BGR is hearing that Verizon might spur an Android phone buying frenzy with one of their infamous Buy One Get One Free promotions (aka BOGO). The Motorola DROID & HTC DROID Eris will both be available under the promotion and if true, should help Verizon move even more units. The fun all supposedly starts on December 4th so we'll continue to keep a lookout and see if it happens.

Will you buy a Motorola DROID or HTC DROID Eris if it's buy one get one free?

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Kim says:

The fact that they are offering a bogo makes me think they're trying to move as many of these as possible because they have something new and shiny and on android 2.0 about to hit in time for Xmas holiday.

I'm waiting it out. I'm looking for the next HTC jewel.

tallbruva says:

Nothing could make me go back to Verizon. Not with their billing practices. In fact, once I sign up with Clear, I'll drop Verizon's dsl and I will be free of their tyranny forever! :-)

Josel says:

In January this year, I took advantage of VZW's 30-day trial period. As advertised, if you are not satisfied with the network, then all calls are on them. So I tried out a Storm then. Turned out it was a mistake, along with their slow 3G in San Diego. They refunded the cost of the returned handset, but not the money I paid for the interim bill as their billing system made a cut-off in between my supposedly 30-day trial. After so much haggling with VZW's customer service, I gave up and they never returned the money, only the cost of the BB Storm. Turned out that 30-day satisfaction guarantee is a bait.

I wouldn't even attempt to dream of getting a Droid when Google's own gPhone is in the horizon and the 4th gen iPhone. I smell from the blogsphere that its next year and beta phones are for testing this month at Google.

honest man says:

So what you're bitching about is the fact you used mins and data but didn't want to pay for it. Typical loser... If you used it you should pay for it. Simple as that! They refunded the phone and let you out of the contract that is fair as fair gets so stop crying like a spoiled child because you couldn't get something for free. Obama doesn't run Verizon...yet... so you losers like you still have to pay for the service your get...

o2bnclemson says:

I hope they don't do that and that this is just a rumor. To me, as a businessperson, moves like this signal that the brand is not sufficient enough to move on it's own. For example, before I bought my Eris, I was looking at Blackberrys. When I saw them advertised at BOGO, my first thought was "Wow, they must be having a hard time moving them." And if they're having a hard time moving them on their own, then they must not be a superior product. Quite the contrary, putting something up for BOGO makes them mediocre at best.

I like the current marketing angle that they're taking with Droid. I just wish they'd market Eris as well. It's a great little phone. Unless they're thinking that they'll bring us into the store to look at Moto Droid and if we don't like that then we may like the Eris. That's what happened with me.

To me, IMHO, the Eris is the closest thing to the iPhone and the only thing it lacks is the support of the iStore and all the accessories. I think it's actually a superior product.

They need to keep their marketing focused on what sets the Droid products apart from the iPhone -- built-in GPS, video and 5MP cam, multi-tasking, folders, widgets and multiple home screens, etc.

Anonymous says:

For the record -- you need to get your facts straight:

The iPhone definitely does have bulit in GPS; it has multiple home screens (10 total - more than Droid); it has video and really sweet video editing software (which Droid lacks) and it has 100K+ apps which are equivalent or better than widgets.

The iPhone also can hold in memory AND use up to 16GB of apps. The single biggest flaw of the Droid and the max number of apps a Droid can hold and use in memory is only 256MB -- the size of some single popular gaming apps you can use on an iPhone

Anonymous says:

Ya but they give u a free 16 gb memory card with the droid to hold all your stuff.... google the droid against the iphone there are videos that show them up against each other in speed and usage.... the droid is WAY better look for urself... Happy droid owner!!!

Anonymous says:

Devices like the Droid and BB Tour drive a min of $30.00 of data revenue per month for VZW. Not to mention customer satisfaction and retention are higher with customers that have PDA devices. Since VZW can get away with the subsidies, these BOGO offers on data devices makes complete sense. Especially now that the ETF is higher on them too.

Anonymous says:

I hope they do offer a BoGo offer for Droid -- it will totally devalue the brand.

This would be typical of Verizon. They feel they are the value driver in the relationship -- not Google or Motorola. So they'll give away the technology to increase their own carrier sales...and in the process they'll devalue the Droid prestige and brand.

Verizon is trying to act like a cool marketer...but, in fact, they are always going to be just a "dumb pipe." They don't know how to walk the walk and talk the Apple or Google!

Anonymous says:

Since when was Verizon EVER considered a VALUE driver? Main naysayers of Verizon always point out how expensive the service is yet you are saying that Verizon is somehow cheapening the device by offering a good deal. Just because Apple's idea of black Friday sale is $10 off of a mp3 player doesn't mean that their products are the best there is like they make it seem. Sure there are consumers who purchase certain products for the "prestige". Well, that's as vain as vanity can get. And how could you lump a company like Apple who over charges and tricks customers into buying their products with shiny bells and whistles to a company like Google who provides products and services without charging for every little thing?

TEvo says:

Hell, got mine on launch day.

If true, should have waited to get mine. Would have made shopping for the GF a lot easier this Christmas...

Anonymous says:

Funny...just got a call from the Verizon rep that sold me my Moto Droid and she said the only free phone would be the Eris. It starts tomorrow and would only be available for 4 days.

Anonymous says:

will you be able to use an upgrade for this?

Anonymous says:

I got a call from a Verizon rep as well saying the Eris will be free after $100 "Mail In Rebate", and since I only have a single line, I would have to add another line to receive the "free" Eris.

Ricky says:

When I saw them advertised at BOGO, my first thought was "Wow, they must be having a hard time moving them." And if they're having a hard time moving them on their own, then they must not be a superior product. Quite the contrary, putting something up for BOGO makes them mediocre at best. I like the current marketing angle that they're taking with Droid.

caressa says:

Okay i have a droid eris from verizon but the thing is i cant even watch videos frm other sites i can only watch from youtube and thats not cool is ther any way to fix the prob or i should have gotten the moto droid??? And also verizon is wacked out wit ther charges there tryin to charge me 4hundred for my bill and thats jst not rite so any ideas on how to watch videos from other site??