Verizon Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean

The Verizon Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean update. We've got it. Some of you have got it. We're installing now. 

... And we're up and running. The 400MB update takes a few minutes to install. Once you're done, you're at Android 4.1.1, build JRO03L.I535VRBLK3.

As is usually the case with updates, you're not going to see a huge visual change. TouchWiz is still TouchWiz. But you now have features like Google Now, which you access by long-pressing the menu button, and improvements to the notification area. The camera's gotten some improvements as well, including, of course, filters. Plus, the GS3 is now ready for the ISIS mobile payment system, but that only does you any good if you're in Austin, Texas, or Salt Lake City.

Update: And now we've got a quick video after the break.

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pjoet says:

Installing now in Chicago.

onsoku says:

Installing now in Oxnard. Finally, I only need to carry 1 phone when I travel abroad!

hullface says:

Installing now in Pittsburgh

I assume this build is VRBLK3?

wonkman says:

Yes, the same leak that many of the custom WIZ ROMS are based.

Wobblin30 says:

Installing in Boston

UT_chic says:

Installing from Houston, Tx! Thanks for letting us know that it was out already! :)

update: just finished rebooting my phone! Not seeing a HUGE difference between 4.0 and 4.1. Is it just me or would some care to enlighten me.

jgfan1972 says:

The changes subtle. It is more responsive than ICS. If you look in back a few pages there are links to the update documents.

UT_chic says:

Thanks! :)

wonkman says:

This one has the so called "project butter" and does appear to be smoother than ICS.

Rich B says:

Downloaded and installing in Virginia Beach!

flyguydip says:

Any news on the bootloader still being unlockable?

rbi411 says:

This is something I'm really interested in hearing. Obviously great news if its still unlockable.

Sean473 says:

Feel for you guys! First, you get an infeiror phone compared to the International S3, then your damm carrier takes 2 months longer then the rest to release the update! At least its out now :) Enjoy 4.1!!

androidatic says:

Why in the world you feel bad for us? If your life revolves around a phone update I feel bad for you.



Raztyre says:


MrAudio says:

Inferior Phone? Don't forget that we have 2GB of RAM where you only have one. You may be able to run some games better but as the internet becomes more complex and needs more memory our "inferior" phones will handle them with ease while you'll be forced to upgrade. Plus people who get angry over update delays need to spend less time on their phones.

wonkman says:

Mmmmmmm, LTE sure tastes good. Sorry you can't have any :(


zagfan says:

Installing in Spokane.

fsv57 says:

Downloading now in Cleveland

Migs Arte says:

installing in Los Angeles!

CEkasone says:

Installing in Chino, CA

joggy says:

Installing...South Eastern Massachusetts!

kill4food says:

Just got mine but its guna take a long time to install im in a bad 3g area (my office).

kill4food says:

In NJ by the way

JHomrig says:

Downloading in Gulfport, MS

vbwake19 says:

Tried two minutes ago and got nothing. Just tried again and got it! Downloading, Suffolk long island

TemporalBeef says:

Downloading in Cleveland Ohio!

Vagrant_1 says:

What's the version number?



4bear says:

Downloading in Nevada, TX

Downloading in New Haven CT finally!!!!

fyrfytr24 says:

Downloading Dayton Ohio

Downloading in NJ woo

PthPndr says:

Installed in Tampa Florida.

lgoldstein83 says:

Downloading now in Minneapolis MN

JuniorWWT says:

Installing in Dallas.

Installing now in Portland, Oregon.

Josh Kerr says:

Downloading now in Youngstown, OH.

InfantMystic says:

About friggin time....

Td Kole says:

Installing in nc

rohneas says:

WISHING for a similar update for my GNex in Cincinnati, Ohio.

wehnertb says:

ooh wee! Just installed in Racine WI - looks good, seems to be much more responsive. Looks like the butter churned (HA!)

Found a tip that to get Google Now (either a) click on the Google App - that brings it up ) or long press on home key, then select "Google" from the middle (found that one on my own) to get to Google Now. Not as clean as my Nexus 7, but it works. Glad to see that Verizon didn't kill that feature.

Now we'll see how battery life goes. Giving it a full charge today, we'll see...

mrsimps says:

You can also press and hold the menu button to instantly launch Google Now. You have to be on one of the home screens.

tapoutbeast says:

I love the update, however my battery drains a lot faster than normal... what's with that?

tapoutbeast says:

I love the update, however my battery drains a lot faster than normal... what's with that?

jacobimh says:

Florida - installing now. Yea!!!

joebob2000 says:

Why the fascination with upgrading in every city in the US? You can get it on wifi and it's available to all S3 owners on VZ...

n0obpr0 says:

Read this news and I grabbed my wife's G3. Updating now :)

porkins91 says:

Downloading now in Live Oak, FL

joebob2000 says:

Yay, update complete (thanks to wifi at 20mbit) so now the only question is, to root or not to root?

