Verizon HTC Droid Incredible Rooted

Update: Rut roh, Raggy. Looks like there's some forum shenanigans going on, and this isn't the real deal after all. Feel free to find the perpetrators and kick the in the gonads for us.

See here! The Verizon HTC Droid Incredible stood for quite a while, but it's finally been rooted, as you can see from the picture above. We're still waiting on instructions so any every Tom, Dick and Harry can do it for themselves, and a press conference has been scheduled for sometime later this week. Stay tuned, Incredible owners, as your holiday weekend just got even better. [XDA Developers, AllDroid] Thanks to everybody who sent this in!


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Verizon HTC Droid Incredible rooted (update: Or, maybe not)


Yawn. HTC sets are easy to root, I'm sure HTC make them that way so it's never going to take much effort. Look at the Evo - rooted before it's even on the market. Here's a challenge to all you guys - root my f**king X10, because with Sony's incredible (ha!) lame software updates, all X10 users really need it. December for 2.1 - sigh. Never again Sony, never again!

Yeah really.. you could've done the research first and realized that 3rd party offerings of Android get updated on different schedules, usually much later, than vanilla offerings. Plus its a Sony.. do you think they were going to make it easy to hack into one of their products? Never again is exactly what you should be saying. Sony is one of those companies that has a habit of said 'fragmentation' look at the PS3 it was supposed to be the perfect PS2 replacement when it came out, it doesn't even have backwards compatibility now, and Linux is locked out from being installed.

You do realize that Verizon adds security just like Sprint. Except that Verizon phones get much tougher code to crack, whereas Sprint phones (Evo 4G) don't and thus are easier to root.

Yawn? Wow, bitter much.

Hey, about that X10; you, and the other 11 suckers who laid out money for that POS, should get comfortable. It might be a while.

So,um yea, how far along are you on rooting your x10 again??? Please don't bitch, you bought the Sony. You should have done your research. It may happen may not. Be patient and don't go bitching because you don't have it yet and think you should. If you aren't contributing to the development sit back, shut your mouth and thank the devs when they get it for you.

I've waited since launch to see this headline here. Can't wait for all the goodies now that I miss from my droid.

4 more days, Can't come fast enough. then i'm gonna take my Palm Pre tie it to the back of my Caddy and ride the fuck off with my State of the Art HTC EVO 4G...;)

Can anyone help??? The android marketplace has disappeared from my droid. It is not installed anymore, how do I get it back????

It means that you will have full permission to do what you want with your phone. When you first by a phone, the only permission you have is like Guest permission on a PC. When You root, you become an administrator. This lets you change all types of characteristics on your phone. You will be able to make your phone cpu run faster, change boot animations and etc., and i hope this helps:)

To root yout phone is basically to unlock administrator privileges. Watched the whole thing go down it got ugly I'm Just glad Jake pulled through

Awesome ive been waiting patiently for this. When directions are available im for sure doing it to my inc.

Question though, with having root, does it still mean we can run the regular Sense UI? Or does rooting require a custom rom?

Root access is a prerequisite for installing a custom ROM, not the other way around. So you can keep your stock ROM, it's just gonna be rooted and you'll be able to enjoy all the perks that this brings.

Alright good job guys! I know there has been a couple teams working towards this, and all hope was just about given up a couple weeks back after every previous flaw had tried to be exploited. Nice freakin' job, now maybe I can get ride of a few apps that don't need to be on this phone! Can't wait!

Ok my first comment was removed..Weird!! A guy gave me this link where he rooted his droid incredible i hope it works for all ya..

Well sorry all i was trying to help the community.What the guy showed me was a rooted droid incredible!I checked out the site and i had to problems accessing it..

Don't go to

Its just some site that wants you to take a survey or pay with paypal to view it lol lame. Also it blocks firefox with adblock installed so you can't view the page lol.

DroidFanTech your comment just smells of infection of the computer lol I wouldn't go to that that is.

Jake Day seems to be full of shit. He seems to contradict what he says alot. Dunno whats up with this fool.