Verizon has been pushing its "VCAST" video service for quite some time, and it just got a lot more desirable for NFL fans on Big Red. The new and improved "NFL Mobile" app will allow live streaming of the NFL Network and access to Video on Demand for free through the end of August, after which a $10 per month subscription to VCAST Videos will be required. Once the regular season starts, the app will allow subscribers to watch NFL RedZone, NFL Network, NBC's Sunday Night Football, and NFL Network's Thursday Night Football live. 

For users not willing to pay, the app will still feature live audio streams from games, along with score updates and news all the way to the Superbowl in February. Either way, Verizon Android users can get the app now via the "Verizon" section of the Market (sorry, no QR code or AppBrain links are available as this is Verizon-exclusive).

One might think that Verizon would have to keep some sort of "unlimited" data plan if they added tiers to their data pricing, if only to keep services like this viable for customers. But, only time will tell. Snag the app in Verizon's section of the Android Market. [Verizon]


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Verizon revamps NFL Mobile app


This would be well worth it on the X if it will stream to a TV using the HDMI Port/Cable. Anyone want to test it before purcahsing.... It would be worth it for the Thursday night games. Save the cost of the NFL network.

Why would you want to stream via 3G when you can get the NFL network in glorious HD on your cable network? The VCAST option is great on travels and if you have a slingbox and their app for $29 (!), possibly better HQ.

Not all cable providers have NFL Network yet. I have Bright House networks for cable and they do not carry NFL Network so this would be my only solution for Thursday Night games.

I just bought an microUSB to HDMI Cable adapter and still can't see the games on my TV through the phone. I don't think the app allows for live streaming to another monitor. Anyone else give this a try?

From a former sprint nfl exclusive app owner. I now have a slingbox so I don't have to depend on that exclusive crap

When verizon first released it, they said that Thursday night games and Sunday night games were going to be free until the superbowl 2011. It appears that this changed.

Yes, but the idiots did not do this as an update to the old version. You need to uninstall the old one before, or after, installing this version.

Upon reading this I promptly uninstalled the nfl app. Charge $10 a month for an app that still thinks its draft day???? No thank you

This is a joke. I just took the NFL Network update that says you should be able to stream on HDMI. Not true. Instead you get a message, you have plugged in an HDMI cable and it will not let you stream until it is unplugged. Tried about 6 different ways but no matter what if it is plugged in it will not work.