up as fast as it would charge. I have an appointment at Best Buy tomorrow at 10am to pick it up. They were calling trying to schedule people in so it wasnt a "rush". Their preorder list was like 12 people long! hahaha! I dont know if Ill be keeping this phone. I'll try it for a week and see how it goes. They told me I could return it in 14 days if I dont like it. Ill re-verify that tomorrow when I pick it up. I'm pretty sure that will come with a restocking fee though. :-/

Im super worried the battery issue wasnt fixed and its just been patched over. What I have seen today would confirm this.