Just in case you forget where to send the money each month

OK, so this is a leak from @evleaks and might not really be the Galaxy S4 Mini for Verizon. But if it's real, we can't help but think Verizon is just trolling the crap out of everyone here. If that's the case, we say well played Verizon, well played. In any case, it appears that the S4 Mini, which we already saw leaked today for AT&T and Sprint, will be going to Big Red sooner or later. 

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Verizon Galaxy S4 Mini home button leaks


Need to move the Samsung logo over so another Verizon logo can go up top.

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"Just in case you forget where to send the money each month" Jerry you genius, you made me bust out laughing at my desk while co-workers blankly stared at me.

Always love your commentary!

They've lost it. You'd think after the backlash from the last time that they'd stop.

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Jerry, I really enjoy your work, but your obsession with the verizon logo is puzzling to me. I can honestly say that, in spite of my obsessive compulsive tendencies towards my phones, the logo on my note 2 has never once crossed my mind.

I'm not saying you should end your "logo shaming", but I have to wonder if it warrants an entire post...

Love the work you do here, but sometimes you cross the line between reporting and oppinion. If this site means to be a Tech commentary blog, then you are right on. If it is news some of you guys get a little to far into the commentary/oppinion world.

Even news papers have editorial and opinion sections. Why is that not also okay on the interwebz?

Well AC is one of the few sites that isn't blocked on the job so the humor is hard to come by at work.

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Yeah. They go a bit Crazy with the logo. Take a look at the leaked Verizon HTC one max. They replaced the HTC logo with a Verizon logo ... Now that's pushing it !

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Agreed. Its like a kid making fart sounds. I may have snickered at first. Now you just sound immature and obsessed.

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The more people complain about it, the closer we may come to actually forcing Verizon to stop this nonsense. Don't really know how much that holds up in the real world, but it doesn't hurt to keep trying. Verizon is simply going way overboard now with their logos, and it needs to stop. That only has a chance of happening if we continue to speak up. If you don't like the article, don't read it... now, move along son.

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Why does it need to stop?

I think spandex should not be makde in X-large sizes, but I do not really have a say, no, becuase I dont buy it.

You want them to listen, dont buy it.

Look, if you enjoy your carrier plastering their ugly ass logo all over your phone, that's your deal, but the majority of us feel that what Verizon is doing is bordering on the obscene. If you disagree, that's your opinion and I'm cool with that... but you should know, especially here at android central, you're most likely in the minority. It's ugly, and it has no business being on the front of any device. It's bad enough with that extra large 4gLTE logo on the back of most of their phones, as if that's something still new to us. I for one feel they ruin the look of certain phones, like my note 2 with the logo on the home button (absolutely ridiculous!) and just look at what they did with the LG g2! Could that look any more forced?!

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For the record, I couldn't agree more on the spandex comment... they need to stop making x-large sizes. However, just because you have no direct say in the matter, doesn't mean you can't voice your opinion. Who knows, you might just start a wave, and the next thing you know... looky here, no more x-large sizes! :-)

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I actually enjoy reading all the complaints about the logo!!

I recently received an SIII as a warranty repalcement. I ordered an OEM battery door without the logo. Slapped a case, holster on my phone. The only clue my phone is with VZW is the startup screen or the VZW apps (most of which are hidden).

I took the post "tongue and cheek" and not serious!

I love Verizon. I love the coverage, I love the speed, I love the price. If they need to put 12 logos on my phone to keep everything else the same I don't have a problem with that. In fact I don't care if they make it so the Verizon logo is the permanent wallpaper on my phone. I loves me some Verizon

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U seem to have the money to pay them. That's the costumers Verizon loves. Expensive as......

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Yes, I do have the $23 a month that I pay them for unlimited data. And the $14 I pay for talk and unlimited text. I'm not sure that qualifies as expensive though. I am glad they love me though.

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You act as if Verizon is so awesome and maybe it is for you but when you have some grandfathered plan it is hardly an indication of what others can expect.

