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$80 now the entry point for a single smart phone with 500MB of data

Amidst a flurry of news today, Verizon made a simple change to its "Share Everything" plan structure that added a new lower-cost tier with a smaller data bucket. Possibly a reaction to AT&T's new lower-tier plans, Verizon now offers a 500MB plan at $40 per month, undercutting the previous bottom-end 1GB plan at $50.

Verizon Share Everything plans

Now with the way Verizon structures its plans, you'll still be paying $40 per month additionally to have a smart phone on the account. With the change, the new absolute bare bones entry point on the carrier will be $80 (plus taxes and fees) for a smart phone with unlimited talk/text and 500MB of data. More choices are nice, but we'd really prefer if they dropped their prices a little bit along with it.

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Verizon quietly introduces 500MB 'Share Everything' data tier


You can hardly call this a SHARE plan, since there is so little data included, you couldn't even run a single Smartphone, let alone more than one, unless you lived in WIFI 24/7.

Really Verizon?

And people love to use the term "iSheep".... HA!

I really don't know who is worse.. AT&Ripoff or You!

T-Mobile.. Forever.

AT&T is actually considerably better, you still have the option of not using their share plans and you can get 450 mins, unlimited text and 3GB of data for $85.
I'm happy with AT&T service these days, though a big part of the reason is I no longer pay for my cell service, if I had to pony up for it myself I'd stick with T-mobile these service is very respectable in my area.

Well, AT&T has those atrocious sharing plans, which have pricing rates almost as crazy as Verizon. However, while ma Bell has that other individual plan, I'm more than happy to pay full price for a phone somewhere and use there prepaid services, since they now allow 4G and 4G LTE on the plans, and my town just got am upgrade to LTE service. For $80 a month, I could have unlimited talk, text, and 4 GB of data, with no contract. Yes, there no subsidy, but that's a lot of data o could buy. (The actual rate is unlimited talk and text ploys 2 gm of days for $60 a month, plus $10 per additional gigabyte.)

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I honestly don't get how anyone can share that low of data in one month. I can't even manage 2gb on my own lol... I use this app I watch YouTube I'm on xda I'm on facebook I use Google music. I use the cloud cuz my nexus 4 only has 16 gb barely.. Smh I wish the cell phone carriers stop being ridiculous with there data and just offer unlimited lte?/hspa +. And yeah I know tmo offers unlimited but let's face it there coverage is horrible most of the time if ur not close to a major city.. And that's coming from a truck drivers experience...

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I love tmo to they were amazing where i lived then i moved 20 min north from my previous address and boom no tmo service and I'm in GA. So I switched to att and now I'm gonna get wifi for the house lol

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My same problem with tmo I'm north of Atlanta but as soon as they step up service in this area I'll never look back.

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Yeah me to when they step up and keep there unlimited lte and hspa plus I'm ditching att but for now I'm with att lol

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Well, they haven't done it yet...and now they are spending resources on upgrading their existing network to LTE instead of just expanding to areas they currently don't have coverage.

Improving service isn't the same as expanding service.

You didn't have wifi in your house? I honestly didn't think their would be a single person on Android central without wifi in their home.

I live in the Midwest, between four major metropolitan areas, and a major buddies is headquartered here, and yet bright boy T-Mobile hang bothered to upgrade us beyond 2G. AT&T recently joined Verizon and Sprint as an LTE provider in my area. That is the only thing that has kept me away from T-Mobile, and has me planning on switching to AT&T go phone once my contact with Verizon is expired. I'm going to miss my droid RAZR, but I'll be trading it in for a Galaxy S III or Motorola Atrix HD.

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You need to remember that all plans are share plans now even if you only have one like. But yes people who extensively use wifi can indeed get by with 500mb even eith 2 phones.

That's running extremely lean for a smartphone, my mother averages 300mb and she doesn't know how to use over half of the features on her smartphone.
Must not autosync anything and restrict usage only to when your home.

plans like these are just around to take advantage of customers who really have no idea how much data 500mb really is.

Sure maybe they get unlimited talk.. But I am getting 5gb for $10 less on T-Mobile. Its not a perfect service but, jebus, data is such a rip for most people.

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If I might be the person to say so (and I know many many many others have said it), Verizon's pricing is insulting. $80 for 1/2 GB of data? Really? Why not just slap me, take my money, and cancel my service, but still charge me for it? That would be about as insulting as these prices.

Never ever EVER EEEEEEEEEEEEEEVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRRRRRRR will I ever ever switch to a share everything plan; not unless Big Red realizes that their price structure is frankly a complete slap in the face to all of their customers!

The only reason anyone is on Verizon should be if no other carrier in there area can provide decent service. It's a massive ripoff!

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Not defending VZW, but I notice when I'm in remote areas, and have no service with AT&T, their customers are yacking away. That might be worth the extra expense to some.

The only reason?

How about those of us that get a substantial discount through work, making their pricing the cheapest option in the end?

Not everybody gets treated the same by the carriers, don't just assume the price you'd have to pay is the price everyone else is paying.


To quote Robert DeNiro, "Li'l bit."

The thing is this:

I was in Niagara Falls, NY and Niagara Falls, Ontario last weekend(I was in Ontario to see the falls from the Canadian side)and I still had Verizon 4g service when I was in Canada; I never roamed. I only started roaming when I got close to St. Catherine's, ON. A friend of mine has AT&T and she was roaming in Youngstown, NY(close to the border). Still in the states.

Not that I go to Canada all of the time, but it's nice to have service practically EVERYWHERE. They just really need to re-evaluate their prices...

More nothing from Vzn!!! 500mb's is the same exact thing as nothing!!!

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Well congratulations to you... but you might be surprised to know you're not in the majority here. Hell, you aren't even on the map as far as this is concerned. We can't all have Wi-Fi everywhere we go. Verizon should be ashamed of themselves... but instead they're probably using all this money they're robbing from their customers, myself included, as kindling for the huge bonfire they host every night for their employees to dance around like wild Indians and laugh and sing about how they are able to get away with robbing people blind each and every day. And when they're done, they group-shit on a new customers picture, that just got roped into one of these "deals", each night and help each other wipe their greedy asses with crisp $100 dollar bills

Sorry... I got a little carried away there ;-)

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Wifi everywhere? You don't have to have wifi everywhere to have reduced data usage. Data usage is dramatically reduced by just having wifi at home... Not work.. Not everywhere.. Just at home.

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I have WiFi at home and work and still top 3gb regularly. Some of us get off our butts and leave the house from time to time.
500mb is insulting.

Really? When I am at work I am working, not playing with my phone. When I am away from the house I am running errands and spending time with friends and family, not glued to my phone. I actually interact with people. The times I use the most data is when I am traveling and that is due to higher use of GPS, maps, information, weather, and things like that.

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Besides nobody is telling you that you need the 500 MB plan.. It is there for those who need it. It is obvious you and I are not the intended target group for that.

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Agreed, I'm on Verizon and have a 2GB data limit, I have WI-FI at home and I think the most data I've used is about 500MB max. Naturally I only stream and download music, movies, and apps on WI-FI. So for me this plan wouldn't be too far fetched. I agree that Verizon is a bit expensive and pushes their pricing structure, but their service has never let me down in terms of quality. (IMO)

Personally I use over 1 GB most months because I stream music from Google Play All Access and listen to MLB radio often when I am in the car. My usage was under 500 MB earlier this year before baseball season :-)

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500mb is a joke. If you have Lte is absolutely hilarious!

Verizon will never get money from my family.

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No it isn't it is a lot of data for mobile. I never understood the obsession for more then 500mb of mobile data.

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Really? Ok. You go ahead and pay $80 for 500mb of lte and slow 3g. I'll get unlimited for $70 with lte and hspa+ that stays above 4mbps.

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No, that's just 500 megabytes period. They don't call you at 3G after that. They charge you overage fees which are ridiculous.

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Dude I don't live in the states. I pay 500 mb with unlimited texts and 100mins calling for NZ 19 dollars.

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Man you are a idiot. Its unlimited and I've got WiFi at home and school plus telecom phone booths. I'm covered with unlimited WiFi (nearly) and for when I don't I have WiFi I get 500 mb.

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OK. Now explain how the anecdotal experience of somebody in a tiny country where the sheep outnumber the people pertains to the outrageous charges of the number one carrier in the US.

Fuck you. Just fuck you. We are more advanced(free WiFi everywhere) and guess what? The government didn't pay for most of it a carrier did. If our carriers can do it So can yours.

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@Chetan To be fair here you can't compare lauching coast to coast WiFi in New Zealand to doing the same in the USA. New Zealand is about the same size as Colorado (which still has 2 million more people alone than NZ). Doing that across the continental US would be a nightmare.

Also, I don't think having "free" WiFi makes NZ more "advanced". Another thing is I'm pretty sure your free WiFi isn't free, someone has to be paying for it.

Tax dollars or carrier subsidies from the government come out of your pocket. But at the end of the day I'm glad your data solution is working for you.

Wow 500 MB. That's amazing. How stupid is Verizon. Idk why they even have this plans. Sorry I guess I'm spoiled by paying 20 for unlimited with another company. And yes I know I shouldn't even be posting this here. Yes I know some of you think I'm just a hater. Well no. I just read this new awesome plan and all the other plans they have and wonder why people don't do what I did. Move on.

Sorry if I offended anyone. But it is what it is.

Believe you me, I wish more than anything that I could move on from Verizon, even though I still have unlimited data... I just don't get good service at all where I am with T-Mobile or AT&T... yet. Hopefully soon! And when that happens... BYE BYE BLOOD SUCKERS! It's just unfortunately not an option for everyone to move on.

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Wow, $80 for 500MB/month. Better yet, I'll stick with my $30/month plan that is virtually unlimited from T-Mobile. More people should wake up, and realize that subsidy != low cost.

I would be with T-Mobile if their coverage didn't totally suck around here. Check their coverage map in the rural midwest. You'll only seethey cover the interstate highways & last time I checked, I don't live, work, and frequent the interstate highways.

Going the wrong way here. Every year we get less data? WTF. Someone needs to put these carriers back into place. They need to be offering more space for less money every year! We need some honest competition NOW to put these guys out of business for charging more for less.

I'm on Sprint and lately they have been getting better and with unlimited it's worth waiting. If by December they haven't improved I will take my work discount to tmobile. Tmobile in my town get minimum 4mbps on hspa+ with normal being around 8 to 12. No 3g on cdma ever gets that high.

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I remember when every minute of talk and every text was 50 cents...and coverage was essentially limited to your town/county/region.

Verizon is still a ripoff, but there was a time it was more expensive for less.

What a total freaking rip-off! Half a gig is nothing, and charge effectively 120 for it? And with dogfood service (LTE or 3g, no 4g)? Fuggedaboutit!

I'm torn. I have 2 lines with VZW. 4 out of the last 5 months, we've been between 270 MB and 380 MB for BOTH lines combined. The one outlier was the month when we traveled, and that only hit 720 MB.

Why? Well, we have WIFI at home. I have WIFI at work, and my wife can't really use her phone at work (and they might have WIFI anyway, not sure). So the vast majority of our use doesn't use any data at all.

I could save $30-40 a month by switching to the shared data plans...but somehow, I just can't give up these grandfathered unlimited 4G data plans. I know eventually Verizon will force me to change, but for now I think I want to keep them.

Let's be honest, though... Yes, there is something to be said for having a security blanket that can no longer be bought, and that's the unlimited data plan. However, if you're really not utilizing it, and it's not cost-effective based on other plans, why pay the extra money per month for the sake of having it?

You said yourself you could save $30-40 per month. Of the past five months, that's $150-200 you could save but instead you're spending on something you're not truly using. In a year, that is $360 to $480. Is it worth paying that much money to keep an unlimited plan that isn't being used?

I'd also encourage you to review data usage by checking the past 12 months of data usage. Your bills may even go back to 18 months. Get a health average and look at it, and compare it to the current Share Everything plans. If what you said about the past five months is an indication, the math may show you how much cash is being wasted.

I overstated a bit. Going to a shared 500 MB plan would save us $33 a month (the one month where we went over 500 MB would have added another $15, so we would have only saved $18 that month). Going to the 1 GB plan would save $23 a month.

Still -- realistically, we are using around 325-350 MB per month, and rarely over 400 MB. The 500 MB plan would save us nearly $400 over the next year.

There's only 2 arguments for keeping our unlimited plans; one is temporary, and the other is mostly emotional.

1. I'm starting a new job in a week. I suspect that any phone use would still take place on the company WIFI, but I won't know exactly how that plays out for at least a few weeks from now.

2. I can't help but just feel that it's a mistake to give up something "better" when I know I can't get it back. I can always switch to the shared plan in the future, but I can't switch back if I realize I've made a mistake. (Of course, if I never switch, then I'm still wasting money.)

I think when I get settled in the new job and make sure I won't be relying on my data connection, I'll revisit this and decide if it's worth switching.

Verizon is the only carrier with decent coverage in my area. It's GREAT coverage, and everyone else SUCKS. Therefore, it's the only option if you want or need reliability. I will lose my unlimited on my next upgrade. As everyone else has said, I'll be PAYING more, and GETTING less. As long as people are still paying them, they will keep charging these exorbitant prices. But, what to do?

Look on Buy a phone and keep unlimited. My friend says his wife lost unlimited by upgrading and she regrets it.

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Of you can live just on 3G, page plus uses the Verizon network and offers unlimited talk and text plus 5 GB of data for $70 a month. If you dig deep enough, there are several phones from straight talk that use Verizon's network.

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I'd rather just have a dumbphone on Verizon's network at that point. I'd have the excellent coverage and service of Verizon, without the constant headache of worrying whether or not I was going to lose my unlimited data.

My goodness. Who chooses these plans? Since tmobile works awesome here where I live I will probably switch by December if Sprint stays stagnant. I will never switch to Verizon unless they paid me.

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its 500mb to SHARE, which means 2 or more phones. so with 2 phones that's a whole 250mb each. which will be about 2 days of surfing the web. this is horrible, Verizon how dare you!!!

Any new plan goes to a Share Everything plan. So if a single person who is getting a plan by his/herself, who uses WiFi a lot, but just needs a small amount of data for just-in-case reasoning, decides to then get a phone with Verizon, this would be their plan. I live with someone who would qualify for this, if she were to go on her own plan -- my wife.

No, it's not going to be the ideal plan for a lot of people. It's merely an option, nothing more.

'We wish they'd stop their prices"
Yeah, you and everyone else screwed over by Verizon. Their prepaid would be a good deal, if they asked you onto their LTE network and didn't stick you with overpriced ancient phones. Even AT&T got the memo and change their prepaid plans to make better deals and added their lyre metro support to prepaid. T-Mobile and sprint also allow LTE service on prepaid. No wireless service, no matter how good it claims to be, deserves to rip off consumers with such dastardly evil ripoff plans, sordidly when phones get loaded with bloatware and don't get updates in any timely manner.

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The 500MB is a nice addition for those who want data to do enough with their smartphones when they're away from WiFi, and they're the only member of the plan. For example, my wife barely uses 300MB a month, but she is always around WiFi with her job and at home, and that's how it has been for her for years. Of course, she is on a plan with me and her parents, so 500MB isn't enough by far.

That said, I think Share Everything needs to come down in price. It costs MORE for us to transition to Share Everything than for us to stand pat where we are with the old Nationwide 700 minutes plan with 4GB for price of 2GB (wife), another 4GB for the price of 2GB (Mom-in-law), and unlimited (me) data plans in place. I don't use enough data to justify unlimited anyway so I'd be fine to switch and save cash, but there is no cash to save.

That is sort of how I am. My wife and I are on the 700 minute plan (never use it all due to mobile to mobile and just about all of my friends use Verizon) and 2 data plans. We do not pay of texting due to Hangouts and Google Voice. It would cost us $30 more a month to switch to the Share Everything plan with 4 GB. It does not help me. If I used a ton of minutes or wanted to pay for texting I guess it would be okay, but it does not suit my usage.

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The thing I hate most about Verizon is that they don't even offer you a cigarette when they're done with you

Terrible, just terrible. Verizon has great service, just about everywhere that you go in the USA. The problem is that they gouge their customers with horrible prices.
There is nothing wrong with having customers pay for a service, and there is nothing wrong with making money in a capitalist country. I choose to vote with my wallet and leave Verizon ASAP.
I am tired of being a sucker.

I felt the same way, voted with my wallet, and took my three smartphones to T-Mobile and I'm saving $90+ a month. The service in my area, where I am 98% of the time, hasn't changed a bit. I actually get faster speeds in my house. But Big Red's data was way better outside the city. I would highly recommend T-Mobile if your area has good data coverage.

It is offensive. Paying more for less... Basically I look at it as VZ trying to continue forcing people to pay for the mobile hotspot feature which was just a ridiculous double charge for using your data limit as you see fit. $30 to use your phone's built in capability and use your data that you've already paid for.

Verizon has hit a new LOW, are they F'in kidding with this. I mean you get treated better in prison (have you see Shawshank Redemption and the sisters, then you know what I mean).

They are now passed into criminal enterprise, RICO charges should be brought down on their heads.

....and they are coming to Canada to bring competition to the big three mobile crime families? WOW

Say what you want about Sprint but I've had them for 8 years, have unlimited everything with 5 lines and my bill this month is $247. Don't give a cap about people who say they have a crap network. I get LTE where I live and it's UNLIMITED for less than $50 per line. Can't beat that.

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That's exactly what I have on Verizon. Family plan. Grandfathered unlimited. 5 lines. Our bill is 252 a month. So we all pay 50 for unlimited LTE on the best network in the country. Can't beat that either.

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I have four lines on T-mobile for about 150. I got in in a really good deal a few years ago. I know. Bad coverage...blah blah blah. The coverage is great here. I'm also not a long-haul truck driver so have no need for coverage in BEG.

I'm loving the headline "Verizon QUIETLY introduces..."

Ninjas are quiet, too. I don't want to be quietly introduced to a ninja either.

Also, I love how much crap everyone talks as Verizon posts record quarters one after another.

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Yeah it's amazing. I've been visiting this site for 3 years or so. Everyone seems to hate Verizon, but no one ever seems to leave. People just like to post that they are going to leave.

I'm on Verizon and I love them. I must be the only one though.

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I loved Verizon but hated the bill. Going to ATT was just a lateral move. Tmobile is a joke where I am.

Once Sprint put out decent LTE, I left VZW. Now my Sprint coverage is as good, and much cheaper, than Verizon and couldn't be happier

Count me as "that guy" that actually left

In England I pay equivalent of US$14 and get 750MB data, unlimited text message and 500 minutes of calls.
I am just stunned how it has come to be that in the world's most capitalistic country, the land of the free and all that, that the citizens can put up with the cartel that runs their mobile phone networks and can, frankly, rip them off so blatantly.

How can Verizon possibly call this "Shared" data? Would it even be possible to connect 2 smartphones to this tier and not go over? This is the WiFi always plan that you get 500MB of data with in case you accidentally disconnect from your WiFi.

A Verizon rep called me about a month ago. She asked if I was interested in switching to a shared. It would cost more for the shared with 2 gigs then what I pay for 450 mins with unlimited data. I pay $74/month with a corporate discount and the shared was $110/month.

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I hate Verizon more and more everyday. I was able to snatch the 4GB plan "promotion" while they were offering it (same price as the current 2GB plan)and it STILL isn't enough most months! I don't have WiFi at work and I like to stream radio and other things but I have to keep watching my usage so I don't go over. I used over 1GB in just a couple days smh. This is ridiculous. I should have never left T-Mobile but Android was still pretty new and they didn't have any good phones at the time, then I went to Sprint for the Evo and coverage sucked.

I live 3/4 of a mile from being able to get home WiFi. It would cost me $8,000 to bring line down to my house. I work on OS X, Windows 7 & 8, Linux Ubuntu. I pay for Verizon and Sprint 4G LTE plus their mobile HotSpots. I also have an Amazon Kindle with free movies and listen to my uploaded 15,000 songs on Google Music, Amazon mp3, and Samsung's Hub. I use a lot of data..... a lot.....last month I used 142GB on Verizon and 40GB on Sprint.

Yes, I do a lot of research and test and download various ROMS for both my Verizon/Sprint Galaxy Note 2. I pay $500.00 a month for this service.

AT&T is still on 2.0 Edge(the new, now closed AT&T store due to no local upgrades to their towers. No service at all for T-Mobile. AT&T did put their u-Verse line in front of my house over 2 years ago, but still don't offer service.

So, I don't mind paying for my bills as I know I am a heavy data user. I have 3 others on my plan and pay for their HotSpots as well, though they use about 2-10GB per month. Without Unlimited Data, I would be screwed since WiFi is not an option.

500mb is next to nothing over LTE. Idk how normal people even make due with 2gb plans. If you're going to sit there and actually use the phone as they do in their commercials (streaming videos, music etc), you sure as hell arent on any 2 or 5 gb plan. At the 500mb level you are better served buying a nice wifi only tablet and sticking with a flip phone since you're not even using the smartphone as it was intended. Lastly, these are MOBILE phones. Don't tell me I need to seek out a wifi connection anytime I want to do anything remotely significant with my phone. These plans are garbage and a rip off.

500 mb......... Really????? I mean..... Are they serious? Wtf can u do with that? And at $40......... What? Wait n this is their cheaper option? U might as well not have a data plan or a smartphone for that matter smfh.


I didn't read everyone's post, but has anyone noticed how they have drastically changed the way we use our phones. Now we are constantly connected to WiFi or delaying certain phone uses like streaming video and downloading apps until we get to a WiFi connection. For $40/mo, we should be able to use as much data as we want. Because, just two years ago, $30/mo got us unlimited data. VZW is genius and all of their customers need a class-action lawsuit, because we are getting ripped off.