Jowlah says:

Just updated my phone about 30 minutes ago. From my brief use, the phone is even more responsive and zippier in and out of the app drawer. I haven't tried out any of the ther stuff yet. But I will be playing aroud with my phone a lot today. Now to try out this Google Now...

Ross Mathis says:

No need to update. Had this since it was leaked a few weeks back. #ftw

milehigherik says:

Thanks for your helpful input.

wonkman says:

It is kind of strange. In a recent AC poll 65% claimed to be running a custom ROM. I guess most of these comments are coming from the other 35%.

DblEdgeSword says:

Installing in St. Louis, MO!!

tonybyatt says:

Installing now in New Orleans...

joebob2000 says:

If anyone is wondering, this rev still does the totally stupid and frustrating process of not allowing the use of a swipe unlock when the PIN protection is active, in other words if you want to only PIN lock your phone after 10 minutes or so, any time you turn the screen off it will wake up with the power/home key and will open straight to the last used screen. Come on Samsung, how hard is that to fix?

Welcome to a month ago non routers.

mothy says:

I have a "router" but didnt "root" :)

joebob2000 says:

Welcome to not having to reinstall/tweak 147 apps, sucker. I rooted my phone 9 months ago when i got it but upgrading via wipe/flash? F that, i have too many better things to do like troll on

And K3 has only been on the street for about 10 days.

blp72 says:

Congratulations GS3 Owners!! I have a Verizon Samsung Galaxy Nexus and have been enjoying 4.1.1. Now waiting patiently on 4.1.2 / 4.2 or whatever and whenever Verizon chooses .

tyson.clarke says:

Anybody use the texting function and business calling function yet? As good as ics? With voice actions of course

rotto16 says:

Downloading in Iowa

Shawn946 says:

Midland michigan got it few hours ago

schrack3000 says:

I've had jb on my Verizon S3 for so long I'd actually forgotten the official version wasn't out yet. Glad everyone who doesn't like going the custom rom route is finally getting it.

rideneasy5 says:

Downloading in Oklahoma now

UrbanSamurai says:

Downloaded and using in Philadelphia, PA.

CyHawk says:

Downloading in Iowa City, IA

flyguydip says:

If you get the error code 402 while updated to jellybean... check to make sure your radios are the right version. I had to flash mine back to HE from J1.

BasPilot says:

Installing now from the Southern half of Utah! Middle... half... maybe... JUST UTAH! It's all one big city really, Salt Lake City and the rest... 2 cities? SHUT UP!!! i'm Just installing from here.

GoGetemB says:

I installed mine this morning. I was surprised that I got an update like this on the date projected. So far jellybean is a very noticeable improvement.

I hope verizon gets the premium suite upgrades too...

Got it this morning out here in Las Vegas

Got it Vancouver, Wa.. Little depressed that its 4.1.1 and not 4.1.2 was looking forward to Multiview

tyson.clarke says:

Took the plunge... Voice operated texting problem not fixed... Really happy about global update though!

markespo55 says:

Just downloaded Irvine California! Loving life!!!

brad419 says:

Got it in Warner Robins, Ga this morning! Working great so far!

ashirk says:

How do I download. When I go to settings it reads nothing is there

Raztyre says:

Jelly Bean love happening here in Omaha.... WOOT.

skbgiants says:

Here. Take this and call me in the morning. ROOTED. Done.

ashirk says:

I can't download load, any help?

nisxan says:

Installing now in Helena, AL

Dsrtstorm says:

Installing now in Everywhere, USA

Anyone else getting the Service Unavailable message? Anyone resolve it?

stageman says:

I am in SLC and I'm excited to try out ISIS. Been looking for that.

curley says:

Vzw messed up jelly bean pull down expansion. You have to pinch to expand. Wtf is that? Really? This doesn't violate any patent laws. Come on man, the way Google designed it was so much easier.

ronzkie21 says:

This is in no regards to this post. I just wanna applause Phil for his article about Sandy Hook. My hats off to you sir!

Still waiting for my OTA to show up. :( {Jonathan}

Jason Rider says:


akutch34 says:

Installed here in Baltimore, MD!

Will this work if I am rooted?

s3guy says:

Installed update without any issues, but battery life is bad. Finished charging at 12:30 at night 100% and in morning around 7AM phone was turned off due to battery drain to less then 10%.

SpudsMc1 says:

Waiting until the weekend for the upgrade due to the battery drain issues I've read. Reading other strings about possible corrections.

maybe this will help: