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You knew it was coming. First, the death of Verizon's unlimited data plans, and Verizon today announced its new "Share Everything Plan," which lets up to 10 devices on a single account share data while keeping unlimited voice minutes and text messaging. Let's get right to it:

Initial smartphone access runs $40 a month. Voice minutes and text messages are unlimited. After that, you can share data with as many as 10 devices (so that'd be nine additional devices) with the following breakdown.

  • 1GB shared data - $50
  • 2GB shared data - $60
  • 4GB shared data - $70
  • 6GB shared data - $80
  • 8GB shared data - $90
  • 10GB shared data - $100

So, for example, say you and your spouse each have Android smartphones (as you well should). That's $80 up front. You could then share 4 gigabytes of data a month for $70, which brings you bill to $150 a month. Have an Android tablet? You can add one to the shared plan for another $10 a month.

Sweetening the deal just a little bit is that Wifi hotspot access is included. You'll be using the data from your bucket, but at least it won't cost you any extra for the privilege. 

The plans go into effect June 28.

So, who's jumping on board this one?

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Verizon launches Share Everything Plans



Yeah, me too! Was hoping they waited a little longer so I could see the SIII come out, But my Bionic is doing just fine.

I was wondering about this.....Can anyone confirm that if you "pre-order" the SGIII and chose to keep your current plan (in my case unlimited)that you can indeed keep that plan? Or.....since the phone does not come out untill July 9th will Verizon make you pick one of the new plans? I really need to know. If the pre-order locks you in I am good. If not I need to cancel and order a Maxx to hold me over for 2 more years.

Two of my friends pre-ordered the S3 and both of the Verizon reps told them they can keep their unlimted plan by preordering. I personally preordered it for full retail since i used my update for the Nexus.

You guys might want to call Verizon again and ask this one last time. The way I understood it was you can keep your unlimited so long as you do not take a new contract after the shared plans begin. Your new contract for the SGS3 will begin when it is shipped to you, which will be next month right. So doesn't that mean you will be on the new shared data the minute they ship your phone since no contracts go into effect until after this rolls out? I see a lot of cancellations or a lot of pissed off people in Verizon's near future. Me I didn't pre-order because this was a strong possibility. Looks like I'm picking up a Rezound this weekend to keep my unlimited. I can get a SGS3 from ebay when the price goes down next year, just like all my future phones will be.

When you pay for the phone, you sign the new contract. And when you preorder, you pay for the phone right away. I ordered it online, and it had me choose my plan right then and there. And my unlimited data was still listed.

So yes, you do in fact keep your unlimited data when you preorder this phone now.

No disrespect Viper, but you are completely wrong. It would be best if people didn't spread disinformation. I ordered the phone already and no, I wasn't charged nor will anyone else be until it physically ships. The question is still open as to whether they will honor the unlimited plan I am on once it arrives AFTER June 28th.

I chated with a Verizon rep today and supposedly unlimited data will be around until August. See below:

"Please hold for a Verizon Wireless sales representative to assist you with your order. Thank you for your patience.

You are now chatting with 'Maylin S.'

Maylin S.: Hello. Thank you for visiting our chat service. May I help you with your order today?

Frank: I had a question concerning pre-ordering the SGS3.

Maylin S.: I'd be happy to help you.

Frank: Since the phone comes out afer the new shared data is in effect, would my pre-order allow me to keep my unlimited data or would I be put on the new share plans that will be in effect the day it is shipped?

Maylin S.: By upgrading today you are able to keep your unlimited data. You're plan will not change to the new plan, you will keep the plan you have now.

Frank: So my pre-order date is the date my contract begins? I was told it started the day they shipped my phone?

Maylin S.: If you upgrade today, your contract will renew.

Frank: I understand that but I am asking about the pre-order. I was told it did not count as an offical upgrade until they ship the phone and they cahrge me for it. I want to make sure I keep my unlimited data for now so I need to make sure it counts from when I pre-ordered the phone.

Maylin S.: Yes you will be able to keep your unlimited data. After august is when they will remove unlimited data when upgrading.

Frank: I thought the new data plans began at the end of this month?

Maylin S.: They do, but they give you until august.

Frank: Okay. Thanks for clarifing that for me."

So maybe she's right but then again when I spoke to someone last week they claimed not to know that Verizon was dropping unlimited data and switching to new plans. I'm upgrading while the upgrading is good, and for me that's free before the 28th.

I work at a premium retailer... as long as you upgrade or pre order by June 28th, you can still keep your plan. If you do it after, you will be forced to a tiered plan.

The $40 per smartphone is a deal breaker. I like the idea of a shared plan, but with this fee it would make my bill higher.
I wonder what at@t's version is going to be like. They will probably have a high fee also.

Yeah I agree that's why I'm waiting until the plans go live to see what the actual projected price will be. When I first saw $40 per smartphone I thought "wow" but then I thought, I'm paying that now.... $10 (additional line fee) + $30 (data fee). But again, I'll wait and see. Also want to see how they incorporate employer discounts. For instance, I now get discount of the first line (voice and data) and nothing on the additional lines. If it's the same, my discount would be just a tad bigger.

It will vary from person to person as to whether it is better or not.

Look at a typical plan with 2 smartphones now
700 minute talk and text is $100+$60 for data total $160

Share everything plan
$40+$40 for smartphones plus $70 for 4gb data total $150

If you dont have unlimited data already you are paying less and getting more (unlimited minutes even if you dont use them)

And if I am already connecting to wifi most of the time I can add a tablet for just $10 more if I can keep total usage under 4gb

Hey Scorpio,

Just did the math this morning and I am one of those who it would hurt.

2 Smartphones and one non-smart phone. I would opt for the 8 Gig data as I frequently use the hotspot (rooted).. My Bill now is $208 including all the taxes, insurance etc. On the new plan I am at $200 before and taxes, insurance and all the other fluff. I'm guessing I'd be at $230 or so.

I'm switching to Verizon next month, so I might go this route. My wife currently has a dumbphone, so I might get her a smartphone. I currently use less than 2GB of data since I"m on wi-fi about 90% of the time. 4GB would be plenty for me.

Not sure though, but considering it.

Keep in mind I am (or will be) a new customer, so can't get the unlimited.

Look on ebay and purchase an unlimited plan from someone that has it , until they do away with the unlimited all together.

Despite all the shit this pricing is getting from all the bandwidth hogs on AC, this isn't that bad of a deal if you have two (or more) light data users on your plan.

Currently, the 1400 minute family plan (the most commonly used) is 80 a month, plus 30 for unlimited txting, plus 10 for the second phone. So for two phones you were already at 120 a month and that is before you buy ANY data for your smartphones. Two smartphones on the unlimited/2gb/4gb tier for 30/mo puts you at 180 a month.

With this breakdown (unless there are hidden fees somewhere) you can get two smartphones with unlimited minutes and texting, plus 1GB of data to share (about 75% of smartphone users consume less than 500mb/mo on their smartphones so this is probably enough but the higher tiers are also cheap) which brings you to $130. A lot less than $180, eh?

PLUS, wifi hotspot is included so no more having to hack your phone to get what you want, and tablet/mifi access isn't an arm and a leg to throw on top. Overall, for users who have a lot of devices but don't hog the hell out of 3g/4g data, this is a step in the right direction.

(about 75% of smartphone users consume less than 500mb/mo on their smartphones.)

I fixed it for you, so you don't have to copy paste more BS from Verizon's website.

This is according to whom? Because I know even on light months where I do all of my app updating and such over WiFi, the 500Mb mark comes and goes quite quickly. This is great news for people who're on a family share plan now, and would like to have data, but don't want to chuck out $30 a line for a measly 2Gb. This is a kick in the ass to those who have had unlimited data with Verizon on a family share plan, back to the point in time before Verizon was always throttling our 3G and it was actually pretty quick. The next time someone on the plan goes to upgrade to a smartphone from a regular phone, or from a 3G to a 4G device, we lose our unlimited and get slumped into this crap.

Bravo, good sir, on your coining of the "who're" contraction. I have only heard it in speech a few times and have never seen it in print. Unfortunately, my Google search of it on my work computer may get me fired for the search results it returned. Google doesn't think there should be an apostrophe in there, it seems.

You missed the part where i dismissed the whiny, bandwidth-hogging "typical" AC users. You are free to be pissed at this. I use my smartphone a TON. Granted, i don't have a 4g phone and I do participate in WiFi nearly everywhere I am (but I do travel for work a lot so many days are spent with nothing but 3g). Still, in the past 6 months I haven't had a single month over 500MB. I even tether my laptop when I travel and I still havent hogged like you for many many MANY months. Sure, for fun once i went a whole month with wifi turned off and managed to get up past 3GB of usage, but that was hard (I had to download a lot of podcasts to hit that).

Anyway, feel free to complain, switch services, etc; but if you think you are somehow speaking for the majority, you aren't.

Hate to break it to you pal, but there are still a sizeable number of customers who don't have that much WiFi access. Not by choice mind you. No company be they cellular, cable, satellite (yes even satellite) offers it where I live. What we do have is Verizon, US Cellular, & T Mobile 3G. I use it, my wife uses it & my kids is use it for their MacBook computers the schools provide here under a federal govt pilot program for rural communities. If that makes us data hogs to the high on the horse snobs like you, then so be it. Have fun in your elitist world.

I am just painting the picture for you, it's verizon that is laying the rules out for this game. If cellular is your only solution for last mile internet access, then I do feel for you. But I also have no problem with living in a world where you pay for the service you are getting.

Actually, you come off like a Verizon rep so don't be too surpirsed at the backlash. As for the 75%, can you please elaborate on the validity to that stat? No.

As for me, I use my phone as a cellular hot spot and the 500mb you throw out is a joke at best. And your last comment is idiotic unless you're a shill. I too, have no problem paying for my service and last I checked my service CONTRACT says unlimited DATA. Yet, somehow Verizon like to parse out data when it suits their needs ($$).

I get charged separately for texts and (if they had their way)they'd also charge me separately for my hotspot data. Odd, I thought data was bits and bytes. Didn't realize it was further quantified. So yes, I do pay for unlimited and will use UNLIMITED even if it's 20 gigs. They should have chosen their words more carefully.

well then, if you have to use the cellular network for all of your data, then yes by definition are a data hog, this has nothing to do with the rest of us having other options.

I get it, your pissed, wasn't but a couple of years ago, our only option was dial up (mobile broad band wasn't even an option)so i feel for you, but just like i was, a town of hundreds doesn't come close to a city of millions as far as verizon is concerned. so you can quit making your self feel more important that you are, you are not a sizeable number of customers(more like an ultra small percentage of their customers).

