Verizon Galaxy Note 2

After a month of preorders, Verizon just dropped word that its version of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 -- differentiated by that not-at-all gaudy Verizon logo on the home button -- will be available online and in stores tomorrow, Nov. 29.  The 5.5-inch oversized phone with its excellent Wacom S Pen will run $299 on contract. But you also get that Verizon-branded home button for free, so it's really a bargain if you stop and think about it. 

The Note 2 is running Android 4.1 Jelly Bean with a quad-core Exynos processor at 1.6 GHz, with 2 GB of RAM. It's also got an 8MP rear camera and 1.9MP shooter out front, plus all the usual Samsung software bells and whistles. Plus, Verizon has put its logo on the home button. You won't get that anywhere else.

Source: Verizon
Also: The first Galaxy Note 2 accessory you'll want -- a home button sticker


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Verizon's Samsung Galaxy Note 2 available Nov. 29


I can't help but laugh at how pitiful this situation has turned out for Verizon. Thank God we folks on tmobile got the real deal in the Galaxy Note 2 as intended by Samsung not some cosmetically transformed device. They should've marked up that crappy droid line ie Razr Maxx, DNA. The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 deserves unlimited data and usage can't get that on Verizon.

Point of order one: take a sugar cube and rub the logo off the home button.
Point of order two: does your Note have split screen? Ouch. When will you get it? So you have like a Note 1.9.
Point of order three: no matter how great your phone is, you're still on T-Mobile.

I have the Note 2 and the SGS3 on T-Mobile and wouldn't have it any other way. I also have the Rezound and Galaxy Nexus on Verizon. The T-Mobile phones are faster both on Download and Upload speeds, I also have real unlimited data for only 30 bucks a month on T-Mobile. By the way my DL speeds on T-Mobile during peak hours are between 16 & 23 MB and the upload speeds are around 5 - 6 MB, not too shabby for HSPA+ and by the way my batteries last 2 days each. The Verizon phones are on LTE, constant switching back and forth from 3G and LTE, I am in a very stgrong LTE area and the speeds just keep dropping while my T-Mobile speeds just keep getting faster. I am going to give up my Verizon contracts as soon as they are up. Anyone who laughs at T-Mobile is an ass, try it you just might be surprised.
PS, T-Mobile has just updated the 1900 radio signal throughout the entire Boston area and next year we will get LTE. T-Mobile IMO is the only place I want to be. I have tried all the Carriers, some have their strong points but in our area T-Mobile just kicks ass. If you are in a T-Mobile area you are crazy not to give them a try, you just may be loosing out on the fastest and cheapest Network in the USA.
By the way the SGS3 and the Note 2 will work on the AT&T HSPA+ network with only unlocking them and throwing in the AT&T sim card. My SGS3 has 32 gb of int storage and you can not buy that on AT&T. I don't really care what they call the data, LTE or HSPA+, with the data speeds that T-Mobile is pushing out in our and many other areas I prefer the HSPA+ just for the battery life alone. The T-Mobile phones are the only ones that can do this, they are the better device.

Cool story Bro
But I have a GS3 on Verizon and get an easy day and a half to two depending on usage. Also I've had both and it all depends on where you live. In places where I get Verizon with no problem and can use the web you can't even get a signal to make a call on T-mobile or AT&T. With my experience T-Mobile is only good and fast in the city take a step out and you lose signal(again in my area)

Oh and your great speeds is because your prolly the only one around using the network lol

I got the wife a GS3 on Verizon and her battery life on that thing is amazing. Kills my GNex battery life in comparison. I think people get a little to bent out of shape about all this stuff. I do, however, give my buddy with an iPhone so much grief it's not even funny. But only him. LOL

Instead of being an ASS about it, why not just respect the fact the not everyone has T-Mobile for various reasons. Maybe they can't get it where they live, hmm I don't know like me. Each carrier is better in their own right. If you're going to disrespect anyone or anything, please disrespect yourself, not carriers or phones (especially the AMAZING Note 2, I don't care what carrier you have it on). Maybe there's a reason certain people don't have your self proclaimed God-Like T-Mobile that you don't know about, or maybe you're the reason they don't. Respect people, don't be an ass. There is no place for people like you here.

tmobile is not a bad company, but i dropped them when i moved from nyc , to upstate ny cause i wasnt able to get a signal with them, here in upstate ny tmobile is only good unless you live in one of the bigger cities like rochester or syracuse

ummm, if T mobile was the best carrier around, why wouldn't they also be the biggest???

there is a reason their service is "such a deal"...

