Verizon LTE 2001 Coverage Map

Verizon is bringing their LTE network online in six additional cities and expanding their coverage in the Los Angeles and San Diego regions on July 21.

New cities covered by LTE include:

  • Huntsville, Alabama
  • Augusta, Georgia
  • Scranton/Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania
  • Greater Springfield, Massachusetts
  • Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina
  • Greensboro-Winston Salem-High Point, North Carolina

Any Thunderbolt, Revolution, or Charge owners looking forward to finally getting LTE in their hometowns?

Source: Verizon Wireless


Reader comments

Verizon lighting up six new cities with LTE on July 21st


Finally! Raleigh/Durham is a tech city and we get it 7 months after a bunch of non-tech cities.

I was considering switching to VZW as my Sprint contract ends at the end of July, but was shocked to find out there was no LTE here in Raleigh. And now they are turning it on AFTER they start the data caps.

Umm no thanks, just preordered an EVO 3D, VZW is turning evil and Sprint service is perfect here, I just wanted the LTE.

Ya. VZW is bout to light up their customer's wallets to help them pay for all that great LTE coverage. VZW customers, enjoy your capped data. I'll be over here unlimiting myself on the NOW NETWORK with unlimited EVERYTHING!!

Seeing how they are only capping new customers there are still millions who will continue to have unlimited. Not to mention LTE>>wimax

They Cannot force a customer into a tiered data. To do that would require that they waive ETF's. At most, they will make it so that customer "Must" go to tiered data if they want to upgrade their plan or phone. but this isn't forcing. As they are able to keep current plan as long as they have current phone. Though if these rates are true, it does suck

That is not true. They may allow you to keep it for a while, they may allow you to keep it forever. But they are only REQUIRED to offer you the plan for the length of your contract, just like you are only required to stay for that long.

Normally they will let you keep it, but if you are using tons of data, as greedy as they are, you can bet they will cancel your unlimited plan when your contract is up.

They have quit pushing out WiMAX because they know it isn't the future. Their new deal for LTE will be where they focus going forward.

I'm glad NC is still getting 4G love From Verizon & T-Mobile. Sprint seems to have just given up with flipping the WIMAX switch in NC. I'd like to be able to use 4G and not have to drive to Raleigh just to do it.

I think Sprint has given up on flipping the WiMAX switch...PERIOD.

Especially now with the news that they are starting the planning phase of deploying LTE, it gives people who got any 4G WiMAX phone since the EVO came out little hope that Sprint will fulfill their promise to get them 4G coverage before the end of their contracts since their phones are obviously not compatible with LTE.

I think you're right. I had hope when I got my EVO that Sprint would come back through NC and flip the switch in a few more cities but that never happened. The closest place for me to get 4G coverage is Raleigh but I don't go there too often to enjoy it.

We've got WiMax in the Triad (Greensboro, High Point, Winston-Salem) Plus some outlying areas from there like Asheboro, Thomasville, etc. The greater Charlotte Metro area has WiMax too. GRANTED, the neighborhood has crap WiMax coverage, and evidently that will never change. Bring on the LTE!

Always thought I'd have the hardware first (Motorola Bionic), waiting for the network to light up. Instead I'll just tune my TV to channels 52 thru 69. Come on Motorola!!!

With the new data caps and overage fees that are going into effect July 7, LTE is worthless and dangerous. What good is LTE if you can't use it. Verizon Fail

Exactly, but they are lighting new cities in preparation for some wallet rape. And with LTE, you're more likely to get to that data cap a lot faster than you otherwise would. iPhone users for once, won't be the ones eating up most of the data.

2GB is definitely an epic fail considering they sell these products with video consumption in mind as a key selling point. If it was streaming music that was the latest thing I could see this as a strategy but music is fine with 3G so why spend billions on 4G upgrades and try and charge fees the masses can't afford and won't go for? Anyway I just got a Thunderbolt and it was cool testing it out in Boston recently on 4G but live in the Triangle. I'll have unlimited data until my next phone in about a year and a half and then I mine as well go back to a regular old cell phone or switch to Sprint because I'm not paying $50-80 for data or $30 for a half month of service. I love the push to get Netflix on the phones. One movie and you're done for the month along with anything else you would want to do. Come on VZW. $30 for 8-10GB if you want to do a cap on 4G!!

Sprint is GREAT here in the Triangle, and will likely be one of the first Sprint LTE markets, as it was one of the first Sprint EVDO markets and then WiMax markets. Possibly right around the time you are ready to ditch VZW!

As long as you have it before July 7th you will be grandfathered so that means you can use it however you want. I'm glad they are capping new users make some of them stay with sprint/at&t or tmobile. I am loving the 4g speeds I get on my charge.

Just because you can keep your unlimited plan doesn't mean that it will remain the same price. When you update your phone they can change it any way they want.

Thank you vzw for letting me keep unlimted data forever even after i renew my co tract that is the smartets thing u did.

Eventually you'll get a 4G phone, and they'll force you to accept the Tiered data plans.
Unless you plan on using the phone you have now forever and ever.

no the new stuff reported is if you stay on your current data and not drop it your locked in for life there is no separate 3g or 4g plans

Just because they say it now doesn't mean they have to do it (they've never told a lie!) Also, it doesn't say anything about your price remaining the same.

The data caps are such bull$hit. If they want to rape you on data charges, then they better reduce the rates on voice calls and texting plans.

They're only doing this b/c no one is making calls anymore (relatively speaking) and everyone is using their phone to email, stream music (pandora), watch youtube videos, facebook, and surf the web.

Why the hell am I still paying $60/mo for phone and texting?

I'll gladly pay $50/mo for 5 gig of data, but first they need to drop the rates on phone service. After all, that portion (phone calls / texting) still runs on the 3G network.
4G is only being used to transmit data / internet usage.

I want to know what the holdup is in Little Rock, AR and Memphis, TN. They were both supposed to be live by they're not even on the July list???

P.S. verizon is allowing all current customers to keep their unlimited plans for life...EVEN WHEN UPGRADING AND/OR RENEWING. Source: Vzw memo via Droid Life. Only new lines on/after 7/7 will be tiered.

The article clearly states that this is a current policy, and that they can change it at any time and no longer let you keep your plan, it clearly states it does NOT mean forever. They may let you do it for the first year, one upgrade, 5 years, one month, who knows.

Hell yea Augusta, GA is getting it! Ever since I got to test out the speeds in Atlanta, I've been not so patiently waiting for it.

This ones for North Carolina!! Come on and Raise Up!! Greensboro, NC let's get it!!! Definitely getting a 4G phone before July 7!

At this point who cares what Verizon is doing with Lte. With the amount of money they are going to charge for data, you can't really enjoy it that much. With those kinds of speeds, I would be afraid to use it too much.

Agreed. With really fast speeds, you're tempted to use it a lot more (i.e. videos, surf the web even more).
We're better off sticking to wifi as much as possible.

I would agree but I am an existing customer, hello grandfather. If they try to pull anything else I will just cancel my contract and move on to Sprint I guess.

Too bad AT&T can't post a map like this.
Instead they have some Bull____ map that doesn't tell you a god damned thing.


Odd thing, one day back in the beginning of June I had 4g...for like 5 minutes. And then it was gone. I was like wtf, sent a tip here, was too lazy to look around...Mayhaps they were testing it?

All this Verizon shit talking from jealous sprint customers. I love how you all seem to know everything about the changes that are coming to Verizon. Its speculation at best right now. Im sure the changes are taking place to help cover the cost of the awesomeness that is LTE. Maybe this is why sprint has crap wimax coverage but is making plans for LTE. They realize LTE is the future and you can bet when they start to roll it out that you too will be in the same boat as Verizon customers. Enjoy your sub-par unlimited while you can.