And Verizon's customer maps & store locations they actively promote put the lie to your view too. Whether you like it or not isn't my concern. I pay for what I use. Verizon has invested billions in rural America. Far more than the others combined. US Cellular piggybacks on them also.

Those of you in major metropolitan areas or urban zones I'm happy for you. But to continue to believe you are the only customer Verizon is listening to is also making yourself feel more important than you are too.

I use Wifi a good bit too but regularly go over 2GB a month - I use Maps a good bit when I am out and about, post a few photos on FB, check twitter and an occasional podcast. rarely watch video on 3G. How do you use so little?

You must either do ALL of your podcast downloading via 3g (mind you that is days worth of podcasts) or you have a virus or some other affliction that is causing your phone to obliterate data. I use maps ALL the time. I have latitude set up to check me in all over the place. I have twitter and facebook set up to push updates (along with two Gmail accounts and an exchange mail account.) Weatherbug, google currents, google music, google listen, too. I travel outside of wifi zones a lot. And in the end I still use 300 to 400mb of 3g data a month. Anyone who uses more than that and isn't either tethering, or watching bucketloads of streaming videos, is doing it wrong (and deserves to pay more). Sorry, but them's the breaks.

Google Photos is a data killer, if you take a lot of high quality pictures with your phone and have it syncing with some application you can use up your data real fast

I'd be shocked if that were the case. I use my D4 for light browsing, email sync from work and personal, and watching Twitter feeds (no other social networking). I'm always using wifi at home or friend's houses, but at work I don't use wifi because I don't want to mess with constantly having to authenticate and then getting filtered. Still, I'm on 4G 8-10 hours per day at most, but even that little bit of use puts me around 1GB/month most months. You wouldn't have to be a power user to go over a 2GB cap (if you didn't get in on the double data plans).

Looking at this now, my wife and I pay about $155/month after our discount through work and including taxes. She has a D3 with a 2GB package, I have a D4 with a 4GB package. That amount of data would cost us $160 + taxes, but we'd be able to tether (which I don't do now at all). Totally not worth it.

Is that including your discount? I still can't get a straight answer from VZW as to where the discount is applied. I got told today the CSRs "haven't even been trained yet, but hopefully will next week. They haven't decided all of the details as far as billing yet." Good job VZW on changing your entire billing structure and not even having it finalized with 2 weeks before it rapes my bill.

The moment you use an app such as Google music, Pandora, Netflix in the car your SOL. I recently took a road trip and streamed music from Google music the majority of the car trip. well over 2 gigs were used from that alone. Wifi is great when its available but that is not always the case. Your tone is not needed and your thoughts are not fully thought out. You may "use your smart phone a ton" but what do you use it for, dumb phone uses?

The plural of anecdote is not data, but....

Me! It has taken me 6 months to crack 2gb. I am a very light user - just a few apps that I use and I take advantage of wifi at work and at home. Granted, I just switched over from a Palm Pre Plus (which had limited useful apps to begin with) but even so, my usage is not so huge that I will crack 500mb in a month. My average was around 350mb.

Let me break down why this doesn't work out for me at all.

I currently have 2 smartphones on the 700 minute family plan. Both lines combined barely make more than 100 minutes of calls each month. Both lines have the $10 500 msg plus unlimited verizon text messages plan. That is more than sufficient since most of our friends and family are on verizon and we barely use the 500 texts from the plan. Then both lines have the $30 unlimited data. I typically use somewhere around 2GB of bandwidth while the other line uses about 500MB a month so we would have to get the 4GB shared plan.

So to add things up...

Current Plan:
$50 - 700 family plan
$10 - Second line
$10 - Text plans
$30 - Data plans

New Plan:
$40 - Smartphone
$70 - Shared 4GB

Looks like absolutely no point in going onto this for our usage to me.

For the extra $10 you are getting UNLIMITED Talk time instead of 700 minutes. I think people are either not reading that part or they are so wraped up about data it just isn't sinking in...

Verizon sees the writing on the wall; smartphones are the rage, voice and even texting is on the downslide so revenue for minute-based and txt based plans is on the decline. They are aligning themselves to keep revenue flat as more people want data. They still need to compete with the other carriers, after all, but at the same time funding their data network (and getting more casual users onto it) will preserve the thing that pays the bills in the years to come.

Who cares about minutes anymore? With 4 lines we only used 400 minutes of our plan. Granted, we have Friends & Family, but even without that we would've only used about 600.

You must have a land line at home to only use 600 minutes. If so you can drop your land line to save.I think land lines are becoming a thing of the past anyway.

Nope. No land line. It's called nights and weekends + most of my friends and family have Verizon so that is all M2M.

I think you missed the part where I said we use a combined 100 minutes a month. Tell me why I need unlimited voice again?

The hotspot is free, but it's $10 for a tablet or $20 for a notebook computer...PER MONTH! Oh, and the Dumb phone is now $30 a month to add on instead of $10.

Monthly Account Access: (share with up to 10 devices)
Smartphones $40
Basic Phones $30
Jetpack / Netbooks / Notebooks / USBs $20
Tablets $10

It's still way cheaper to use FoxFi for tethering.

That's largely irrelevant for many of us, because we already get free calls to other mobile numbers (or is it just within the VZW network? I can't recall.). Anyway, about 95% of my talk time is with other mobile phones, and most of them are on Verizon. The only person in my family (my side and my wife's immediate families) who still has a land line is my mother. Unless I'm ordering a pizza through an independent shop who doesn't do online ordering, I just don't call land lines enough to care how many minutes these plans include. And I'm more like the rule than the exception these days. The reason that they're "giving" you unlimited minutes and texting is because they're not making money on them anyway!

That's the whole point. Verizon will make people pay for something they don't need/use/want but is trying to make them feel like it's something special.

I know they have a good network, and I price out plans for them and att every few months, but there's no way i'm going to pay an extra $50-$100 to go away from sprint (family plan with 4 smartphones).

you would gladly pay double that for those phones to actually work if you lived anywhere near where i do. if needing your phone to work, absolutely 100% is important to you, then you have but one option, big red!

That is precisely why my wife and I are switching to Verizon. Our plan would be $160 under the current configuration, and with the new plans, we drop to $150. More importantly, we currently have Sprint and the unlimited data is nice, but their network coverage is crap. We have zero bars in our own home in the middle of town. What good is unlimited data if you don't have network coverage?

The family 700 plan is $70 total for the first 2 lines or 60/10, not 50/10 like you suggest (unless you were grandfathered in at a lower rate) so any new customers would see a wash from this, even in your scenario.

We're not hogging the data, we're using it in a normal way enjoying our amazing smart phones. This change is in the best interest of Verizon and the targeted media and voice phone users that Verizon wants to upgrade to smart phones. It is not a better deal for anyone that understands how to use their phone to its potential.

Exactly, well except for the hogging part. I use about 25gb a month which is excessive I know but I am also one of those with limited wifi access. I also work nights so no time for TV which is why I stream the hell out of everything, hence 25gb of data. I use my phone to the fullest in ways co-workers never thought it could be used. Mind you I'm on 3g right now so when I upgrade to a 4g phone this weekend I might include hot spot service, which I do not use now, so my usage might go up. I think Verizon is going to start throttling my butt next.

so every other device to add to the plan is + $10? so if i have a sgs3 + galaxy tab + mifi = 40+10+10+data= monthly?

Thank you for being the journalist you are and READING the press release.

Most everyone is missing a few points:

1. These are for multiple devices. The people saying an single line iPhone is $90 should read the part that says there will be single line plans other than this.

2. These are designed to get people into tablets easier, hence the $10 MRC for tablets.

3. "Most people don't use voice/SMS anymore". I work for a VZW competitor, and I call BS on that one. Most TECHY people don't use voice/SMS. I still have most of my customers come in with over 8-10K SMS/MMS per month in family plans. Those same customers use roughly 1-2k M2M minutes.

So Phil,

Any idea when Verizon is gonna bend over those of us with just one phone?

Would be nice of Verizon puts us out of our misery in the next day or two unless the single line data plans are effective in July or August, yeah right, like that will happen.

we aren't moaning from pleasure verizon. I think i may just go to a dumb-phone next and use all my current devices over wifi.

My wife and I do have unlimited data plans on our phones, and we surf around on facebook or news websites. I think the highest our data usage has ever been was about 200MB a month, and that was just once. We usually just text. At $80, that would be $20 cheaper than what we're paying now. Does that $80 not include any data?

Smartphones are 40 each, no data. If you pick the lowest cost data plan (1Gb), it's an additional 50 your total would be 130 a month with 2 smartphones and 1gb of data between them.

How are you currently paying $100 for two lines with data? At 30 each for data that means you are on some sort of family plan that is $40 for two lines? More like, at the current rates two smartphones on a family plan with NO included texting will set you back 70 + 30 + 30 or 130/mo. A txt pack for both lines is $20 total, or unlimited for both is $30 total. So, you are looking at $150 minimum for two smartphones and any amount of texting.

The new plan way, it's 40+40 for the phones, then $50 for 1GB for the two of you (which it sounds like you fit under) bringing the total to $130. That's a savings of $20 a month.

Wait, here come the trolls to tell me I am wrong.

Hmm....this could be an okay deal if my unused data from one month rolls over to the next. If I buy it up front, I should get to keep it, right?

This is what I waited for so I can get my parents smartphones? My sister has unlimited and my parents are on dumb phones. So now I have to get them the 2 gb plans for 60? Whats the difference with the them the normal $30 for data per user... How in hell does this save you any money? Thank god im still on ATT with my unlimited(not like it really is but you get it)

You bet your ass I'll escape it, I've got a dumb phone in good condition ready to go. The smart phone is basically a toy and if I have to pay more than the $90/mo I already am to use it they (meaning all the carriers) can shove whatever grand plans they have right up their fat, corporate asses!!!

I'm wondering the same thing. Also, I just recently signed a contract with Verizon. Will this allow me to bail, since it seems that they are changing the contract that I signed?

If you recently signed a contract you are fine until you go to renew in approx 20+ months. A contract is a binding document. They cannot change your plan during the period of the contract. These new plans only apply to contract renewal or new contracts from June 28th forward.

Only if you get a NEW contract. You can always buy a new/used phone off-contract and keep your unlimited. That's what I'll do from here on out. You can get a gNex for 200 or so lightly used. I have multiple data lines, but this is not priced to entice me to move to it. The plans do not allow enough data and we hardly use any voice/text due to free mob-to-mob.