This entire site is filled with things that are "hardly an indication of what others can expect" Every single thing that is posted has some people that it applies to, and 99.9999% of the planet that doesn't share the same experience/opinion/expectation. That's not going to stop me from saying that I am very pleased with Verizon and have no problem at all with any logos they choose to put on their phones. I'd buy a phone shaped like a Verizon logo if need be.
And yes, Verizon is so awesome.

So much for the freedom of not having a bloated spamed phone. Would u drive a car that has everywhere Verizon over the whole thing? Basically making a beautiful device kinda ugly? Oh boi u would hate those non bloated non branded open to any network European phones. Lol

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I didn't buy my car from Verizon. I don't use Verizon's services to make my car run. So why on god's green earth would I put anything Verizon on my car? That's just asinine.
And oh noes...not bloat! After all, it took me a whole 2 minutes to disable all of the bloat that I didn't want and now I never have to see it on my phone ever again...what will I ever do?

Agree on the bloat. Most bloat apps were just a few kb's anyway, not even full apps until you clicked on them and they downloaded their full version.

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But unlike on a Verizon or other so called carrier branded phones u can't get the writing the branding of a phone. On a car u can get the stickers they put on it off. Not so much on a phone. No stickers it is either worked in to the phones material or if I gonna try taking of the writing on the phone it will scratch it. So yeah it is a difference. Phone brandings SUCK period.

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All cars have the make, model, and usually the dealer plastered all over the back, something on both sides, and sometimes irritatingly on the windshield. Cars are way worse.

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While it's true that everyone's experience on pretty much everything can, and often does, span the entire spectrum, you simply can't justifiably ignore the fact that your service with Verizon is not, in any way, shape or form, indicative of what the vast majority of people get.

We're not talking personal opinion here - you've stated that you get unlimited everything (data, talk and text) for a total of $37 a month. New customers will pay a minimum of $100 a month for less than what you're getting (unlimited talk/text + 2 gigs of data).

It's great that you've fallen through the cracks, and I can certainly see why you'd be very satisfied, but it's incorrect to paint other experiences as little more than opinion - there are hard numbers behind those other opinions. I'm sure Hitler had a few personal friends who thought he was a really great guy, but that doesn't render the rest of the world's opinions as baseless.

He's full of shit with that monthly bill, unless he's got company discounts from his job or something like that. I've been on a grandfathered unlimited data plan with the cheapest available plan AND company discounts (20% off monthly rate plus 25% off accessories) and it's nowhere near that cheap. I call bull shit.

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When I signed up, unlimited was $29.99. I've heard there were plans that were cheaper but I never saw them, so lets go with the $29.99. Using your discount it would be $23.92, but me saying $23 is BS? You, my friend, are a special kind of stupid. And when you get a discount on the talk and text and split it with 4 other people, yeah, it is that cheap. I guess the only bull shit around here is what's between your ears.

Oh, so you're getting company discounts *and* splitting the bill with 4 other people. All pertinent information when you endorse a company based on what *you* happen to be paying.

So in other words, the numbers you initially quoted were, in fact, bullshit. It'd be like me claiming a Ferrari is more affordable than an Accord because I only paid $1000 for mine, but leave out the fact that I split the cost with 250 other people.

No, I'm afraid you're the one who's full 'o shit. Try being honest next time. Saying $23 instead of $23.92 wasn't the bullshit part, claiming to be receiving unlimited talk and text for $14 when you're actually splitting the bill with several other people was.

No, idiot, I said I pay $14. And I do. Learn to read. Just because I found a way to lower what I pay for my service doesn't make it BS, it makes it intelligent, but you wouldn't know anything about intelligence, would you? And splitting a couple hundred thousand dollars with several hundred people is quite a bit different than splitting $70 with 5. And for the record, if I wouldn't have been splitting the bill with 4 other people, the plan I would have gotten would have raised the total that I pay by about $16 a month. Still pretty cheap. I didn't say it was unlimited talk either. Its amazing how many people reply to people's comments without having any clue what was said. Next time you wanna blast somebody for not being honest try actually reading what they wrote and comprehending it, if you're capable of it.

