Droid DNA

A quick way to save on a great device if you're going to order online

Verizon has just started running a promotion on its website offering a coupon code that knocks down the price of a Droid DNA to $0 on-contract, which is a substantial savings. Holding its spot as the flagship for the "Droid" brand on Verizon since November last year, the DNA has stayed at $199 on-contract since its release. All you have to do to get a coupon code for the device is provide your email address to Verizon at the source link below, where you'll then receive a code to apply at the online checkout for the savings. The promotion is only valid until May 21st, so you've got a week to make up your mind on this one. Even at 6 months old the DNA is still a great option on Verizon.

The fact that Verizon is running a promotion to sell a device that is over 6 months old now should come as no surprise to anyone at this point. Carriers (often inexplicably) go through phases of discounting and promoting devices that they want to push, especially when they get to be this far into their lifecycle. However it will be interesting to see whether or not the standard price of the DNA will drop following this promotion.

Source: Verizon

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bbalak says:

This screams "WE HAVE SOMETHING BETTER COMING! (And we need to get rid of all these extra phones)"

I just told my girlfriend the same thing. I have her wanting to leave her iPhone for the HTC One. So this rocks. Sadly my housemate just got the DNA for full price.

sublimaze says:

I was thinking exactly the same.

OmarF82 says:

Let the DROID DNA rest in peace.

judasmachine says:

I know everyone here is addicted to the latest and greatest but this is a lot of damn phone for $0. Wow...

cegabq says:

Ditto - got my DNA in December & am very happy with its performance

jmb133 says:

Alright....so I JUST bought this last month at Best Buy for $120. Any thoughts on whether I should return it and wait for what's coming or just keep it? I love it so far.


If you're happy with it, just keep it. There's no way that you could have predicted that this would happen; and it's safe to say, that there's always something newer and better coming. I say stick it out with the DNA. You've got a helluva phone there, brother.

constomy says:

Maybe if the 5 people I know with this phone didn't get sim card errors every day... No joke... Every one of them!

cegabq says:

Got the phone in December; never had any SIM errors.

KSDroid01 says:

I've had my DNA for a week and have never had a SIM card error. Totally in love with this phone

mdlissner says:

Please tell me that this means the HTC One is being announced on May 22 at CTIA by Verizon.

rjfarrow says:

A Verizon rep told me last week that they will not be selling the One but that they had another HTC coming down the pipe soon. He did not give me any indications as to what it might be.

MarkSeven says:

Probably another damn DROID..

who cares about the htc one when youve got the s4 coming


Fans of HTC might care lol

still1 says:

I think HTC one is better than S4 and many think so too. S4 is bloated with unwanted features that no one would use.

As a Droid DNA owner, I have to chime in...the S4 is a delectable tidbit, but the DNA is hard to part with...SIM card error aside...it's HTC at its best and is eye candy the girlies like. Cosmetics aside as well, this is HTC's best phone before the One...but! If what mdlissner says holds true, and with Verizon coming into the fold with the payment program for phones (the arse raping that it is), I'll be ready to swap out...

AZwldcats says:

Damnit. Just got mine 20 days ago. What do you think the chance is I can get any money back?

And it is a great phone. Have not seen the Sim card error once. (knock on wood!)

osubeavs728 says:

Probably pretty slim. Verizon doesn't have the best customer service. If you're happy with the phone though, you might as well keep it!

stkorn97 says:

Awesome phone, zero sim card errors for me also. Phone has been perfect.

Premium1 says:

If it was any other manufacturer I would be all over this. HTC isn't the best for updates so I am sure as soon as the one( or whatever it is comes to verizon) this will be forgotten even more than it already is.

jasongeiger says:

Yep. That is why I won't buy an HTC again until I see improvements through a life cycle of another phone. Granted it's probably more verizons fault, but that's the problem with carrier exclusives.

Linebarrel86 says:

Have the DNA. Love it, but I'm trading up to the S4!

jcastag says:

yes, based on history of HTC (at least for the last couple years) you can pretty much bet that this phone will never see an update to a newer version of Android. That's why my days off buying in HTC handset are done.

They release a so-called flagship phone every six months, then when the next phone is released a completely forget about supporting the prior device.

codiusprime says:

There is already a leaked build of Android 4.2.2 and Sense 5.1 for the Butterfly, it follows that an update for the DNA isn't far behind.

Droid Stew says:

A delayed update is not always a bad thing. The update to the TB made it nearly impossible to add more than three apps without bringing it to a crawl. I would give up ICS and go back to GB just to be able to have more apps and speed.

KSDroid01 says:

"ever see an update"? Although slower than I would have liked, my Rezound was upgraded to ICS about 9 months after it was introduced...that's not exactly "never". Already rumors that DNA is on the 4.2 upgrade list.

codiusprime says:

Very much enjoying my DNA. CM10.1 just jumped the last major hurdle as far as features go and it absolutely screams on this phone.

carter17 says:

I have had the DNA for about 1 month or more and have never had a SIM card error. This phone is very solid to be honest. wish I could have got it for free

Ohleo says:

Honestly, the DNA IS one of the best phones that I have owned.

If only I had a way to get an upgrade

Its no Galaxy Camera but it is a nice phone.

aweber1nj says:

Have a RAZR (orig, not "HD" or "Maxx"), and have been trying to figure out what to move to. Was going to wait and see if the HTC One would arrive at VZW. It may still be coming next week, but $0 for this phone is just too good to pass-up. It will be a good upgrade from the RAZR (which I liked a lot, but always had headset-jack problems with).

Besides, regardless of their overall customer support (which I agree is not great), I think I have 10 or 15 days to return it "no questions asked". There's a restock fee on that option, but I guess if the HTC One appears before the end of the month, I still have the option.