You'll probably just have to share with yourself. You'll probably have to pay the fees listed above and then pay $40 a month extra to add your phone.

I can see where the benefit is, unlimited talk and text for $40 each phone. I think $60 for 2 GB is a rip off though, and wanted to see more GB per cost, but if compared to current plans-$210 for unlimited talk and text and 2 gb each of data for a family plan with 2 lines, you would save $60 a month with this new plan and 4 GB of data.

I'm still keeping my unlimited though.

As someone who sells cell phones for all carriers this is a great deal. Unlimited calling and text with a selection of data options is hands down the best deal out there especially considering that their data speeds are the fastest on any carrier thank you Verizon for allowing me to help more families get smartphones without the hassles.

The first thing that comes to mind is, doesn't your employer do random drug testing? Aren't you afraid of getting caught?

Second of all, this doesn't seem to be a good deal for anyone. Who cares if the data speeds are the fastest around, when you can use up your entire data allotment in less than ten minutes?

My current plan with VZW is much better, and we have 3 devices on the plan. With this plan we would see an increase in price and less data allotment to each of us. Explain to me how this is a "great deal"?

All this is, is VZW realizing that since nobody with smartphones ever comes close to using their voice minutes, and has decided to change the business model to make more money off data. The prices are ridiculous, especially considering VZW reporting great quarterly profits.

The comparable 'share everything' plan for my current family plan would cost me *more* and I'd be giving up unlimited data for a mere 10Gb? I don't fucking think so Verizon

Yeah the 40 per phone part sucks ass. If it were 20 per phone with those prices maybe it would be tolerable...maybe...or double the data for the same price...

I currently pay $80 for my plan, $30 for my unlimited data, $30 for my wife's unlimited data, $10 for her phone on the family plan and $10 for my daughters phone (dumb phone)on the family plan. So that's:

$80 + $30 + $30 + $10 + $10 = $160

If I understand these new plans correctly, I will have to pay $40 for my phone, $40 for my wife's phone, $30 for my daughters phone, and then $70 for 4GB of data (about what me and my wife use). That's

$40 + $40 + $30 + $70 = $180

How the hell does that make any sense? They want me to pay more?! Awesome deal Verizon!

These plans are designed to sell tablets. If you add a tablet onto the new plan, +10 bucks. That would be equal to your current plan plus the current $30 pricing for tablet plans.

Based on my current data usage (I am on Unlimited) vs the new plans, me paying full price for a handset would not really cost me that much more than paying the unsubsidized price plus data use on the new plans.

I am fine paying full price for handsets based on this new pricing. It will pay for itself in about 6 month.

If they force me to select one of the new data plans when my contract is up, I will just choose one of the other carriers. ATTs handset lineup BLOWS VZWs away anyway,and their LTE will be solid by then.

I'm in the same boat, I'll pay full retail for the phone and keep my plan as is for as long as possible, when they take my unlimited away I'll find a new carrier.

I feel bad for all you Verizon customers... I pay $140 after taxes (with an employer discount) a month for two smart phones with unlimited data/texting and mobile to mobile and I never have dropped calls or bad service, even if I did I have free roaming on Verizon's network. Thanks Sprint!!!

Even without the discount, I'd still only be paying about $160 for unlimited data...

140 a month for 2 phones on Sprint? That doesn't seem like a good deal. I am on VZW with 2 smartphones both unlimited data, unlimited text, 1400 minutes with my work discount my bill after tax is $143. I will take Verizon over Sprint any day... I will never go back to Sprint, so please don't feel bad for me while I get LTE everywhere and never drop calls.

sprint has the worst 3G and 4G speeds out of the 4 big US carriers. Maybe LTE will be better, but maybe it won't.

misaacs6516, it must be nice to have what you have, but please explain how someone today could get that on Verizon? It's just not possible and yet it is with Sprint today.

LMao $140 for 2 phones? Your kidding right? I have 5 phones 2 with unlimited data and im only paying $180 a month. holy shit! im glad im not on shitty sprint!

I had Sprint, but I got tired of sub 1Mbps speeds (mine were typically in the 100-300 Kbps range and too frequently sub 100 Kbps). Unlimited data is worthless when it's so slow it's unusable.

When I was lucky enough to connect to 4G, it was under 2Mbps and would frequently drop. I got tired of not being able to use data, so I switched to the 5GB tiered data plan on Vzw with unlimited text (even though I use Google Voice) and 450 mins per month for 109 per month. Since I got it during a Double Your Data promo, I have 10GB. It's pricier than Sprint, but the network quality is worlds better, at least where I live/travel.

As much as I can't stand Vz' ramrod tactics, I can honestly say that I'm glad I switched from Sprint over 4 years ago. Their voice/data service always sucked for me (the usual, no service where VZ always gets service). To confirm my sentiments, my close friend just got an HTC Evo HD and while she loves her new phone, she said that the service is just as piss-poor as ever!

I'll keep my unlimited and will just opt to buy future phones outright.

IF, and only IF this also took over the Family Plan cost (ie $80 for 700 minutes shared between 5 lines plus an extra $5 each for 4 lines to have 250 txts/month, with only 1 line being a smartphone which adds $30/unlimited data)... but what about feature phones? I want to see a legitimate calculator function to let us know exactly what we could get and how much it would or would not save. The entire world is NOT on smartphones yet.

So I just tried their calculator and they recommended 6GB of data, which I don't understand their calculations.

Two smartphones, one basic phone, 0-2 GB of use per month...from their page:

We Recommend

Shared Data

Unlimited Talk & Text

Monthly Access*

Verizon Wireless data devices average between 1 and 2 GBs of data a month.

*Does not include taxes and surcharges

I did the calculator also and it suggested the 4GB at $180 (before taxes and surcharges) which is about $20 more a month than what I am paying now after taxes/surcharges and I get unlimited data....

I think the unlimited minutes plan is killing the price. Who talks on the phone any more? I could use a 700 to 1400 shared minute plan. Dump the unlimited minute requirement and drop the price already.

Thats exactly why it is NOT killing the plans. They can make it look very attractive on paper, but the reality is that most people will not use more than a few hundred minutes anyway. I dont think I know ANYONE that has anything over the 450 minute plan on VZW.

Then this new plan would probably work ok for you. For the people that don't currently have unlimited voice and text this plan ends up costing more.

I think that the thing that is killing it is the device cost. I have no problem with the plans but those per device cost are way too much.

I wish they had come up with plans for less than unlimited talk and text. My wife and I share 700 minutes and we have never gone over. I think it would be cheaper for me to keep unlimited and get her on a plan w/ 2GB per month and keep my low minutes and texts.

That's the issue - we have the lowest family plan and between Verizon M2M and nights and weekends we never go over 700 minutes. I turned off the texting for my wife (hates it), not interested in a smartphone, and I've got a smartphone with unlimited data (I can understand tiered data but $50 for the first GB is highway robbery). The smallest plan we could get would be:

$40 Smartphone
$30 Dumb Phone
$60 2 GB data (maybe I could stay under 1 GB if I'm extremely careful and frugal but what good is the phone if you're constantly checking your usage).

$130 before fees and taxes (no idea where discounts fit in).

Currently at $88 all in with current plan (I could even live with $30 2 GB plan if I could get it - I guess I might be able to - kind of unclear).

I need atleast 25gb plan to have 3 lte devices. My nexus alone as already used 8gb in a week. I'm so confused on this I have 2smart phones a lte mifi and 3 dumb phones? So if I did 10gb package how much is my total bill?

Oh calm down, LTE can handle the extra usage, its built for it. Watch a few YouTube videos and poof, 1GB is gone. Do that every day and thats 7GB a week. Add in web browsing and you're up to 8GB.

8gb/week is nothing on LTE. I do 10gb/hour at home on my fios which is barely faster than lte. Use LTE for a mifi device and your notebook or tablet and you can chew through data in no time. Verizon has the backbone for the higher transfers, if not then why is there no limit to what I can do on my FIOS connection? They just think consumers are idiots and are using this excuse to fleece them.

Oh, to answer your original question:

2 smart phones = $80
3 dumb phones = $90
1 mifi = $20
10gb data = $100
Total = $290 + taxes and fees

With voice and text being unlimited, when it's all said and done, it'll end up costing me about the same per month since those extras will be removed from my bill. $80 + $70 = $150, and I'm paying like $156 now. With taxes and fees it'll end up being about the same, maybe a little more.

Bahah this plan sucks. $40 per smartphone? Ill pass. Looks like I'll be seeing what other options there are once my contract runs out next june

What if you have only a cell phone and don't need to "share" with anything? And what if I bought the Galaxy SIII now online...would it grandfather for me to still have unlimited data since I bought it before the 6/28 deadline, even though the phone won't come out until July? Think it's BS if they don't allow the unlimited data to extend to the GSIII, without buying it at full price anyway.

It should tell you what your plan will be when you preorder the GSIII. They won't retroactively change your plan since the order is already in their system.

I pre-ordered for someone else at full price but I saw my plan was kept the same (unlimited data) on the order completion page.

I am on a Family Share Plan with Mom and Grandma. I just ordered the GS3 on Sunday. The sales rep that I talked to when I ordered the phone said that my unlimited grandfathered plan is safe, as I also renewed my contract with the order. Now, as far as you are concerned, as long as you renewed before this announcement, you're good. And they can't change the terms of your contract without them breaching it and you then leaving without having any obligations.

This isn't very clear. At first it says $40 for the first phone and then $10 for each additional. But the example says two phones would be $80. So which is it?

Each smartphone is $40. Then you can share the data between 10 devices: so if you have 10 family members with smartphones, it's going to cost you $400 for the phones ($40x10) then $70 for 4GB of data shared amongst all of them (so your bill is 470).

If you want to add an 11th phone, it's $10.

At least that's how I read it. I doubt very many people have 10 phones.

For me I'll probably end up paying about the same. Maybe a little more but I'm going to have the worry that I (or someone on my plan) could go over my data limit. I could easily see my girlfriend saying "oh i didnt know Pandora used data. I let it play in the background while I'm at work"

Peace of mind.
That's what we're losing more than anything.

Who gives a crap about unlimited talk. Who freaking talks on the phone anymore. This is a huge rip off. I use over 6gb a month on my own. I would be screwed. Time to hit the verizon Facebook page and tear them apart. Might go back to dumb phones if they force thus on me for me next upgrade. Looks like I am keeping my galaxy nexus as long as I can.

yeah, uh...NO! I currently have 450/250 talk/text & unlimited data. I never use more than 250/200 minutes/texts. I Do however routinely use 3+ gigs data just in streaming music/video/socializing on my commute to work & at gym. So I currently pay $83 TOTAL every month. With this new structure I will be paying $110+ taxes & fees? Gee, what a deal?!!!! I will keep my Nexus until the buttons fall off, then jump ship at the first chance.