1. "not some cosmetically transformed device." Slap a cover on the phone to cover up 70% of the branding, then take a knife/razor and maybe some nail polish remover to the home button logo, and you've got a well protected and de-Verizoned phone. Why are you making such a big deal out of nothing?
2. Not everyone needs unlimited data, and not everyone is totally reliant on their mobile device as their only access to the Internet, unlike you Richard. I can't help but laugh at how conceited and self-centered you are.

Can you buy this phone from Samsung for Verizon without the home button logo? Verizon told me there is a sticker to hide it lol but I have been going into ATT to check out the phone early and it looks nicer without the logo.

I still can't believe they put the Verizon logo on the home button. So wrong. Decreases aesthetics. I guess you need to mentally forget it's there. Like that screen scratch that you have to accept after a while.

Oh man, that's hilarious.
Folks, we have lost all perspective if this is considered a "problem".

So, can't it just be rubbed off?

The reason it sends people into a rage is two fold:

1) This is our device. We do not get paid by Verizon to advertise for them. It's enough they put their logo's on the back of the phone, putting it on a button right on a button in a way that it cannot be removed is just tasteless jabs at free advertising off their paying customers.

2) That's a HOME button, not a Verizon button. Look at ANY other Android phone and tell me if you see even a hint of a Carrier branding on the actual devices control buttons. I guarantee you won't. This is the first time I've ever seen this on such a significant part of the phones function that it is just audacious to me that they would do this.

I definitely will be looking into ways to replace the button whole with a regular button from a non-branded Note 2.

F*** you Verizon.

Phil you're hysterical. Thank god my Note 2 doesn't have the hideous Verizon home button.

Mine's allllll naked!! Score 1 for Sprint.

You must be basking in all that glorious, near-nationwide LTE right now too... oh wait.

Yes, it is hideous, but at least it'll have solid, fast coverage damn near everywhere by the end of next year.

Must be nice to be able to use as much data as you want without paying-- oh wait.

I also have Sprint and live in Chicago where my 4g is solid. So, I get to enjoy super fast 4g on a premium device and not have to worry one bit about data overage changes.

See, I can be a d$&% too.

Everyone assumes all Verizon customers "pay by the GB"... a good amount of us still have grandfathered unlimited. Just sayin'...

Wow if I had to wait this long for the Note 2 I would've moved on/waited for something better. T-Mobile ftw!

Verizon is ridiculous... if it weren't for the coverage id leave for another carrier. Add the fact they will probably never see another nexus phone and At&t looks better and better....

I felt the same way but came to realize I was a pawn in there scheme of branding. No problem with ATT so far.

I felt the same way but came to realize I was a pawn in there scheme of branding. No problem with ATT so far.

How come the Verizon version has a Verizon button at the bottom? What does that do? I am assuming it launches "My Verizon" but no one really uses that. It's hideous too. Great phone, destroyed by greedy corporate branding. And yes, that hideous, retarded, atrocious button is a deal breaker to me cause it makes a SWEET phone look ridiculous.

Am I the only one who thinks that hammering away at the Verizon logo is just downright silly? Here's a thought: if a branding is enough of a reason for you to not get this phone, then get something else. To those of you who have moved on to another carrier to get the Note 2 sooner... choice is a beautiful thing, isn't it?

You are not alone. I am actually getting a little sick of all the incessant whining over such a petty issue. If it's that bothersome then get a home button sticker to cover it or just go somewhere else and buy the phone. Some of you people need to experience real problems in life because in the grand scheme of things this is about as minor as problems get.

No you aren't. I'm right there with you.

