Verizon is finally going to give you a discount for off-contract phones. Starting April 17th, customers of Big Red are going to be able to bring their own off-contract devices onto shared MORE Everything plans at a discount. No longer will they have to pay a subsidy fee for a subsidy they're not using. Plans at or under 8GB will see a smartphone add-on reduction of $10 (bringing the fee to $30/month), while those with data allotments of 10GB or higher will see their fee sliced from $40 down to $25 per smartphone.

This move brings Verizon in line with the its competitors, who have for some time offered discounts for off-contract devices. Why pay a subsidy when you're not using it?

Verizon has been countering T-Mobile's recent announcements with their own tweaking of their plans. After T-Mobile announced that they were cutting cellular tablets to price-match their Wi-Fi versions and throwing in 1GB of data through the end of the year, Verizon countered with their own incentive, offering an extra 1GB of free data for the lifetime of a tablet on a MORE Everything plan. Just this morning,one they already own to a MORE Everything plan for either $30 or $15 depending on the data allowance they choose. When a customer brings his or her own smartphone, it must be compatible with the Verizon Wireless network.

These monthly access prices are also available to customers who choose Verizon Edge when purchasing or upgrading to a new smartphone. So, customers who choose a MORE Everything plan with 10 GB of data and four smartphones, either on Edge, moved from month-to-month contracts, or brought to the Verizon Wireless network, will pay $160 month for service and access.

To take advantage of this value, which is available for a limited time, customers can log in to My Verizon to add these devices and update their plans. They can also visit a store or call Verizon Wireless to make the change and to ensure they are on the right MORE Everything plan for their mobile lifestyle.

MORE Everything plans include unlimited talk and text, unlimited international messaging, 25 GB of cloud storage per line, and three months free of the International Long Distance Value Plan and FamilyBase service.

Verizon Wireless was the first wireless provider to introduce shareable data, and customers can have up to 10 devices on a MORE Everything plan. Currently, customers who want to activate a tablet and add it to a MORE Everything plan of 1 GB or higher will receive an additional 1 GB of shareable bonus data for as long as that tablet remains on the plan. Tablets can be added to the plan for $10 monthly access.


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Verizon to give discounts to customers with off-contract phones


What's the real catch Verizon? I know this ain't really free.

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It's not really a catch but one of Verizon's motivations is probably to get people off grandfathered unlimited data plans. Most people who are off-contact probably are to keep their unlimited.

+10000 I'm not giving up Verizon unlimited data (IMO still the holy grail of the US cell phone industry considering their LTE coverage!). They'll have to take it from me!!!

Sure, until that inevitable day when Verizon takes it from you and forces you onto another plan. Really surprised that day still hasn't come. It has to be obvious to VZW that the most serious data hogging "offenders" happily buy unsubsidized devices to remain unlimited.

And when they kick me off, I'll go to another carrier.
I stay with Verizon for my grandfathered unlimited on four lines.
They kick me off, I'll go somewhere else.
Real simple.

No you won't. You're with Verizon because of their network service, speed and coverage. You wouldn't leave for another provider with their lesser coverage if Verizon doubled your costs.

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I will. In my area, Verizon LTE is spotty at best, I always lose service. Plus, I don't get nearly the speeds they claim to have in my area. If they kick me off unlimited, I will be going to T-MO, no doubt. Especially since they are updating still to faster data.

Yeah, they've succeeded in getting me off my grandfathered unlimited plan...after which I went to T-Mobile.

Too little, too late Verizon. Dropped you like a bad habit and went to Aio Wireless. I now pay $35 a month for my line, with 500 mb of high speed data. $45 if I want 2.5 gb. Plus I'm loving me some Nexus 5 action, something I could never do with you.

I wonder if this also includes the people using the Edge plan? It may have said as I was only able to skim, apologies if it did.

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This is for people who bring their own phone, on Edge you are making payments on a phone, you aren't bringing your own.

"These monthly access prices are also available to customers who choose Verizon Edge when purchasing or upgrading to a new smartphone."

Not a service contract. Just a contract that you have to pay retail for the phone. How is that a contract? You expect to get a phone on monthly payments then just take the phone to another carrier and not pay off the phone? Uh, that's not how it works.

Thank you again T-Mobile... But anyway not going to CDMA carrier as I can't bring any phone I want. Still dependent on what phone Verizon decides to carry. So no thanks to useless CDMA and Verizon you should also stop putting your ugly big 4G lte logo.

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not to state the obvious again,

but I'm assuming none of these apply to people who still have unlimited data plan, right?