In the mobile world, the "vast majority" doesn't get hardly anything. If we're gonna go by what the "vast majority" will get, then we will have to get rid of every device since the "vast majority" don't have any single device. Then we will have to get rid of every carrier because the "Vast majority" don't use any single carrier. And while Android has a majority market share, its not a "vast majority" so we will also have to get rid of every OS.
And I didn't paint anybody's experience as anything. I stated my opinion with no reference whatsoever to anyone else's. Stating my opinion is not even remotely the same as saying everyone else's opinion is baseless, and its pretty ridiculous that you would make that statement.

"Stating my opinion is not even remotely the same as saying everyone else's opinion is baseless, and its pretty ridiculous that you would make that statement."

No, it's not baseless in the slightest, since your opinion is, as we now know, based on splitting your bill with 4 other people - which you conveniently left out. So again, what you receive in service for what you pay is not remotely similar to virtually everyone else, and therefore, your opinion is based on drastically different numbers as everyone else. I never claimed your opinion was false, just that it's not representative of the value proposition that most everyone else is basing their opinion on.

If I wasn't splitting my bill with anyone, I would still be paying $23 a month for unlimited, and I would be on a different plan where I would be paying about $30 for talk and text, so my opinion would still be exactly the same. And have reviewed and analyzed the bills for everyone who has a cellphone plan? Because if you haven't than you're talking out of your arse and you sound like a moron.

There there little boy... have a popsicle. Eeeeverythings gonna be allllllriiiiight

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While I agree branding the home button is a terrible decision and should not have been replicated after the Note 2 I have to say I rarely notice it anymore on my Verizon Note 2. It's really not that big of a deal.

Just thinking out loud here...maybe Samsung had some leftover from their Note 2 models and just decided to use that inventory? Long shot I know and I am not sure if they are the same size but it really is baffling why they decided to do it again after the backlash the Note 2 got for it.

Verizon would never do that to be funny. I am sure they think very highly of their brand and logo (customers are definitely paying for it) and believe customers feel the same. I would imagine this is real.

I wish Samsung had the guts to say no and just leave the phone off the carrier unless Apple allows a check mark on their home button. Samsung is a big enough name in the smart phone world that Verizon would not be willing to give them up over silly things like this button branding.

Ah, who am I kidding. It is most likely only the vocal minority on these forums that had any problem with it. I think the AT&T logo in the notification area is worse but that's another story.

This is what I keep thinking. Some executive is in a branding meeting for each phone saying "We should be PROUD to display our logo!"

Who's gonna say no to that?

Does anyone actually pay attention to Verizon's commercials? They push Verizon as a premium brand. Some people like to "flash" their premium brands all the time... How is this different?

Prada bag? You wear that proud. Kmart special, no branding please.

Verizon user... flash it.... Straight talk... no logo please...

This is all marketing and branding, Verizon does this all VERY WELL. That is why people pay the price they do!

What happened over the last few years with all the logo complaining? My rezound has one on the face, and I never cared, and I don't remember any review complaining about it.

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Oh Verizon you never stop sucking... that logo is ugly and people who buy your phones with that ugly logo have zero taste.
How can anyone buy these ugly Verizon phones?

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Yea the day someone judges me by my taste and style of my cell phone... Get a life..

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Wow just like the Note 2 ugh Samsung why do you let Verizon do that? Secondly why the hell is the Galaxy S4 Mini coming to Verizon? That phone has only 8GB of storage and Touchwiz uses 5 of it and Verizon's bloatware will use the rest.

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anyone who really gets their pants in a bunch about a God dam logo needs to get a life. I mean really is a logo affecting your use of the phone that greatly?

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Why would they add the Verizon sign to the home button that is just stupid. That is why I love having T-Mobile because they don't do that. I hate Verizon so much because that company is so lame. T-Mobile is the home of the galaxy phones.

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You know, it would be a nice Marketing gimmick if there was a Galaxy Note 3 Mini as well. The entire family would benefit. DADDY AND MOMMY would have the Big GN3, while all the kids would have the GN3-Mini...LMAO! Genius...I know!

In today's Corporate world, we don't have many brains like this out there!

Well they didn't put the Verizon logo on the s4 so why would they put it on the mini. I think this rumor is fake

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