This plan seems to be only useful for a very few customers... how can you even make the math work? It always seems to be more expensive than current options. I guess that math works for Verizon. No thanks.

This is a rip off. Having unlimited talk doesn't really make this deal that sweet. Basic phones are $30 dollars? I have 2 smartphones and 3 basic phones. Even before picking a data plan I would be paying $80 + $90 = $170. I currently pay $190 after tax with 2 unlimited data plans. I am on the 2000 minute talk plan, with unlimited text, and we don't go over 2000 minutes with Friends and Family. Basic phones should have been much less, like $10 or $15, $30 is way too much. Not sure why Verizon went this way, this puts them more expensive then every carrier in the US. And with LTE, you would kill any little 1GB, 2GB, 4GB, 6GB, 8GB, or 10GB data plan you would even get. Very greedy indeed.

Yeah.. the basic phone fee is outrageous.. they should have left that at $10 or bumped it to $15.. who browes the internet on a basic phone?

Ok let me see if I get this
My smart 40
Wife 40
2 kids dumb phones 60
6gb data 80
So about 220

That's the same as I pay now with my hotspot but lose unlimited data.

I have three smartphones with 1400 shared minutes (some texting on each) and unlimited data on all on my family plan. This would be the stupidest thing in the world for me to switch to. I would go Sprint or Tmo first. I love my unlimited LTE and I will try and keep it as long as I can.

What's the "overage" policy? i.e. what happens when/if we go over the 2GB in a month?

I'm certain VZW won't let your unused data carry over. If you exceed your allotment do you get wacked with a per MB fee or throttled or both? I'm sure (also) that VZW wouldn't simply up you to the next tier automagically.

Unlimited text is the only thing appealing to me on this, but we just IM.
I'm relatively sure our house data usage is pretty low as Wifi is just about everywhere, but "unlimited data" is just so comforting even if it is 3G.

Sharing a data plan across multiple devices is cool! Tethering being included is COOL! Their pricing is just not so cool.

Can anyone tell me how good any of the other carriers are in the Western Pa area? Sharon Farrell Hermitage?
This is crap, Verizon I shall leave ASAP

Saves me over $60/mo plus we can finally add more than 5 lines. I know many are pissed with this move, but for those of us that don't rip through data, it's just fine.

We currently pay $290/mo plus tax.

New Shared
Smartphones: 4x 40 =$160
Data: 4GB = $70
$230/mo plus tax

Together we use about 1GB data and only one of our phones had unlimited data, which is useless. Did I miss something?

I suspect he's calculating it correctly. It saves me almost $100 per month and at the same time allows a phone to be pushed up from 450 minutes to unlimited. I think it is a real negative to those who are on a single plan with a single device or those who have the grandfathered unlimited data plans. For those folks it's a real knock down.

True and I think that's the problem. Most people are on a single line single device plan.

I guess it becomes more cost effective once you have multiple lines and devices.

I think we also need to remember that we see so many negative comments here is because we are on an android specific blog geared towards the power users. Devs, tinkerers, and the like. We use lots of data.

For the rest of Verizon customers, which is likely the majority, they see this as a potentially cheaper plan. I have a number of family on Verizon with smartphones, if I were to ask them how much data they are using, I would likely get blank stares or silly answers like "3G".

Yes...but once they get switched over to this plan without even realizing what happened, they'll suddenly need to know a lot more about their data usage, as it will start costing them a LOT more.

Saves me $10 a month too...2 smartphones only...Old bill with the 1400m plan, 500 text, and 2 data's was $ it's going to be $150, even with the 6gb...

I always needed the 1400 minute plan because of work, so for me, it works out decently, and now I don't have to pay for hotspot. I use wifi most of the time, so it's no big deal to me. But for the moron that uses 8gb A WEEK a couple rows up, I guess he's mad.

from what i have been hearing that verizon is saying is that this is what the customers wanted... really?? i dont see anyone here wanting this new plan.

I could see very few customers wanting this, they would have to have high talk plans and not use any data...

Hmm, I currently pay around $266 a month after my discounts for the following
- 2 smart phones w/ unlimited data
- 1 smart phone w/ 2GB of data
- 1 dumb phone "home phone"
- 1400 minutes
- unlimited text

Switching to the 10GB data plan would be around $260 a month after discounts (if I calculated right). But considering I went through close to 14GB of data on my phone alone last month I would pay more. How is that supposed to save me money?

Thanks VZW, my old AC II Plan w/ Unlimited Data & 250 messages just became worth it's weight in gold. My Rezound is easily good enough to last me thru my contract.

Eh, it's basically a wash. We have three smartphones and two dumbphones on our plan. We used 3.5 GB last month (which is more than normal because we had a baby) and it cost us $240. Under the new system the three smartphones would be $120, the two dumbphones would be $60, and (say) 4 GB of data would be $70. That's $250, which is only $10 more.

It's a price hike, yes, but it's not a drastic change.

Oh, and my existing plan only includes 250 texts on two of the lines, and no texts on the others. If all of our lines had unlimited texting now, it would be a lot more expensive than this new shared plan.

Well, all this is telling me is that I now have to pay full price (or buy used on bBay, as I did my gNex, and loving it) for my phones, cuz I'm keepin' my unlimited data plans. I will soon be out of contract on all 4 of my lines, and if I still end up getting screwed by big red... Hello Sprint, which should have an acceptable LTE network by then.

What an incredible convoluted business model for a bandwidth peddler.
I mean, really! What do they care if I use six odd devices to download
alien porn from Alpha Centauri? Just bill me for the total bandwidth and STFU.

My only concern is the corporate discount I get (20%) through my employer. Because of the unlimited voice aspect, I am being told by VZW customer service that I'd lose that altogether.

Does anyone know for sure how the corporate discounts would be applied against this new plan?

I'd be less angry about capped and metered data if
(a) there was an unlimited option and
(b) all of the meters and caps were Federally regulated, audited annually, and the tech behind them publicly published.

As it is now you have to trust the vendor. Which never, ever works. Ever. They have a vested interest in ripping you off!

Time to start saving up to buy my next phone off contract... all these telecom companies SUCK!!! Way to screw over your loyal customers Verizon.

People saying that they use under 500mb are probably lying for some reason. It would be difficult to use under 500mb just keeping your apps up to date and syncing one or two Gmail accounts (on one phone). Tack on web surfing, all of your favorite apps that take content from the web, music and video streaming... need I go on? If you use less than 1gb of data per month, you should already be furious because you're getting ripped off NOW!

Verizon, I'll keep my unlimited data and use it for all it's worth. If you try to take it, you can trust that I'll be going elsewhere. Thanks for the laugh.

They are likely a person like myself who is on WiFi at home and work. Unless I go out of town to a place with no WiFi or am at a restaurant, bar, etc, I rarely use the VZW network. I always try to download app updates when I'm at home or the office. Last month I used 284 MB on VZW and around 6 times that on WiFi.

So, no, not lying, just a different set up than you.

Apparently no one can read the details properly. This is OPTIONAL!!!!! No need to rage man.

"The groundbreaking Share Everything Plans debut on June 28 and will be available to new, as well as existing, customers who may wish to move to the new plans."

"Customers are free to keep their existing plans, but there is no fee or contract extension to move to the new Share Everything Plans."

But the open questions are, what happens if you want to get a new phone and renew. Will this be the *only* option available? All current Family Plans go away? Individual plans? Corporate discounts on less than unlimited minute plans?

Too many open questions right now.

Agreed if you are on a contract now, nothing changes. But what of us who are deciding what to do? SIII to ensure unlimited data but without ever seeing the phone? Rezound since the screen still rocks? Sit tight and cross fingers the RazrHD will be good?

You do have options to keep unlimited:

At bottom of this page (

"•I have an unlimited data plan on my account. Do I need to change it?

You're not required to move to Share Everything but if you do, unlimited data will not be retained on your line. As a Verizon Wireless customer you have choices when you upgrade at discounted pricing. You can choose from a standalone data package starting at $30 for 2GB or a Share Everything Plan. If keeping unlimited is important to you, you can choose to upgrade and pay full retail price for the phone."

Oh, I'm not raging. I'm astonished!

Everyone knows that it's optional. If you're in a contract, they can't do anything until that contract is up. My point is that this is a trend with Verizon. We'll see how long they permit unlimited data users to hang onto their plans when they're out of contract. It's a ploy to get people off of unlimited plans, which is one of two things keeping customers around (the other being their coverage).

We (Wifey & I) almost NEVER use our cell talk time (phone calls). We usually text or email. I can make free calls from my MacBookPro via Google Voice. We also have not had a home phone for 12 years.
I think we have a shared 700 min. it's like $50? and then two $30 unlimited data plans. our total bill with fees taxes, etc is like $123.00
I already hate we have to pay $50 for high speed Comcast internet @ home + $30 phone data, + $30 phone data. how about $50 for all three! now they want more???
how about $50 for unlimited data for two phone and NO talk (phone) minutes. or at least let us just pay $30 each for unlimited and drop the phone call plan. almost never use it.

also, I just pre-ordered a new Samsung SIII form Verizon and it gave me the option for keeping my unlimited data. if they take away my unlimited data before my two year contract is up, i'll be pissed.

Did anyone think these family shared plans were really going to cost less? It's been clear with all the talk coming from the carriers about revenue from texting declining (and AT&T CEO's Stephenson's comments last week about eventually going to unlimited voice) that this is the direction things were heading. $40 dollar per month fee for a smartphone? Ridiculous.

For someone who has one smartphone with 450 minutes, unlimited messaging and unlimited data this is a complete and total joke. All this does is make VZW more money while offering less services. Increase profit but keeping or lowering overhead and operating costs. Simple business practices, pure and simple.

Am I reading that right. Verizon is basicly making you pay more for less. Right now don't the lte devices get 4gigs for 30 bucks

This new pricing plans only benefits Verizon Wireless.

(1) Makes them more money.
(2) Forces current unlimited customer off the unlimited plans
(3) Makes them more money.

$100/mo 1400 min + messaging (includes 15% discount)
$30/mo data (smartphone) unlimited
$30/mo data (smartphone) unlimited
$30/mo data (tablet)
$10/mo data (dumbphone)
$10/mo add line
$10/mo add line

Total: $220

$50/mo core talk/messaging
$40/mo smartphone
$40/mo smartphone
$30/mo dumbphone
$10/mo tablet
$90/mo data

Total: $260

More for less!? Where do I sign!?!?

Their is no core fee it's just
$80 two smartphone
$30 dumb phone
$10 tablet
$90 data
Total $210
I know that's only $10 cheaper but their is no core $50, it's a $50 data minimum fee so the 1 gig is the least amount of data you can get with smartphones

Everyone who is doing calculations needs to factor in insurance/tax and the random fees verizon adds to your bill. I did the math for my parents and sister and it ends up being worse all together. I hope there facebook and twitter pages gets bombarded today with negativity.

So how does this work? Do all new lines and upgrades have to get on the Share Everything plan? I currently am sharing a family plan with 4 friends and we all have unlimited data. We all have different upgrade cycles. If one of us upgrades, will the entire phone plan be forced to get on Share Everything?

Well I was looking forward to getting my family of 5 on smartphones, don't see that happening now, in order to do it, I will be paying a car payment. Really, all I wanted was a Family DATA share plan, I was sick of paying $30 for 2 gb and using 1gb a month or $30 for unlimited and using 2.5 gb a month. Why can't they just offer us a 10gb shared plan for $100 and keep our voice and text the same? I mean come on we don't need unlimited talk, with 5 phones we don't even talk 700 mins a month. I thought this plan was going to be ok, I didn't think it was going to be this bad. I have stuck by Verzion all these years because AT&T serviced sucked where I live and vacation, but even this is making me rethink if I need these phones or internet access on them anymore. Maybe we just go to a pay as you go txt plan and just live on that. Shame on you Verzion for screwing your customers once again in your quest of greed!

It's time for us to talk to one another again. Call your Grandparents and/ or call your congressman. Talk it up America! You can make it a PR nightmare, or you can simply post your concerns here ...where they'll never be reviewed by policy makers. If you feel so strongly about issues then be heard. Verizon is inviting you to make calls and/ or text with their new plans.

While I think the new service charges are on the revolting side, I can only imagine that if there is enough outrage out there, the data limits would be increased... something I predict will happen in the coming years anyway (since more and more people are discovering various uses for their smart phones), and "certain services" that require data will not be charged out of your bucket of data.

" if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced" - Obi-Wan

So basically, the outrage now will soon dissipate and we'll go back to grumbling as you continue with living out your lives and paying your bills.


Can we give all the griping about the button a rest already? I've been a faithful reader of this site for a long time now, but it's getting really old. Almost every article that references the Verizon Galaxy Note 2 has some dig (and a link to the article that bashes it even more) at the now infamous logo.

I did some research (using each carrier's online shop) and here is the breakdown of percentage of smartphones with front facing logos by carrier:

Verizon - 25/40 (62.5%)
Sprint - 24/46 (52%)
TMO - 21/35 (60%)
ATT - 29/39 (74%)

Now, let's stop beating this long dead horse and find some real complaints.

Why the two different price points for data between smartphones and only data devices?? Data is data should not matter the device it is used on.

Looking at this plan, it looks like 2 phones will not be beneficial, but once you go to 3 phones, this might start to save money over the current plans. If you have 3- 2GB plans now is 90 per month, but this new one for 6GB will be 80 per month, that should be a savings there, plus unlimited talk and text.

My 2 phone plan is still better with 700 minutes 250 text and unlimited web.

I signed an agreement when I ordered my GS3 a week ago, if they change that, my agreement says I have a right to opt out of my contract and VZW stands to lose a lot of money. I made a copy of it too, so I will have it as ammo!

I'm down completely for this my plan looks a little something like this right now...
2 Devices, 1400 Min ($90), Unlimited Text ($30), 4GB data for me ($30), 4GB data for the wife ($30) for a grand total of $180

With the share everything plans I could get unlimited min and the same amount of data for $170, saving me 10 bucks but the best part is my wife uses about 1GB a month of her 4GB and I almost always go over so essentially Ill have 7GB to myself instead with the shared plan, sounds like a deal.

I personally will be switching the second its available.

Most smart phone users may only use 500 megabytes, but we're constantly using more and more DATA because we're getting really used to having it. Three term data hog isn't fair, if you took out an unlimited plan, you should be able to use all you want.I pay for unlimited data and I pay for unlimited tether at the price they set and now verizon is the one complaining. It's not right. By three way, I used 5.8 gigabytes last month

I think I'm moving to T-mo after being on VZW since PrimeCo. I don't travel for business like I used to and VZW is getting ridiculous with all the negative changes they have made in the last 18 mths. Plus my wife and daughter want smartphones and we can go that route for 218 plus tax w/unlimited data, just throttled after 2GB on T-mo.

I've never used more that 800 mgs in a month and I've had a DX since launch, but I'm sure my gals will use more. The T-mo value fam plan would suit us fine.

I think everyone is missing one very obvious problem. If a basic phone is 30 for unlimited talk/text, and data is a seperate charge, why does a smartphone cost $10 more JUST for unlimited talk and text?

Shhh... don't tell anyone else here, you seem smart enough to keep a secret.

In order to marginalize outrage, Verizon will allow you to keep your current plan. Once most of its customers are on the new plans and have grown to accept them, then a new policy of practice will be implemented. It will require all users to be on contract. Those few who will (then) be outraged because they must choose new plans, will matter very little.

This is the way of the world. Make small changes/ corrections and those changes/ corrections will be successful in their implementation.

Keep this under your hat!

If you have a contract right now, it doesn't. If you are out of contract paying month to month and do nothing, it doesn't. If you're out of contract and upgrade to a new phone before these plans go into place (e.g. preordering the SIII), it doesn't.

You wait until *after* the 28th, then buy a new subsidized phone, you will be forced into either the 2 gig for $30 plan as an individual or one of the tiered plans if you have more than one phone. Your unlimited data will go away.

Or, you buy a full retail price phone and get to keep your unlimited data as you would not have a contract.

If you want a new phone, are eligible for an upgrade and want to keep your unlimited data, you need to move within the 15 days.

If you want to keep your UNLIMITED data plans when it's time to upgrade, then you just need to pay full price for your phone. This was taken from verizon site - "You're not required to move to Share Everything but if you do, unlimited data will not be retained on your line. As a Verizon Wireless customer you have choices when you upgrade at discounted pricing. You can choose from a standalone data package starting at $30 for 2GB or a Share Everything Plan. If keeping unlimited is important to you, you can choose to upgrade and pay full retail price for the phone."

But they said we'd be grandfathered with unlimited when they added tiered data. How long did that last? A year? Which ship should I jump on?

Using the calculator on the site, the new plan would actually work for me. I have 4 lines (3 smartphones) and during the last year we totaled over 4GB once. Paying 90 bucks for that low usage is expensive. And the usual concern for me is minutes as I pay the bill but 2 users on the account have no regard for peak minutes usage. So going unlimited, having the data I need (and a little bit more to be on the safe side) will save me roughly 40-50 bucks a month and to be able to tether if necessary. I'll see how it actually pans out come 6/28 though to be sure. But it could work for me.

Does anyone know how the employer discount program will be applied under this ShareEverything structure?

Currently I get a 20% discount from the account monthly access charge (discount of $22: Nationwide TLK&TXT Share 1400 $100.00 + Line Access $9.99) and from my primary line monthly access charge (discount of $6: Email & Web Unlimited $29.99).

I have not been able to find any information on how the discount will be applied to the SE Plan. Has anyone seen any info on it?

I already asked this question above. I was told by VZW customer service today, however, that because of the unlimited minutes aspect, I would lose my discount were I to switch on the 28th. Employer discounts apply to rate plans $34.95 and above that have a limit.

I was told that the discount for mine would apply to the data part (i.e., I get 19% so the 100.00 for 10 GB would just cost 81.00). But I'm not so confident in that answer given the number of times I was put on hold for them to read.

Unless I don't understand the plan, this will actually benefit me.

Current: $100 (1400 minutes) + $10 access + $30 unlimited data for me. $10 access + $30 unlimited data + $20 WiFi hot spot for my wife = $200.

New: $60 for 2GB + $40 for me + $40 for my wife = $160. Plus, I could add a tablet that I wasn't seriously considering due to the extra money for only an extra 10 bucks. Or I could even add one that always uses my phone's hot spot for free.

Sign me up!

Dude...deep breaths. Close your eyes, picture a box full of puppies. You made your post two minutes before he did...he certainly hadn't seen yours when he posted his.

If this is the case I am done with Verizon. What is the point of having a 20% corp discount if you cant use it? My company also has deals with Sprint and ATT and if ATT goes the same route I will just go to sprint. For people that have only two lines on a basic family plan this will be more expensive, especally if I lose my discounts.

I was going to switch from Sprint to Verizon with the SGS3, because Verizon is the only 4G option where I live. I have no spouse, and no phone-age kids. What choice do I have, other than these exorbitant costs, if I want 4G for a single smartphone??? Recommendations welcome....

So either get raped by the new plans, or pay full retail for each phone that you upgrade to... to eventually be raped by the new plans anyway at a later date (my guess is 6 months from now).

T-Mobile might not have the best service, but all things considered I'm happy that I'm with them. I live in NYC, so while "4G" isn't as fast as LTE-it's still fast and does the job. Rarely do I get a dropped call. I think I made the right choice.

Actually, the VZW rep just called me back, and said that she may have spoken out of turn concerning employee discounts. Said that they were looking into it, and would call me back with a definitive answer.

I wonder if when upgrade time comes we could stay on our old 700min family share plan and just move to tiered data. That way we could at least keep our corp discounts. The way these plans are the minimum plan that would work for us (4 gigs) would be almost a $50 increse for us if we lose corp discounts. Unlimited mins and texts mean nothing to us. This is F**ked up!

Don't be shocked VZW is always going to do things that make THEM more money and they will always say "LOOK WHAT A GREAT THING WE'VE DONE FOR YOU". I'd respect them more if they would just be honest and say "Yep, we're increasing the rates and you can accept it or move on".

Personally, we are on the family plan with 2 smartphones and a regular phone that my mother in law uses. The problem is that she only uses maybe 30 minutes a month. Which wasn't a big deal at $9.99 for her line...but $30 is a big deal.

I have unlimited data and my wife has 4GB for $30. So we will be looking at
$40+$40+$30+$70=$180 (plus any taxes and fees they decide to add)

Whereas now we pay $135.

Now, if they let me use my current employer discount on the data and smartphone fee...then that could help make up the difference.

Does this now include "enterprise" access for exchange accounts, or do they still stick it to you for 15 bucks a month for that.

so I pay 150 on sprint (excluding TEP) on 2 epic 4gs (10 each line for "4g" data).

So on verizon I would pay

80 2 phones
70 4 GB
15 enterprise access


though verizon has better coverage where i am.

So my plan price would increase by about $20. Why exactly do I want to do this? what benefit is it to me? I'm happy with my 450 minute plan with unlimited texting. This is verizon doing what they always do, raising rates while trying to make it look like a benefit to customers.

For people with families, this could be a real cost saver. And for anyone with multiple Verizon devices (like a cell phone, mifi, and tablet)... But for anyone else, they're getting crapped on. Now, if you're one of like the 3% of customers that actually uses more than 2GB of data a month...well, you're getting screwed also. But, the days of unlimited data are over (unless you're on Sprint), so get used to it.

Eeek.. this is confusing.. but I don't think my bill would go down much, mostly because I am screwed by a dumb phone that I was "forced" to add on a line when my wife lost here Galaxy Nexus and I needed a replacement.

Right now I pay:

$85 - 1400 minutes w/15% govt. discount
$10 - Galaxy Nexus line access
$10 - Galaxy Nexus line access
$10 - Dumb phone line access
$30 - 4GB Smartphone data
$30 - 4GB Smartphone data
= $175 a month before tax

On the new shared plan:
$94 - Unlimited minutes w/ 2 smartphones and 1 dumb phone (assuming 15% disc?)
$80 - 6GB shared data
= $174.00 a month before tax

The benefits are that we would gain unlimited minutes, and I would gain data because she uses around 700MB a month even with Google+ instant upload set to upload pics over cellular data or wifi. So I would basically gain 1GB of data per month since it's shared and she won't use it. If I hadn't added that stupid dumbphone a month ago I would be saving $20 a month and gaining ALL THAT (I think)... grrrrrrr

While pricing looks high initially, I think this is actually going to be a good move.
1) Pricing is simplified
2) Sharing is so much easier
3) I don't have to worry about my wife racking up my minutes anymore

With that said, those who only have one phone are getting raped, depending on your needs. $30 for unlimited everything for a dumb phone is freaking ridiculously good. But two or more actually might be good. I just looked at my current phone bill and it breaks down like this:

1400 minutes family share 100
My phone access 10
My unlimited data (average about 2 gigs usage)30
Wife phone access 10
Wife unlimited Data (average about 1.5 gigs usage) 30
Old unused phone (waiting for contract to expire) 10
Total 190

New Plan:
My phone: 40
Wife phone: 40
Old phone: 30
6 gig data (will probably never go over): 80
Total: 190

Summary, it will cost the same, and when I can get out of the old phone (maybe can convince them if I switch plans this month) I will save another $30.

As for corporate/military (I currently have) pricing, they won't do away with it, because they know they would lose millions of customers.

All in all, in my opinion it's a good deal.

Now, does anyone know anything about how much it will cost if you go over on your data?

you have misread this. According to Foxnews, The first phone costs 80 bucks a month plus 40 bucks a month for each additional phone. Then add 70 for 4gb of data and you have 190 bucks a month for 2 phones. If you want 6gb of data, then add 10 bucks. If you have 4 phones like me, thats 270 bucks a month for 4gb of data on 4 lines, not including the fees and taxes so I'm figuring at least 320 bucks a month. That is almost 100 bucks a month more than I have right now and I lose the unlimited data.

Now look at it another way. 80 bucks a month times 2 years (thats 1920 bucks for the phone). Another 40 bucks a month per phone is 960 bucks per phone. Last I checked, the most expensive phone off contract was only about 650 bucks. so again, rip off.

There is no way make this into a win for anyone other than the carrier.

If you read the post above it is pretty simple.... $40 for each Smartphone not $80 for the first and $40 for everyone after that.... Example in the link states that.

It is not very surprising Foxnews would miss report something....

It might work for some but not most !!

I just talked with a rep who said even when upgrading to a new phone with a new contract, YOU DON'T HAVE TO CHOOSE ONE OF THESE NEW PLANS. You can be grandfathered in to keep unlimited data if you already have a plan before June 28. I sure hope that's true.

Yes, but that is only if you pay the full, unsubsidized cost. If you want the discount with a new 2-year contract you will lose your unlimited data. Everyone with unlimited data (including myself) will just upgrade before June 28th and keep the phone for as long as possible.

Seems like this new pricing plan is beneficial only for a very specific subset of users: 1) all smartphones, 2) using < 4 GB a month, 3) no corp discount (although this remains to be seen). If your situation falls outside 1 or more of the above parameters, the new structure will likely cost the same or more, for worse benefits.

In my case, the fact that 2 out of 5 devices on my plan are feature/dumb phones and I have a 22% corp discount will result in ~$30 higher cost (not including fees/taxes) for far less data usage. I've been sitting on 3 device upgrades but looks like I'd better use them (S3 pre-order most likely) within the next couple weeks.

It's too bad - I actually was looking forward to hopefully taking advantage of the shared plans once they came out since we collectively don't use too much data; however, the pricing of the 2 dumb phones really drags the bill way up.

I think its probably safe to say that anything a rep says over the phone today, or over the next few days, shouldn't be taken as gospel truth. Since the announcement was just released they probably need to go through some training over the next two weeks before the plans are started. So, don't freak out if the rep says one thing or another. Lets give this one a few days to settle.

I can finally leave Verizon. The unlimited plan was the only thinking keeping me. And since I am the only user of my phone and plan, nothing there is helpful and only takes more money from me in the end.

Even if I could get my usage down to 2 GB a month this would cost me more than my current plan

$39.99 450 mins
$10.00 500 text w/unlimited in verizon
$29.99 unlimited data
$80 before taxes

This would be $20 more to get much less
$40 smartphone
$60 2GB of data

I use at most 200 minutes a month and everyone I text is on verion, I use like 20 texts a month other than verizon customers, their unlimted talk/text is worthless to me.
I assume they figure it's really useless for 90% of the customers, which is why they are giving it away.

Also doesn't anyone notice the insane markup these prices are over their old data prices $30 for 2GB is not $60, just because you can share it. That's an insane price increase.
Looks like they just now default to charging you the $30 tethering fee in addition, which was always a crock.

I'll continue buying my phones off contract and save $20 a month, which will pay for my phone's off contract and keep my unlimited data, thank you very much.
I have to laugh because these prices are just as crazy inflated as I expected, I knew Verizon wouldn't let you save money by going to shared data, the only person would could possibly save money is big family plans of very light data users. Even average users, now around the 1GB + mark won't save a dime on these plans

Maybe I am missing something... but why are you even worried about these plans? These are shared FAMILY plans... It seems to me that you are a single user. What am I missing?

I think everyone needs to take a step back and look at this again and make a three clear points:

The plan itself is actually okay


The price point is disappointing


This plan doesn't help and in fact heavy data users

Lets be honest here, Verizon has been trying its hardest to reduce the amount of data used by its customers. We have seen this in many articles posted here. It should be no surprise they chose the data rates that we see.

However, I didn't expect them to include WIFI hotspots. It must have been more cost efficient for Verizon to let people do this, since we do it anyways.

For those that say, "Verizon customers didn't want this", acutally we did. We wanted one family plan that includes everything in one easy to use package. And we got it, with a terrible pricing structure. A $10 per month less per phone access and a higher (4gb) data package limit and I am sure you would see droves of customers switching. I would move my family plan over if that was the case as I would be saving about $50, easily.

Bottom line. Verizon isn't going to create a plan that saves a majority of its customers money. They are going to continue to reduce the amount of data their customers use and charge as much as they can for it. There is hope though. We have seen Verizon cave when there is enough negative feedback. Don't get angry at the plan, get angry that the data rates and phone access fees.

Some Verizon users wanted family data plans no doubt, but that doesn't mean you have to force all of your customers to that plan, just like many customers don't need unlimited calling and texting and individual users shouldn't have to pay for sharing data when they only have 1 device, that's why when I signed up I choose an individual plan, not a family plan.

This is simply taking one use case a family plan and forcing every Verizon user onto basically the same plan, which is absurd, their have always been options for cell plans because not everyone fits well into the same plan mold.

To me saying the plan is good but the prices are bad is absurd, the plan is meaningless nothing without the prices, if unlimited calling/texting was $70 and data was $5 for each gb of shared data, it wouldn't be the same plan as it would emphasize calling not data fees, the plan is the prices.

But they aren't forcing you. You have the option to say on your current plan.

Maybe I used the wrong term. Would "concept" be better? The concept of getting everything in with a easy to use and customized bundle is a good thing. The prices for this bundle however, are not.

But honestly, the price is not the plan. Prices can and have varied from a single plan. I have seen X plan go for one price then increased to a new price with no change in the plan. Just because the plan has a bad price doesn't make it "absurd".

I'm really, really torn. I believe I may be one of the few that would actually pay Verizon less by switching. We have 2 smart phones, one dumb phone, a tablet and a hotspot. Even if I paid another $10.00 to add 2 more GB of data just to be safe, we'd still be paying $250.00 before my employer discount, where we pay around 330-340 now with the 2 phones getting unlimited data. I'd love to not give Verizon as much of our money every month, but I just hate the thought of giving up my unlimited data...even though we only used about 9 GB last month and could cut down even more if we used our home wifi more when there.

If you want to have a little fun though, call Verizon and ask about the new plans and how your discount through your employer would apply. I still don't know the true answer to the question...and neither do they, apparently!

Phil, you completely read this wrong. According to you, 2 phones and 4gb of data is 150. According to foxnews, the first smart phone on the plan will be 80 bucks plus the data access. So add to that a second phone for 40 bucks and 4gb of data and now you have a 190 dollar bill. Add to that any of the traditional wireless fees, and you are looking at a 200 to 220 $ bill for 2 phones and basically nothing for data allowance. Lets be honest here. 4gb is ok for now, but as smart phones become more prevalent, the apps will continue to get bigger and the traditional activities that people use the phones will really cost us a whole lot more. In my house, I currently have 4 phones with unlimited data for about 240 a month plus fees. So with this new price structure, I will be paying more for a lot less. Yes, we wanted this. I certainly did. I envisioned a system where the phone was still subsidized (free) and the family share plan would be say 100 bucks for all4 phones to share 5 to 10gb of data. That would have been fair in my opinion especially since it is almost impossible to find "feature" phones at any of the carriers anymore. They have all pushed us to smart phones anyway, and now with 4g, well, a feature phone isnt going to cut it. To me, this new system is highway robbery and we need to do something about it. I think the FCC needs to launch an investigation into these unfair practices. There used to be a time when the consumer was always right and the businesses bent over backwards to earn our money. Now, the consumer is bending over and taking the shaft. Damn, at least kiss be before you fu@k me

I stand corrected on that price of the first phone. Im sorry. So my figures are 40 bucks cheaper than I thought. Still more than I pay now for less data. Oh, and now lets figure out how much the phone will actually cost you.

