So, you really want that new HTC Thunderbolt everyone is talking about, right? But, you're lacking one key element: 4G LTE coverage. Well, my friend, don't be discouraged. Verizon Wireless tweeted this morning that they will be launching LTE in "a mess of new cities and towns" this Thursday. This is good news for all you people that have been waiting for that lightening speed all those commercials have been showing off. This is also great news for all you current Thunderbolt owners. More LTE means less signal searching -- and that makes for a happy battery.

Back in January, Verizon announced that they would have LTE in 140 markets by the end of 2011. Click here to see that list. As for Thursday, we don't exactly what "mess of new cities and towns" they're talking about, but as soon as we find out we'll let you guys know. [Twitter]


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Verizon to add LTE in 'a mess of new cities and towns' this Thursday


How about getting it in the State Capitol of California, especialy with about 4 cities in California already having it. :( Sacramento AirPort don't count either.

Haven't seen any signs of them testing in the triad. hopefully they will soon. looking forward to them flipping the switch.

Sioux Falls better be on there my TB has been doing the 4g on and off dance for a few weeks now.

I can't understand why Richmond, VA has never appeared on a list, while tiny Bristol, TN/VA has 4G. (No offense, Bristol, but Richmond has about 500 times the population.)

Not sure it will reach that far south, but I was in an Albany Verizon store on Saturday and they've been testing Albany for a few weeks now, maybe Albany is one, and you can somehow reach to get that?

One of the VZW reps I know was told the CT was on the short list of getting LTE by the summer, so hopefully Thursday will be the day to switch that bad boy on.

Lets hope Pensacola gets it and it carries over to my area!! After traveling to four cities with LTE, Verizon's 3g speeds are horrendous.

I hope none of you bastards get LTE, in fact they should stop the roll out altogether so my bandwidth wont be affected ;)

Columbia, sc had LTE from about 1am to a little after 8 this morning, hope I'm one of the lucky ones. I ran the app and was getting around 11mbps

Jjmurray88: That list you posted is the second half of this year list. The first half list is from CES.

Your better off with out it I never turn mine on drains battery way to fast and speeds are not as advertised in st.Louis anyway

Well this list is not completely correct. Mpls/St.Paul Mn has had LTE for awhile now and its not listed.

Updates per @VerizonWireless Twitter account:

PA: Allentown, Bethlehem, Easton, Lehigh Valley Airport
SC: Hilton Head Island and nearby communities Moss Creek, Bluffton & Jasper
NC: Wilmington and nearby areas, Wrightboro, Kirkland, Ogden
TN: Clarksville and nearby areas, Bethlehem New Providence
KY: Oak Grove and Hopkinsville
SC: Columbia and areas: Lake Murray, Irmo, 7 Oaks, Oak Grove, W. Columbia, Cayce & Gilbert
Cleveland, TN and nearby McDonald and Prospect

Hopefully will add more in days to come.

Connecticut got it last week from the NY state line north on I95 as far as Fairfield. Speed is nice, but battery life sucks bad.

I've been seeing 4g coverage in Wichita KS in the afternoons for the past week. Here's to hoping Thursday it's here to stay.

Test Date: Apr 12, 2011 3:15:02 pm
Connection Type: Cell
Server: Lawrence, KS
Download: 13.53 Mbps
Upload: 44.06 Mbps
Ping: 248 ms