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As we speculated earlier today, Verizon's Samsung Galaxy S4 will indeed be the first U.S. model to be updated to Android 4.3 Jelly Bean, which brings with it Samsung's "premium suite" software. Samsung has updated its support page indicating that the new software version I545VRUEMJ7 should begin rolling out today.

Alongside the new version of Android, today's update includes support for the Galaxy Gear smartwatch and Samsung's KNOX enterprise security layer to Galaxy S4 owners on Verizon. There's also a new version of the Group Play media sharing app and support for Band IV LTE, allowing VZW GS4 owners to take advantage of their carrier's recent 4G LTE deployment on those frequencies.

If you're updating your Verizon Galaxy S4 today, hit the comment and let us know how you're getting on.

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Verizon Galaxy S4 Android 4.3 update landing today with Gear support, Band IV LTE


Please don't install this update if you value your email app. Mine completed the install, everything looked fine but now every time I try to send an email it reboots the phone within 20 seconds. It's basically made my phone useless! thanks again f***** Verizon!

I have not encountered this issue. Emails working as intended for me.

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I'm getting the same issue. If I click on my phone app, I get the screen to appear but it freezes for about 5 seconds, then the screen goes black for about 10 while the notification bar is still visible. It then reverts to the home screen with the error "Unfortunately, contacts has stopped".
Weird thing is, I can access my contacts app without any issues as well as the emergency dialer.

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Same thing is happening to me. Let me know if you find out anything about this
and I'll do the same.


I had the same thing happen with contacts Iran a factory reset and everything began to work correctly again just had to restore apps, accounts etc

I began getting this same issue soon after I installed the 4.3 update from Verizon.
I took it into a Verizon store and they replaced my S4 with a "like new" S4 and after I got all of my apps back in place I began getting the same error again. I went back to the store and nobody seems to have a fix, only a workaround. I am using a dialing app instead of the Phone app via my S4. They contacted Samsung but they said there was not a problem that they were aware of yet. So between Verizon and Samsung I am a bit peeved at the whole situation. I believe it is a software issue in the 4.3 update -- it conflicts with some app or setting that I use. Good luck to everyone else, like I said I have a workaround not a solution.

I hope you realized by now you have a Samsung galaxy s4 your signal to use phone and text and data nothing else. Verizon is not to blame for Samsung updates

I hope you realized by now you have a Samsung galaxy s4 your signal to use phone and text and data nothing else. Verizon is not to blame for Samsung updates

Mine is messed up too. My music play equalizer is not working anymore. I hate listening to flat sound. Also as if it was not enough, my navigation icon disappeared. Please do not install that update. If you know how to get back to the previous version before the new update please let me know. I hate my phone now.

It's not an issue with Verizon so please do not assume all phone issues are service carrier related. It sounds as though your problem is something hardware or phone specific.

Watch out for Knox. Whole new different set of problems are about to pop-up for you folk who like custom roms.

I think they were very close to getting around it. It really isn't an issue unless you need knox or are afraid to flash an update.

If it still is an issue, it won't be in a month.

My S-Pen went through hell to deliver this important message to you

That you know of

My S-Pen went through hell to deliver this important message to you

Exactly, No one has seen it yet. Support page unchaged as of yet. I'm hopeful though cause it sounds like today is still possible.

But... But... But... Verizon is always last with everything! (Cue the whiners complaining about band iv not being available in their area.)

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This time, it'll be T-Mobile who's last to update.

And then we'll be cuing those who say that it's WiFi Calling that's the issue for their slow updates.

yeah, but that's actually a halfway valid reason - i could see it taking them a bit to (stably) build that in.

(only joking a little here)

Yeah. My mom had a total of 26 minutes of on screen time yesterday, and the battery drained down to 30% in a 12 hour time frame. I checked the battery stats, and the culprit seems to be Google Play Services. I guess Verizon screwed something during the update that didn't sit well with the Google Play Services app.

No, Google Play Services drained the battery across carriers and they did NOTHING about it other than to tell people trying to find out how to fix it to do a hard reset. That helped until the phone updated all over again and then voila! Same exact problem. I'm on Sprint (4g coverage all the time btw) and my battery is drained by 5pm unless I disable Google Play Services and then that opens a whole new can of worms...