40 bucks a month times 24 months (contract terms) and that phone will cost you a whopping 960 bucks. Or I could buy it for 650 bucks and keep unlimited data. Either way, I have lost the reason I would do something on contract in the first place. Add to that the fact that dumb phones are getting harder and harder to find and most networks will push you to 4g smart phones anyway, still getting the shaft.

Why is everyone acting as if these are Verizon's only plan? As far as I know, they are not discontinuing their Individual or Traditional family plans? Or am I wrong?

Additionally, what kills it is the $30 dumb phone fee. That's nuts. It used to be $10... so why increase it to $30 when dumb phones by their nature barely use data whatsoever and do not have hotspot functionality?

I have one dumb phone on my plan that barely gets used (less than 20 min a month) and has no data plan. Yet under this Share Everything Plan, I am paying $20 more for that same phone that won't use a single MB of data. If they allowed dumbphones to be exempted from data usage and still only charged $10 a month... then the plan would be good.

But the $30 dumbphone access is ludicrous.

"Why is everyone acting as if these are Verizon's only plan? As far as I know, they are not discontinuing their Individual or Traditional family plans?"

Bwaaahaaahaaa. I'm crying now. Thanks, needed that!

Since you are going to be paying $30 for a feature phone anyway, why not go ahead and upgrade to a smartphone for $10 more? That's Verizon's plan. They are trying to move everyone to smartphones.

What almost everyone is missing is that this is UNLIMITED VOICE AND TEXT, so you would have to compare the current UNLIMITED VOICE AND TEXT to this SHARE EVERYTHING. The individual data is still an option.

I've currently got unlimited, 3 smart phones, 700 minutes (never go over) and unlimited texting and pay $160. Average monthly data usage across the three phones is ~2-3GB. So I'd have to pay $120 + $70 (4GB) or $190.


I sure wish they would stop putting sand in the lube.

Umm.. then don't switch. You are not forced to take this plan. It's been offered as an option. Your current plan is still available.

Where in the release does it say the Share Everything Plan will be the only wireless plan Verizon Wireless will offer after June 28?

"You're not required to move to Share Everything but if you do, unlimited data will not be retained on your line. As a Verizon Wireless customer you have choices when you upgrade at discounted pricing. You can choose from a standalone data package starting at $30 for 2GB or a Share Everything Plan. If keeping unlimited is important to you, you can choose to upgrade and pay full retail price for the phone."

SO, let me see if I got this straight. Not including any taxes/fees/insurance, currently I pay:

Family plan = 100.00
1 Smart @ 9.99+29.99 unlimited data = 39.98
2 Smart @ 9.99+30.00 4GB data each = 79.98
2 Dumb @ 9.99 no data = 19.98
Total = 239.94
- We use a total of around 3GB of data due to heavy WiFi usage
- We use Friends & Family to keep our minutes down, but I've still come close to the limit a number of times

New Plan:
3 Smart phones = 120.00
Comparable data plan (12GB if I go from unlimited to 4GB) = 100.00 (10GB)
2 Dumb phones = 60.00
Total = 280.00

So, I would pay 40.00 more per month
- We would get less data
- I was going to purchase a tablet and FoxFi it over my phone. I could still do that with this plan if I don't hit the 10GB limit
- I live in a bowl with an LTE tower less than a mile from my house. No 4G signal to be had here, and I don't use 4G all that much anyway.

In the vernacular of today's youngins - this new plan is buns, yo.

EDIT: Given what Phil said about us not using everything we pay for, if I reconsider that we only use 3GB/mo and with tethering I may hit 6, my new plan would be 260.00, which is still about 20.00 more per month with all of the same usage I have now plus a bit more, plus I don't have to worry about phone overages. I'm a consultant and am constantly on the phone...

Really hope this is going be an optional plan (and glad I renewed last month)

Before: $75 before discounts (450,$5txt,unlimited data (but use less than 2Gb))
After: $100 with 2Gb.

Basically its forcing me to take mobile hotspot, which then would bump my data requirements beyond 2Gb if I use it.

These plans are so inflated. I understand that they allow you to share data but $50 for 1GB? U.S. Cellular offers 5GB for $50 and 4GB for $45. Also and yes I know Comcast isn't a mobile service but considering my internet costs me $50 a month and they cap it at 250GB even though most people don't realize there is a cap how can Verizon justify their cost structure? Seems like these ratios are way off. I understand the average user doesn't use over 2GB but come on between streaming music and videos and tethering I hit 5 GB on their GB calculator like it was nothing and I'm not a heavy user.

So as a single guy, I currently pay the following:
$39.99 for 450 voice minutes (which I rarely use)
$29.99 for unlimited data
$10 for 1000 text messages

Totaling $79.98 per month less taxes and fees.

My current data usage is around 3GB a month.

New plan would be:
$40 for voice/text
$70 for 4GB data

Total $110 per month less taxes and fees.

Total bull.

Ditto. But I'm taking an even bigger hit.
They're getting you for 37.5%.
I don't have the text plan, so my bill goes up 57%!!!
Thank you, 1%!

On the calculator page it says *Does not include taxes and surcharge

I currently have 2 smartphones and 2 basic phones on my account.
Both smartphones have unlimited data.
all 4 phones have unlimited texting.
I have after 7pm free minutes
I have 10 Friends and Family.
Of course free weekends (but mine start at 7pm) and free mobile to mobile.

Even if I take the lowest shared data my cost would be over $200 per month. Currently after taxes I only pay around $180. So, show me how this would save me money? Even with my discount, which I am sure they will only apply to the first phone (even if it applied to the data) I would still pay more for less.
Glad I upgraded before all this hoopla
Definitely not the way to endear customers.
The $40 access per smartphone is bad,
the $30 per dumb phone makes it rotten

This is what I'm paying now:

$100.00 Nationwide TLK&TXT Share 1400
$9.99 Line Access for Main Line
$29.99 Unlimited Data on Main Line (Avg. about 2GB/mo)
$9.99 Line Access for Second Line
$29.99 Unlimited Data on Second Line (Avg. about 100MB/mo)

$179.96 Total with no tethering (What I'm paying now)
$209.96 Total with tethering on Main Line
$239.96 Total with tethering on Both Lines (Would like tethering, but too costly)

This is what I'd pay with new plan:

$40.00 Smartphone Fee for Main Line
$40.00 Smartphone Fee for Second Line

$130.00 Total with 1 GB Data Plan & Tethering
$140.00 Total with 2 GB Data Plan & Tethering
$150.00 Total with 4 GB Data Plan & Tethering
$160.00 Total with 6 GB Data Plan & Tethering
$170.00 Total with 8 GB Data Plan & Tethering
$180.00 Total with 10 GB Data Plan & Tethering (I can pay what I'm paying now with tethering)

I can get tethering on both lines far cheaper than I can on my current plan.
I'd have to pay $239.96 to get data and tethering on both lines.
I'd only have to pay $180 to get data and tethering on both lines.
Both lines avg. 2-4 GB/mo, so I should be OK.
10 GB should be plenty for both lines on my account.

We probably will. We currently have a MASSIVE minutes plan as I use my phone for work. Right now, for 1400 minutes, we spend over $150 for the two of us (after a 15% discount) This will end up saving us almost $30, and seeing as most of my internet use is on WiFi, the limit won't be a problem.

I'm just curious:

What will this do to early termination of a single line, since everything is shared and you aren't terminating the entire plan.

And with that, what will it do to phone subsidization?

I wonder how long before Verizon realizes they are going to lose customers based on this. Of course there is a good change the other carriers will switch to this but if I was them I'd wait a few years. That way I could get a lot of Verizon's pissed off customers jumping ship in the next two to three years. If Sprint still has unlimited data in two years with better 4g coverage in my area I'm jumping ship.

On the Verizon web page here is what it says about changing plans and current unlimited plans:

While you're not required to change to a Share Everything Plan you may want to check out the benefits of new plans. If you decide to change to a Share Everything Plan, you can do so without a fee or having to extend your contract term. To find out which plan may work for you visit

You're not required to move to Share Everything but if you do, unlimited data will not be retained on your line. As a Verizon Wireless customer you have choices when you upgrade at discounted pricing. You can choose from a standalone data package starting at $30 for 2GB or a Share Everything Plan. [/i][/b]If keeping unlimited is important to you, you can choose to upgrade and pay full retail price for the phone.[/b][/i]

-italics and bold mine (if they worked ^_^ )

Considering that if I doubled my current bill, it still wouldn't be $150, it doesn't make any sense for me to use this plan to share with my family. AND I'd lose the unlimited data (although admittedly I don't really use that much data). So no thanks!

Here's a question-
If you are upgrading a dumb phone on your account will they try and change your plan then? We keep talking about our smartphones, but what happens when the dumb phone comes up for an upgrade? Will that susidized phone kill your unlimited?

I still have two 3G smartphones on my unlimited plan that aren't due for upgrades until August. Do I need to pick up a couple of used 4G phones and upgrade them before this new plan goes into effect to keep my unlimited data?

Well after august the plans are in effect and you would have to pay full price to keep unlimited anyway. Not sure if going from 3g to 4g they will make you switch plans or not, but if you have to pay full price anyway, might as well be safe than sorry. But you may try for an early upgrade, they may charge you a little extra, but it may work out. If not, have to pay one way or the other.

Just going from 3G to 4G is what I'm worried about. I don't have a problem buying used or paying full price to keep unlimited, but I don't want to get stung by just "upgrading" from 3G to 4G LTE on two phones after the 28th. Being a former Alltel area, we don't even have 4G here and will probably be one of the last places to get it, just like it was when we finally got 3G.

As much as I dont like the idea of tiered data plans, I think this might actually lower my family cell phone bill.

I have 3 smart phones on my account. So that's $120 up front.

Then even if I get the 10GB share plan, thats only another $100. I never use more than 2-3GB of data a month, and my mom and sister dont even use 1GB. So I could probably even go to a lesser plan.

At max, I'm looking at $220 a month. If go down to 8GB $210, 6GB $200. So I save 10 or 20 bucks. Whoopie.

Past several months my bill has been between $230-$250.

I guess after fee's and taxes, it might be a wash. but oh well.