As the article says this is for the More Everything (shared data) plans. So no. Not for the Nationwide Unlimited plans. If you're on the old legacy plans any new promotion won't apply to you unless it specifically says otherwise.

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I love Verizon. They are quite literally the best thing that could have ever happened to the mobile industry

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I've already left Verizon. Every last perk I had with them was taken away. I guess they only respond if Mr Legere is the one speaking.

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Until you're somewhere where Verizon is the only one providing reliable signal. Then Verizon doesn't really suck so bad.

I wasnt being serious.... Just thought I would get the typical Verizon hate out of the way

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I wonder... when my GS3 goes off contract in a month or so will I get the discount if I just keep using it as is? Is it ONLY available for people who switch over from something else or bring "new" devices to the network?

You will get the discount as long as you are on a More Everything plan.

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There is an error in the last sentence of the first paragraph. When u get 10gb or more of data the 40 dollar access fee will be cut down by 25 bucks to 15 dollars. Just confirmed it with the press release on vzw.

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im leaving soon as my new phone gets here and I activate it screw Verizon stole my unlimited plan since somebody tried to highjack my number to get it fixed they put it down as an upgrade back to standard 2 gigs I fought n fought flock ya ill go someplace else for cheaper

This isn't new. They started this about a month ago. It just wasn't advertised.

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No, this is new. They previously only offered the discount on phones bought on EDGE plan. And when your phone was paid off you lost that discount (unless you re-upped for a new EDGE phone). Going to full on Byod is a big big difference

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Months too late for the Moto X promotions. Now the only way to get a Moto X is to pay $399 for the 16gb or $449 for the 32gb (unless you have an .edu address). I hate my phone but I refuse to go back on contract with those mf's or any one of them just to get my Moto at a decent price. Or wait until they drop the price with the arrival of the X+1, but God knows when that will be.

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I love vzw and their coverage, all yall haters can stick with no good, horrible coverage

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I like their coverage, I just couldn't stomach the price. I had three lines with unlimited data on aging phones and didn't want to be paying for a subsidy that I could no longer use...
That and I wanted the Nexus phone (VZW is the ONLY U.S. carrier not supported by the nexus 5) VZW has been standing in the way of universal phones and SW updates for to long.

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T-Mobile has o.k. coverage and the speeds I see are faster than VZW. I get equivalent HSPA speeds compared to Verizon's LTE in my area. And I consistency get faster speeds on T-mobile's LTE. (Tucson, AZ)

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if it's $100 for 10 gb plan and with the discount it's $25/smartphone, then isn't it $200 for 4 lines and not $160? or am I missing something?

Yes. It is $25 off the regular $40, so $15 per month per smartphone, not $25 per month per smartphone

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That's what I thought, so the same as at&t, the article threw me off "while those with data allotments of 10GB or higher will see their fee sliced from $40 down to $25 per smartphone"

I believe the discount would only apply to the data package. Which is one reason I keep my unlimited data plan with 450 minutes and unlimited texts. Would cost more for less in my case.

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Exactly, I keep my setup the way it is, because changing gets me a subsidized phone but my bill will be higher.
Four lines, unlimited on *ALL* four.

"Verizon suck !!! I have bullsh*t wireless". STFU....smh .. good job Verizon!! Thanks T-Mobile!!!

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Started out with 3 lines of unlimited but Lil sister had to have a galaxy s3. She is regretting that lack of unlimited data.

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I'm never giving up my unlimited data. I'm probably going to pay full price for the HTC One M8 just to keep unlimited.

I might do the buy one get one free deal at Verizon on 2 of my other lines then transfer one over to my unlimited line. They guy at Best Buy said I had to wait until after I got the rebate in 6 weeks to switch it or I would lose unlimited. The Verizon store rep didn't tell me that. Has anyone tried to transfer a phone that has a rebate?

Wow, they do something positive and people still can't stop ripping on them. I love verizon. I get amazing coverage 99% of the areas I travel - and that's pretty much all over the US, regularly. Good 4G speeds, reliable service. Customer service takes care of anything I need. They've done much to become less of the giant corporate bully and are trying to be more nimble and offer more for less. I just don't get the continued hatred. If you don't like them but keep paying them, that's your problem.

Nice try Verizon. My unlimited data is $24/month after employer discount. They'll have to kill grandfathered unlimited data altogether to get me off of it. I got a Galaxy Note 3 during the upgrade glitch last fall. The hardware upgrades between generations are so incremental now, there probably won't be much reason to even need a new device for a couple of years, at which point I'll gladly pay full retail price to keep unlimited.

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