Google Play Services is Google's new way around fragmentation. I just read about it today. It's always going to run in the background. I've found that it's usually location services or on my S3 it was the Google+ app that was killing my battery in just a few hours. I uninstalled some updates and now things are better. But Play Services is something you don't want to disable.

Mine keeps saying, "Software update is temporarily unavailable. Try again later."

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here we go with the Verizon bashing. probably coming from sprint and T-Mobile customers with zero cell phone service

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I feel like I could do some Verizon bashing every time my phone bill comes.... Until I have four bars of 4G LTE, and my friends have 1 bar of dial up speed sprint/tmobile.

I am not a Verizon fan, but don't feel there is a need to bash the company. As for your comment about zero service on Sprint, I am quite happy with my LTE coverage where I live.

No company is perfect and works for me may not work for you. People need to make the choice of provider that is best for them. Some it is Verizon, some it is T-Mobile. Is there really a need to bash the other companies when it works for other people?

"No company is perfect and works for me may not work for you. People need to make the choice of provider that is best for them."

Totally agree... Except when Sprint's service goes from mediocre to absolute trash after already signing a two year contract with a family plan.. One doesn't usually expect an "upgrade" to service to actually worsen things. Which is what is happening with their whole "LTE rollout". If Sprint had told me that things for their customers were going to get way worse before getting better I would have said "thanks, but no thanks" and signed with somebody else. Currently, i get around 0.1 mbps 90% of the area where I live, in Sacramento CA.

It is darkest before the storm. You will be VERY happy when it's over

My S-Pen went through hell to deliver this important message to you

well when u consider that Verizon LTE network dwarfs sprint and there are more people using it... I guess in the one spot u probably actually get lte could be faster... as opposed to having it everywhere like on Verizon.

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Haha. Can we bash Verizon for giving the NSA a whole floor in their Seattle office? Every corp deserves a good bashing. I wonder why people care so much when somebody else bashes a major corporation like Verizon. You gotta be a paid troll right? Why else would you care?

If you are still on the stock Samsung ROM you can get it, but keep in mind that you will lose root. With the addition of Knox on here, it may take a while, maybe months, until someone finds a way to gain root again.

I have done nothing with the ROM just rooted the phone via a video on Youtube & with the help of titanium back up deleted the unwanted programs.Nothing much nothing less.

Yeah, if you update, all those unwanted apps will come back, and you will lose root, and possibly won't get it back for a while because of Knox being added now.

I don't think you can update the software, if some of the "bloatware" is gone. If I remember correctly, the bloatware actually comprises system apps that are checked for, every time you update the software. In the past, if you rooted and removed bloatware, any software updates would instantly fail. I could be wrong, now, though.

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I am aware of this; however, I was pointing out that reverting back to stock and updating would lose root, and all the bloatware would be back.

Thnx.I think you have a valid point there.2 weeks back there was an update from verizon i.e. optical reader update /setup wizard /other improvements which i tried to do but wasn't able to but since this 4.3 is from Android directly and not samsung ...don't you think i deserve the update.
If I'm not able to update i'd rather unroot (don't know how to ) be with the things than left behind.
Pls suggest.

I thought to root MI1 you had to flash a hacked tar file - which makes me think you might not be able to grab the OTA? Just guessing, though...

you CAN, sure. but you shouldn't. knox screws with rooting/roms/custom bootloaders.

my advice? wait a few days and put on a "rooted stock" custom 4.3 rom.

Thank you.But being new to android i only rooted to get the boaltware out & make the phone faster.On the contrary i find my notifications missing & have no idea how flash a ROM etc etc.So what i gather from you is that i should wait.

Well, I wonder when Sammy will update the Developer Edition. Based on prior updates for the S4 retail maybe I'm better off if they leave the Dev Edition alone, LOL.

Duh. Nothing for any of us. Just because Samsung is releasing an update for our phones on the verizon carrier doesnt mean verizon is rolling out the update... lol. Wishful thinking though. I bought a gear with the anticipation of using it by Christmas so when we do get the update ill already have it. Looks like Christmas is going to still be a little bit of wishful thinking. None of you are getting this update today... or anywhere in the time frame of November for that matter. Get over it get on with your lives for now... and stop hitting the refresh button and checking for your update thats not coming.