Acording to verizon site, 10gb isn't actually the limit. If you need more gb you can buy it it 2gb lumps for $10 a pop. Not sure if they let you have the low plan then add another 2Gb if you need it before you go over and have to pay $15 per gb.

Would be nice if the option was there on all tiers.

Im on a 700 minute talk plan, do i get to share my data with my fiancee? she rarely goes over 1 GB, and I can definitely use more than the 4gb Im allowed.

My GF and I are on the 1400 minute, unlimited data plan. I'm fully self employed and she's kind of a subcontractor for a large corporation. We get a 17% corporate discount and pay $155 a month for both phones.

We both use our cell phones for business. She's home more often than not and I'm outside the house almost all day. Most months we use anywhere from 600 - 800 minutes, but on a busy month we can go well over that and have even exceeded the 1400 a couple of times in the last 12-18 months. I typically use 2-3 gb of data and she's usually under 1 since she's on wifi all day. Both phones are LTE.

The 6gb plan would enough data, would save us a few bucks and give us unlimited talk time. Even if we both got tablets, which we probably will, I don't see our data usage going up that much.

I think it's obvious there are certain facts about the Share Everything Plan, some of which people are overlooking:

- Share Everything will continue to be offered alongside Individual and current Family plans;

- Switching to Share Everything is an option and NOT mandatory for new or current customers;

- Current customers who switch will not extend their contract terms;

- Customers with at least 2 smartphones will save money and gain features;

- Customers with at least 2 smartphones and 1 basic phone won't save money but will gain features (unlimited talk & hotspot) at same price;

- Customers with at least two smartphones and more than 1 basic phones will not benefit from this plan and will pay more than the other plans;

- Customers grandfathered-in with Unlimited Data will not benefit from this plan if they view their potential unlimited data as invaluable even if they don't use the data.

That isn't true based on what I read.... at least not entirely. New customers will be forced to use the share everything.... because all the other plans are going away. There will be a single line plan for dumb-phones.... but if you have a smart phone you're paying $90 with 1GB of data. Existing customers can stay on their current plan, but when you upgrade your phone you will have to pay the full retail value for the new phone unsubsidized unless you switch to the share everything plan. I can't really see how ANYBODY benefits from this plan, because even though you share data now you have to pay $40 per month to add a second smartphone to your plan which is $10 more than you would have had to pay to add a data plan....

I believe you are incorrect. I have read dozens of articles and the Verizon PR documents and not a single one indicates what you are assuming. These plans are being offered as a standalone product offering. Verizon is not changing its entire price structure.

The single phone plan is meant for a user who uses a tablet in addition.

I don't see how this benefits anybody, except the very rare person that actually goes over their talk minutes on a regular basis. They are playing the cup shuffle game. We were complaining about having our phones sharing talk minutes but having to add $30/month for each phone on our plan for data... so now they are saying ok you only have to pay for one data pool that you can share but now you have to pay $40 per phone for line access ($30 if it's not a smart phone). So you pay $10 MORE that you were to share data, and you lose your unlimited data. This is completely outrageous.

So from this day forward Wi-fi is disabled on my phone. I will not upgrade my thunderbolt when my contract is up in February. I will continue on with my unlimited plan for as long as I can, and for that entire time I am streaming netflix over 4G while downloading files and streaming music 24/7. I will squeeze every byte of 4G data I can from now until the day my phone dies. I hope everybody does the same. SCREW YOU VERIZON.

In the meantime I'll be checking out prices elsewhere... i won't bother with AT&T since they are likely to announce a very similar plan soon.

Thats funny, after fuming for a bit I decided to turn my wi-fi off as well, and use as much data as I can now. I pay for it, I will use as much as I can now.

If you have unlimited data right now it would be cheaper to buy a new smartphone on EBAY about six months after initial release for about $300.00 and retain your unlimited data plan. I will not give verizon anymore money than I already do. Why would the majority of subscribers pay more for less. Even my wife and kids basic phones will be bought cheap on EBAY and they will just be happy to get a new phone. They do not need data on their phones. Their IPOD's and IPAD's and Nintendo 3DS's are fine using WIFI not to mention their own computers and laptops. There has to be a limit as to how much is enough and I have finally found it. Its called Verizon's share data plan. "TOTAL FAIL". They are even increasing their fees for Fios TV boxes come June 15th. I am not a cheap person by any means but this is nothing short of kicking your customers in the face at a time when many are hurting and can barely make ends meet. Although I still have a job and live a comfortable life many do not and in these times a cell phone is no longer a novelty but a necessity. So why hit a person when they are already down and hurting. The last time I saw the financial results from Verizon they were doing just fine and the shareholders were not complaining.
Thanks for letting me vent. I just hope many of you will not fall for this B.S and circumvent this new atrocity of a plan and find a way to show Verizon that they can't treat loyal customers this way.

and this comes a day after Apple announces facetime over cellular for iOS 6, (yes realize this is a android website) it is like these companies do not want you to use your data(or want to get paid for you using it). I love Comcast gives you 250GB a month(or they did, since they are now increasing that) yet Verizon is gives you 4GB for around the same price. I understand bandwidth over the air is pricier than over a wire, but Verizon is not even giving you 2% of what Comcast allows.

So lets see. I have a Gnex in very good working order on 4.04. Single device, 1 line unlimited data, don't text so no text plan, and I use under 2 megs of network data per month. I keep my phones for over two years so I suppose Verizon might allow it to be upgraded to Jellybean but probably will not allow updates after that. So I could learn to root and unlock the phone and install Roms or updates from Google.

Or if I don't get what I want from Verizon I have person in the house with At&T so we could set up a family plan and I will buy a phone and or tablet directly from Google.

Would this work?

You said 'don't text so no text plan, and I use under 2 megs of network data per month.'

Really? You're welcome to have a smartphone, but I'm not seeing the point.

Roble Roble Roble!!! . Everyone seems so up in arms about this new plan saying their bill goes up and others fueling the flames, when you catch your breath go into or call Verizon and find out that you don't have to switch to this new unlimited minute plan it is just an option. You can keep your current 700 or 1400 minute plan, just not unlimited data.

Just because you rely on a single blog post or press release for info doesn't mean it has all of the facts. People here are freaking out saying they are being forced to unlimited minutes when the'yre not. Keep your voice plan if its cheaper. I will.

Right, but you don't seem to think about something called the future.

This means youre LOCKED IN to verizon. You cannot try another carrier, ever, because if you left, you'd be done.

In other words, Verizon launches possibly the worst plans in history. These plans would have been nice 5-10 years ago, but now they know they are just screwing everyone over.

I believe what they want to do is stop those people that use huge amounts of data, like the ones I read around forums saying like 20 or more GB a month.

I've been in the cell phone business for a few years now. This really is the worst set of price plans I've seen on any carrier. The price for data is completely inflated. As mobile services move towards the cloud and streaming data is becoming a standard, you're basically paying Verizon to NOT use what you're paying for. We shouldn't have to run to the closest wifi connection to do anything on our smartphones. Verizon's network is the beefiest around, they can handle the huge load of traffic easily if everyone stayed off wifi. It's a nice convenience for when you're in an area where you aren't picking up any signal, but it shouldn't be a requirement.

I have 2 smartphones with unlimited data and 1 dumbphone on the 700 talk and text. That's $140 a month before tax. Verizon basically is saying I have to restrict my usage down to a few GBs a phone and pay more than what I'm paying now. USE LESS AND PAY MORE! That's basically what they're telling their customers. On these new plans I realistically would not be able to use any of my streaming services on the go. No more Pandora, HBO, Netflix, Google Music, Youtube, and Dropbox and Google Photos for backing things up. Definitely just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to services and media apps. I'm gonna have to get rid of any apps that run in the background or use push notifications like Lookout, Pulse, Flipboard, Twitter, and Gtalk. Lastly, I won't be able to upload ANYTHING at all. No more Facebook, Instagram, and Tumblr. Verizon is telling me I can't use my smartphone as I please unless I'm using someone else's data connection.

No thanks Verizon. I'm good with the agreement we had when I first signed up with you. You said for $30 a month, I can use as much data as I want on the unlimited plan. It's unfortunate the general public will just accept this and let them get away with it. I'll be fighting back with my dollars by buying my phones outright from other vendors and sticking to my current plan.

I can't believe how many of you can't read the details correctly. This plan is not a must switch to plan, it's an option to share your data. This will not make sense to most heavy user customers, so keep your existing plans. They are not taking away the 30$ 2gb data plan per line if you like that plan. I'm not saying it's much cheaper, but this plan only makes sense for people who have 2 smartphones who do not use more then 2gb a month combined. Then they will be paying $140before tax/fees rather then $160.00(100$ 700min + unlimted txt + 60$ for 2 data plans) before tax/fees or $150.00 for 4gb. This is a 10-20$ savings plus you gain unlimited calling, which means you might be able to cancel your home phone and save an addition of $10-40. If you have a wifi only ipad or tablet you can use the hotspot for no extra charge, another gain!! If this plan doesn't save you money, then you have the option of the other stand alone plans, those aren't going away!! Even the unlimited is not going away, they only downfall is you now have to pay full retail for phone upgrades. Yes Verizon is expensive, but they are just giving you another option on top of what they have, which I see it as a move in the right direction.

Because for your $10 you will get a subsidy on purchasing the tablet, AND the option to use it without killing your phone's battery.

Also, pretty sure the $10 includes, eg, MiFi devices. You WILL get a better connection for multiple computers from a MiFi than tethered to your phone, and again, there's the battery life consideration.

Just got off the phone with the verizon rep and she said that if you pre-order BEFORE June 28th you will keep the grandfathering option for the unlimited data plan.

This might be a good plan for some, I mean for us, we just got hit with some overages (minutes). we barely use the data we have. I have 4 gigs that I never even get close to. shes got 2g.
True that's 6 total. so we'd be getting less over all. but it would be little cheaper for us also. not to mention unlimited minutes/text!

I do however wish smartphones were $25-30 each..

Anyone know if a single user can get one of these plans? Would be alittle cheaper for me if my math is right and include unlimited talk, text and allow me to tether.

This is something that would save me money simply because I would be paying $10 for my xoom instead of $30. I do love my unlimited data, but I don't even use 2gb a month...

I'm also interested to see how many people in the good 'ol US of A are actually outraged over this. The survey on the front page only had about 10,000 responses. of which only 3600 said they were going to leave Verizon over the plans. Verizon had about 109 million subscribers at the end of last year. So 3600 out of 109 million (.0033%) extrapolated out to maybe a million people, that would still be less than 1% of their total subscribers. Which definitely makes the angry the minority unfortunately.