I've always cared more about function over form. I'm with Verizon because they have the best coverage where I live & work, hands down. I've tried other carriers & played around with friends & coworkers devices on AT&T, Sprint, & T-Mobile. If someone lives in my area of the midwest & wants unreliable coverage because they are flipping out over a logo, have fun, but don't always ask me to use my phone real quick when you need a voice or data signal for something.

To be honest, I don't care about the logo being on the button.

But if you are one to get all butt-hurt over it, FWIW, a guy in the forums who works @ a corporate VZW store that put out their display unit already said that the lettering is on top of the button (not inside) so previous methods of removal discovered on other phones should work.

I'm glad Verizon has the fortitude to put their ugly logo on the front of almost all of their devices. Because every time I pick up that device, I don't want to forget I'm on Big Red's network. Never mind I'm reminded of that fact when I get the monthly bill, pull down the notification tray, view the lock screen, flip over the device, etc.

And yes, I realize it's for marketing but it's rather excessive, don't you think?

I LOVE!!! the verizon logo, i think it makes the phone so much better, i just wish it wasn't the only spot on the front. Maybe on the pen and the left side of the ear piece, that would be perfect.

So, is the actual phone a winner or not? (forget the logo for a moment)

Is it basically a larger S3 with a pen?

So, tell us what you really think about the Verizon logo. We're in the dark. It just doesn't get enough attention.

It must really slow down the phone and eat bandwidth and cause dropped calls and ruin your aim in Angry Birds or something to get this kind of overwhelming commentary from this site. Get over it already!

I've been playing with mine for four hours now (got priority overnight shipping, no idea how). I honestly never noticed the home button until reading this. I knew it was there from previous articles, but it never even popped into my head while playing with the device.

Much ado about nothing.

Phone rocks by the way. Anyone who's on the fence, decide if the size is too big for you. That's the only thing that matters. If it's not too big, it's the best phone going. If it is too big, go elsewhere.

Oh, for crying out loud; enough about the stupid Verizon logo on the home button. Is that really what we've come to? Wheenie whining and making cutesy remarks about it? Geez, lame.

Wow! ! All the whining over a little logo on the front .. ill buy the gn2 tomorrow & I'm sure ill love it .. you can buy a replacement piece to to replace the logo if its that much of a bother, you can even replace the back cover but if whining is your thing so be it..

I will buy it and I will adore it and all of it's LTE and Verizon stamped home button glory. There, I said it.

I have two lines on Verizon. One 2gb per month plan and one unlimited plan. The unlimited is up for a new comtract,however I don't want to loss my unlimited. Does anyone know if I can swap phones, phone numbers, or a combination so I can receive the subsidized price of $300.00. I hate to have to fork out full price for this beast but if I gotta ,I gotta!..PLEASE, SUGGESTIONS GREATLY APPRECIATED!!!THIS IS THE PHONE I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR...SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 2!

They should be able to do a modified upgrade and swap them...they have in the past for me with my third line.

The only way subsidize without changing to the shared plan is through telesales. Request your upgrade on the primary line with Promo Code ID 10 T. Other than that, you'll have to pay full retail.

I see what you did there... you must work retail, too. We use that error code all the time when peoples phones "don't work".

Just like Nev said... You can transfer your upgrade eligibility from the unlimited line to the 2GB line. Then you can purchase Note2 under the 2GB line. This will extend 2 yrs on the unlimited line only. Upon receiving Note2, you can swap the LTE sims between the phones (you need to call 611 or visit local store). I survived my unlimited line this way back in 8/12 when getting a SG3 and had my friend do the same yesterday getting his Note2. You keep all your existing phone numbers. The catch is many 611 ops and store clerks will argue with you that this CANNOT be done. You may need to go through many reps to work this out. Good Luck!

why dont you just send the upgrade to the 2gb line, and when you get the phone just put the sim card from the unlimited line into the new phone?

Hey everyone .. hope alls well .. I actually was able to get my hands on the fone yesterday and aside from the branding on the home button, it still thas beautiful. We can just get those lil vinyl or metal stickers to cover it up and add a lil splash of color (or just get the matching color) just like how everyone did with the iPhone home button or the S2 .. really not a deal breaker folks .. I would love to to get this fone but still grandfathered into unlimited data. So I'm just gonna enter a Shitload of giveaways (not holding my breath lol) but realistically just gonna wait a few weeks, We all know that people will b sellin online for less than the $699 big red wants .
May switch to sprint later on , except no LTE in my area yet ,north jersey ,NYC area :-(

Just checking in....