No apparently you are. Lol. You think youre gonna get Android 4.3 today? Hold your breathe. Lets see what happens. Any idiot that believes Verizon cares about its customers is foolish. The only reason they might update their phones before christmas is to sell more galaxy gears. Lol. And you call me daft. You dont realize it until you get locked into a contract with them and then they show you.

U can use ur galaxy gear now with the s4. All u have to do is go on xda and download the gear manager app. Features r limited though. The phone and calender works

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Does anyone else think that this update would have been 3 more months down the road if it hadn't been for the Galaxy Gear issues? I am sure Sammy begged Verizon to let the update through almost as quick as the international unlocked version. Just goes to show that Verizon's testing procedures are a sham just to get you to buy a new phone with a more recent version of Android.

I'm at a loss for words. But I'll believe it when I see it. Hey maybe Verizon will get the nexus too !

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Hey, us Google Edition S4 owners have been on 4.3 for months now, for all the good it's done us.

Tried early this morning and no update found using the Verizon PC update utility. Nothing showing when I do the OTA check just now.

As with everyone else so far, I haven't gotten the update either, but what I would to say is that switching to Verizon and getting the S4 has been the best carrier-phone experience I have ever had. This will be the 3rd update in a matter of about 4 months that the S4 will have gotten on Verizon. Its awesome and so is the service!

What the F*©π!!!!!!!!!!
Come on where's the Galaxy Nexus LOVE???????? For sprint and Verizon??

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Now if Verizon can update their phones with a new frequency, why can't Sprint do this to the Note 3's? Hmmm? Both CDMA networks. Something is fishy...

What do you want them to update? The Note 3 has all this stuff and just got an update the other day.

If you meant note 2 it is coming very soon. Check the leaked document

My S-Pen went through hell to deliver this important message to you

If you haven't realized, let me enlighten you.

Verizon wants the gnex, and all Nexus devices dead.

My S-Pen went through hell to deliver this important message to you

I realize that and I've been running 4.3 on my phone since late July but its still very upsetting.

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I can't imagine that Samsung and Verizon willingly worked together to get this out first. I'm betting Verizon paid Samsung handsomely. At the cost of all the other S4s having to wait.

I am curious how there was never a "leak" before the ota comes out. Sure hope I am wrong.....

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Most developers on xda are recommending not taking the upgrade if you want to continue flashing custom roms. I would wait and flash a rooted version by a developer.

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Has anyone gotten the update or have a time frame for when they plan to release it? Seems to me as if Verizon never agreed to roll it out and Samsung is holding their feet to the fire by saying its gonna roll out. God knows whats happening behind the scenes with verizon and samsung right now as we speak. Lol.

Nothing this way either, now its starting to sound like the Verizon we all live and hate again...

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Please don't get your hopes up. Here in the UK I've now been waiting 12 days since the first 4.3 update came out. Samsung UK just keep saying connect to KIES daily and check OTA. Been doing it that much now im seeing a update that's not there!

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Major OS updates as this are usual staggered and deployed right before midnight. So not all will receive the udpate right away...patience grasshopper

So when Verizon gets their head out of their a** will this update be available over WiFi or connect through kies?

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Based on their track record, I am willing to bet it'll hit Kies first, followed by an OTA shortly after. I prefer to wait for the OTA myself....I can't stand the horrible lack of quality and stability with Kies.

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Yup! That's what I'm banking on right now. It will probably drop at midnight, or in the early morning and it will be waiting for everyone to download in the morning.....hopefully!

*crosses fingers*

Just to mention...I'm living in Asia, and I got the update last 27th for my s4 lte version..nothing special,except knox and touchwiz that doesn't lag anymore

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Probably delayed by big red as we will be last to the other carriers after

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Nothing here in New Jersey Terry either... Really looking forward to this update to fully utilize my Galaxy Gear!!

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You guys were right download became available at 11:59... Downloading as we speak!!

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it's sooo slow. although i have been having issues with my internet the past 2 days. so not sure which one is the culprit. needs to hurry up though i want to play with it before i go to sleep! lol

updating here in New York! pumped to see if any performance boosts might push me to use touchwiz...prob not, but then it will make Apex run faster! keep posting here and tell everyone what you think.

still no update for me here in Ohio......waited all day and now see that everybody else seems to be getting the update....guess i'll see what comes in the morning...

still no update for me here in Ohio......waited all day and now see that everybody else seems to be getting the update....guess i'll see what comes in the morning...

