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Leaked inventory screen points to stores receiving inventory on August 15, with an August 23 Street Date

We've heard nothing official from Verizon about when to expect their Moto X to hit the streets, but according to this picture of an inventory screen, August 23 is the day. Taken from a major retailer, we see that stock is set to arrive on August 15 with a "Street Date" of August 23, which puts it out three days after the Droid Ultra, MAXX and Mini. It's also the same date that was leaked in an earlier roadmap, so it has our attention.

There's no indication of pricing, though we expect it to be competitive with AT&T pricing at $199 for the 16GB version, with a new two-year contract. 

Of course, this is not official and doesn't take into account anything like a carrier-store exclusive. It does, however, let us know that Verizon plans to get this one out the door relatively quickly — something folks waiting for the HTC One on Big Red wouldn't know anything about.

We're keeping our eyes and ears open for anything we can dig up about the Moto X, and will pass it along as it's uncovered. 

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Verizon's Moto X to launch Aug. 23 says leaked inventory screen


In concerned about battery life. This phone looks better than the droid line but the battery on the maxx can't be ignored.

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There is an in between ground between Thunderbolt and Maxx. From everything I've read the battery life is easily better than the S4 and the One but not as good as the Maxx.

Agree with you on the Thunderbolt battery life thing, I'm stuck with one on a Verizon 2 year contract till December. It sucks.

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I suppose its good to know I'm not alone... Ever since the 4.0.4 update its worse. For instance whenever I make a call, the phone takes 30+ seconds to register and actually make the call. I basically can't even efficiently use the device for what it was intended.

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I think there's no way Verizon is getting the HTC One now. Maybe the One Mini, or the SG4 Mini, but not the One. It's just been too long, and wouldn't make sense to release 3 new Droids, and the Moto X, along with a 6 month old phone.

That six month old phone is still top of the line specs wise and it fills an HTC hole that Verizon currently has.

Man they already said they're getting it. IT's been through the FCC and is a part of leaked docs for Aug 15th release date. And they are not getting the One Mini there isn't even a leak.One Max isn't even getting anounced until IFA in September...then won't come to US carriers until later in the fall.

I wonder if you can pre-order this on the 15th. If so, this may be to entice people that are coming from the Galaxy Nexus.

Much like others, I got my Galaxy Nexus the first possible day and my actual upgrade date is the 15th.

Same hear, but with the LG G2 announcement tomorrow I can't make up my mind before hearing more about that phone.

I've thought about upgrading, but I don't think I want to be stuck with a phone with a locked bootloader for two years. Not to mention the fact that I would lose my unlimited data.

Now we need to know the rest. What are the off contract pricing and when we can order thru Moto maker.

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Now we need to know the rest. What are the off contract pricing and when we can order thru Moto maker.

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Should I be excited about this phone? I seem to be more enthusiastic for what Sony is doing these days, with both the Z Ultra and the Honami, and the accessories that do with them.

You realize that this article concerns the Verizon Moto X variant right?

Sony isn't even a thought on Verizons short list. The last phone they had from Sony was the Experia Play....and we know what a bomb that was.

It is a legit question.

There is a lot to like about this phone, but it is going to hit some seriously rough competition. I think this is very bad timing for a so-so phone.

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thats a picture from best buys system, and we have learned not to trust best buy in the past for release dates lol

Agreed. First, we don't even know what the item that was looked up was. Also, street date and in stock dates are almost always placeholders. They don't mean anything. If it was a manifest list with stock being delivered that would be more accurate.

Exactly.. no idea why this is even "news".

there is 0 proof of what the SKU is, for all they know its a new washing machine. Also yes, those dates are just place holders and change depending on when trucks drop off the inventory or when they are told to release them by.

also, after working at BBY for 7 years i have seen this over and over. especially with street date SKUs

It's pretty simple.
$200.00 Flex Plan (Pick One) price pretty much = $550-$575.00 Free & Clear price.

I am sure this phone well sell simply being a *Motorola* phone to quite a few average consumers who don't care what engine runs their phone.. They will by it for the features... Just like you Wanna Be Nerds spend $600.00 to sit with your friends, co-workers and family to brag about your Quad (who gives a sheet) Cores
Average people brag about the cool features.. so, it will sell..

There is a market for EVERY current phone.. If this is not the phone for you, Move On.. Or continue to wait... and wait.. and wait for the Nexus 5, Note 3, Honami, Galaxy S5 with flex screen...............>

Most reviews I've read have said that no, it's in fact slightly slower than both the One and the S4.

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I think the poster meant it's being released faster than the One.

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