Can anyone confirm that this model has the much touted "Verizon" button? I hope so. That would match my Verizon hat, Verizon jacket, Verizon shoes, Verizon sunglasses, Verizon keychain, Verizon Bumper sticker and my soon to be finished Verizon tramp stamp.

*on a side note, mine arrives tomorrow and I can't wait to get my grubby little paws on it*

Phil, please don't whine so much about a logo being placed on the front of a phone. Must be a slow news day, go fetch a Powerball ticket or two.

So does everyone get this mad and butt-hurt when you buy a t-shirt with the company's name and logo on it? Wouldn't this be the same thing but with an easier fix. Maybe I'm just looking at it all wrong who knows but I don't mind having a name on my car, clothes, TV, etc. and I still don't get paid by those companies to "advertise" their brand. Now yes I do believe it could have been in a better location on the phone instead of the home button.

For us A Type personalities the problem is not so much that the phore says verizon but more that it looks horrid. It makes me tense just looking at it. Its way to crowded, and looks ridiculous. I couldn't use the phone for two minutes. Now for everyone else that isn't going to have a OCD breakdown it seems like it shouldn't be such a big deal. If it said verizon instead of samsung on the top it would not bug me very much.

Just goes to show you that you can never really make a lot of people happy. Here we have one of the best phones (if not THE best) ever to be on Verizon's network, and all we're hearing about is a home button that can easily be covered by a ten cent sticker. Don't get me wrong, I think the Verizon branding is ridiculous..but it is not worth getting so upset about. Geez, people, talk about focusing on the tree to the point where you don't see the forest.

It's an amazing device. Home-branding the button doesn't change that, and it is easily fixed. Let's just be happy such a fantastic phone is available with Big Red at all.

And if none of that works, then just stop whining.

Couldn't agree with you more. I truly believe that this is the best phone money can buy. I had some hope for the DNA, but once again HTC managed to disappoint me. I can see the nexus phones and iphones with no microSD option, Google and Apple want to promote their cloud services and such. But there's no reason to not have a microSD slot on the DNA that I'm aware of. There's not much of a point in 1080p if you have no room to store 1080p videos. Verizon is probably all for it though. People will be more likely to stream 1080p. I'm sure their will be a lot of people with accidental data overages the next couple months. I'd rather have a 720p screen right now anyways, better performance and battery life, and lets face it, 720p still looks damn good on a screen that size. ANYWAYS sorry for the nerd rant!
It's amazing how worked up people can get over something so incredibly insignificant. Here we are in the greatest age mankind has ever known, technology wise, and we're complaining about a sticker. Priorities people! Good day :)

I am going to get mine in about an hour from the store. However, I find it a little crazy how much of a mess Verizon has made out of this phone. First off, there are already over 5 million of these bad boys out roaming the Android Ecosystem, and Verizon hasn't dropped one. Secondly adding the time it no doubt took to add the darn Verizon logo to the phone added what value to this phone that you can get on any carrier? Third, Verizon did its very best to mute out any announcements or excitement on this phone, seemingly just to hype the Droid DNA. What a frustrating customer experience for someone like me... However that being said, it may have been pure genius on their part... How many sales do you think Verizon actually lost over this? I would wager, few. Any customer that truly couldn't wait and wasn't attached to the Note probably picked up a DNA. Those of us who feel that Note is superior either p reordered or are waiting. So I have a feeling that Verizon realizes the foothold they have with their superior coverage, and made a well calculated choice on this release... as much as I hate to say it. Who knows maybe these last two months of waiting are just getting to me... Maybe if I keep typing I can burn through this last hour that I have before I hold her. Still deciding on a name. I will report back once I have her in my hands and I can decide on a name. ;)

I pre ordered one also. If I knew the stores were going to get this, I would have just waited and went to the store to get one. I really don't understand verizons methodology. I thought if you pre order something you are getting in line to get it before everyone else?