Downloaded and installed. Havn't noticed much lag from touchwiz. glad that annoying wifi notification is gone and blocking mode is a welcome addition.

It's a feature you can use to set times of the day or night to receive notifications. You can set your phone to not go off or light up during those times.

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Attention you can remove the persistent WiFi notification! go to WiFi settings, hit menu and go to advanced, uncheck WiFi notifications! and we have the toggle! feels like a normal phone!

Just downloaded and installed about 10 minutes ago in North Augusta, SC. Seems quicker, persistent WiFi notification in tray can be removed, folders now persist when clocking the home button from an app opened within the folder. Have to click home button again or touch main screen to clear.

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Just got it about ten minutes ago. Best thing about this update (in my opinion) is the addition of the WiFi toggle switch in the drop down menu. I've been wanting that for so long. I still don't know why they decided to take that feature away on the S4 when it worked/works so well on the S3.

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I said the same thing. The ongoing wifi notification was so annoying. I don't plan on dropping 3 bills on the Galaxy Gear, so this was my favorite part of the update for sure.

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Yeah I won't drop 300 on the galaxy gear either. For 300 I'd rather buy spend that money in something more worthwhile.

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Installing now on East Coast... The WIFI toggle has been there since the last update, you just had to do a hard reset to get it. I had to do that to get rid of a work encryption program....
Not bricking yet....

Loving everything in the new update, except the voice in S-Voice. It's now less human and more automated computer? Anyone else have this issue? Why did they take a step back and make her less sexy?

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Hey to all u who don't want to spend the $300 on the gear... I hear u, but I did and lovin it even more with the 4.3 update. Nice big red!

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Where is ya haters that said Verizon would not come through with the update? Just finished installing it and my s4 runs much smoother. First US carrier to update the s4 to 4.3..loving it

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Happy Happy Joy Joy! Reached for the phone first thing this a.m. and checked for updates...VIOLA! My S4 is still updating as this at the moment...I'll be the first to admit when I'm wrong. I doubted like mad that VZW would drop this update, especially after reading they have delayed the HTC 4.3 release (also supposed to drop this week) by at least a month. Way to go VZW with following through with this one!

I've had this problem since the last update with while I'm on WiFi it always has the green up arrow on ...

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4.3 update was waiting for me when I woke up this morning, Tuesday, 10/29/2013. Installed without a problem and some features that were not available like "Blocking Mode" are now available, yeah.

I'm way more happy than I should be about this. Haha. Swiping it away was very satisfying.

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Was waiting for me (and the wife's s4) this morning. Live in the Chicago market so really hoping the band IV is active. Data speeds for me were pretty blah unless I was right next to a tower.

I woke up at 3am to see i had an update... WOOHOO!! Already paired the galaxy gear... this thing is sooo sick! I dont know how it got any bad reviews. This too like all of our phones will receive future updates... and more apps will be available. So excited. Samsung got it right... Verizon took charge for once in our lifetime... couldnt be a happier customer right now.

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Hey buddy... how about that update? Thought it was going to be late November early December?

Verizon has never been great about updates, that is a given. But the update was coming within a day. You were just too daft to realize.

Quick change in tune once you got the update huh?

Don't know. I turned off my WiFi and ran a speed test. Anyone know how to check if its available of its even possible to see if its out there?

I am still getting the message, "Software update is temporarily unavailable. Try again later."

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This is a SIM issue. Go to a Verizon store and ask to replace your SIM. You'll get the update once you do it. No, a phone reset will not solve the issue, the SIM is the issue. I had the same problem with my SGS3 and my SGS4.

Thanks for the info. I got a new SIM card and the update immediately started downloading. It was done before I left the store.

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Will I have to update to the "Optical Reader VRUDMI1" update first before being able to update to this 4.3 update?

Everyone should be trying the new keyboard. It's sick ....finally auto correct!

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YES! I updated mine and noticed the same thing. I came back to this page to see if anyone else was experiencing this...

Did my S4 last night. In all fairness I did a factory reset before I put this update in. Went absolutely flawless and all seems to work perfectly.

Since the 4.3 update my stock music app keeps cutting on by itself but is on pause. I can use the drag down and tap x but keeps cutting back on. Any tips

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why dont i see any differences ? i dont have a new keyboard or anything. What were the features suppose to be? Kies is missing ans i see Knox and thats it

Ok I read it so the OS has no new features or changes? BLAH! I thought we would get a bunch of new stuff.

anyone else having charging issues? i put my phone on the charger for over an hour, and im not even at 25% yet

i have one why is it that my music is playing by itself. i try to look at something on facebook and the music player starts to play and the samsung security keeps popping up to update even though i have updated.

I keep getting the security update too, preceeded by "an unauthorized attempt to access your phone was blocked"

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Will I have to update to the "Optical Reader VRUDMI1" update first before being able to update to this 4.3 update?

Anyone tested their dialer app? I'm getting a force close of contacts and can't dial out. This is fun.

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Updated mine yesterday - Worked fine. I have had no problems with the update or with any apps.

I just wish the Galaxy Gear required 4.4. I am sure the only reason Verizon is pushing this update so fast it to help sell more Gears.

Verizon 4.3 Update = NO MORE WIFI TETHERING.

Guys, do not install this if you use wifi tethering. The old trick of pressing the home button to ignore Verizon's "Checking Subscription Status" notification does not work anymore.
Also, my camera app became buggy with this update...

I will be rooting and installing a custom ROM as soon as it becomes possible. I would have preferred to stay on the stock ROM, but no wifi tethering is unacceptable.

Ever since I updated my phone I've had problems. My apps in my SD card will show up as gray SD icons or now there showing up as android symbols which is something I haven't seen yet. This is great. I live restarting my phone 10 times a day.

Got the update in Hawaii 2 days, tons of problems. Apps crashing, keyboard not responding, Bluetooth stopping, phone very sluggish, dropping calls.

Plus side, battery life much improved, some nice new features, smoother experience when it's not being sluggish.

Like to know how to roll back, was happier before.

Upgrading my Verizon Samsung Galaxy S4 to Android 4.3 resolved the terrible battery issues that popped up after the last upgrade. HOWEVER, now the device freezes constantly when I try to launch an app or go between apps. Seems like it is totally a random (i.e., not pattern that I can figure out yet). It s making it VERY hard to use my device. I get the black screen with the notification bar at the top, like others have reported. Other times on the Home screen, I will tap on an app icon and nothing will happen for a long period of time. Sometimes I can hold down the Home button, close all apps, and then it works ok for a bit. Other times I cannot get the Home button to respond. Sometimes I can put it to sleep and when it wakes back up I can do something. Other times I cannot. Help Verizon et al!!!

I checked my phone today for the update and it was here so I downloaded it. So far so good what I really wanted was the Blocking Mode which was there. I'll update later as to problems.
Oh yeah I also updated the camera as per angermgmt20 advice.

OK I can't see the notification bar when I'm on the Internet any more. Battery drain is horrible and predictive text sucks now. Not happy so far

Does anyone realize that the KNOX software runs all day on your phone? It uses some 10% of system resources at all times. I verified this with a cpu usage app. I really think this is a piece of spyware considering its for business use but runs on my phone while inactivate. Also, it was designed by the NSA (just look at Samsung's website for proof.

I ignored the new icon for Knox on my Samsung Galaxy S4 before checking it out yesterday. Once I activated Knox and let it finish whatever it was doing, it completely wrecked my phone. I would advise everyone against activating Knox on their phones.

I do not have a custom ROM and I am not rooted.

After I successfully activated Knox, I would enter my Knox password into Knox to change my Knox settings, and it would seem to accept the password, but then would bring me right back to my home screen. So I tried restarting the phone. My phone would get stuck in a boot loop, or get stuck on the Verizon loading screen. So I tried booting into safe mode. I'd receive an error message and safe mode would not boot successfully. Unwilling to deal with this nonsense any further, I did a full factory reset.

Next time I'll read the fine print before blindly installing whatever crap Samsung puts on my phone. I thought that installing a manufacturer-backed app on a non-rooted phone wouldn't cause any problems, but it sure did.