Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Looks like some bank accounts are a few hundred bucks lighter tonight, as preorders of the Verizon Galaxy S III have begun shipping. We're seeing arrival dates as early as Thursday, which should be a perfect way to cap off the holiday here in the States. 

If you haven't preordered, the Galaxy S III will be in Verizon stores starting July 10, with the 16GB version running $199 on contract, and the 32GB version hitting $249.

More: Verizon Galaxy S III forums; thanks to everyone who sent this in!

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glazedfaith says:

But what...about Best Buy? !

Mr. Wiggles says:

Yes please let us know if you hear anything about Best Buy!! Hopefully we won't be left out to dry...Keeping my fingers crossed it's the same date!

mithmax says:

Ditto on wanting some BestBuy preorder news! Wife and i have two 32gb blues on preorder with them! :-)

imneveral0ne says:

I want my phone!

Rfp5980 says:

Me tooooo. Ship it. You know they have them

My bank account was charged tonight.

Vikman says:

Mine hasn't and I ordered at 7am June 6th :( And the date got pushed back to 7/11

jcastag says:

Bloatware added ahead of schedule.

richardpandy says:

Nice... ha

draco1986 says:

Mine also got pushed back to showing the 11th...I ordered mine at 7:01 ET the first day too :(

Just checked and mine is set for July 5th (estimated date). I hope that's really true.

Account got charged still says will ship by the 9th. Either way I am excited!

everinm says:

This is true, I got charge, and got the shipping and the tracking number. I should have my phone tomorrow :).

Rfp5980 says:

That's awesome! Probably thursday though because of the holiday. Enjoy

Rfp5980 says:

Just checked mine. Says 7/10 for "EXPECTED SHIP DATE". Damn put it in the box and ship it. I can't take reading about it anymore. I've been checking this phone out for what seems like a year. I want to hold this thing without the big security handle on it at the store with a salesmen hanging out trying to sell me something that I already own but verizon is holding on to it for me for now.

Calm the hell down. I'm pretty sure everyone's date was July 9th. Wait and see.

please have a JellyBean ROM ready ASAP.

I'll put $30 on November 19th. Anyone want in on this action?

Dave4321 says:

$199 + $30 "upgrade fee". I expect all Verizon phones to be free soon with $250 upgrade fees.

How are they shipping the phones? UPS? Fedex? Not saying I'm going to break into their central distribution hub or anything.

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< <

Nope. Not saying that at all.

adchao87 says:


keithschon says:

Where are all of you seeing your estimated ship dates? Thanks in advance.

vblok0910#WP says:

I just got an email confirming shipment just now, it says 2 day shipment and its already been picked up which means I should have mine by FRIDAY!!!

gmihalakos says:

As aforementioned, where are you seeing ship date?
Vz hit my bank account yesterday yet no email/confirmation etc. Thanks in advance as well.

carlosrey23 says:

You should have received an e-mail from VZWMail regarding our order. That e-mail contains a link and the information required to inquire. If you ordered at a store, you will have the location number as well.

Mr. Wiggles says:

If you're not the only one on your account make sure your email is the one they're sending things to. Or that there is an email on the account! Sometimes they don't have the info, though that should've been checked when you ordered.

carlosrey23 says:

I spoke to a CSR yesterday, and he mentioned that customers that ordered in the first week (6/6 - 6/13) will be getting their orders this week, and those that ordered on or after 6/14 can expect shipping dates of 7/9.

We all know that CSR aren't the most knowledgeable, so take this with a grain of salt!

davidnc says:

Mine will be here thursday by 3 pm

gg2005 says:

Mine still shows a ship date of 7/10, which is only a day later than the original ship date.

While I would *love* to have this phone in my grubby little hands right now, I really can't complain when Verizon ships my phone on the day they told me they'd ship it...

k_constant says:

Mine shows as having shipped on 7/3/12

doctorj1 says:

Ship date Jul 3, 2012
Estimated delivery Jul 5, 2012 by 3:00 PM

Jul 4, 2012 5:34 AM In transit MEMPHIS, TN
Jul 3, 2012 10:19 PM Arrived at FedEx location MEMPHIS, TN
Jul 3, 2012 10:02 PM Left FedEx origin facility MEMPHIS, TN
Jul 3, 2012 5:30 PM Picked up MEMPHIS, TN
Jul 3, 2012 5:22 PM Shipment information sent to FedEx


DawgFan79 says:

Verizon rep at the Best Buy I work at told me an email she got from her boss said July 15th for BBY pre-orders...(sad face) I hope she's wrong.

Mr. Wiggles says:

That's BS!! Why would I preorder something only to have it ship to me after I can pick it up in the store?? The phone will be available in Verizon stores July 10th. I really hope that's not right, or I'm gonna go cancel my order.

numb683 says:

Do you really think you would be able to walk into a store and get one? Have fun sleeping in your car for a phone because that's the only way you'll get one.

Alfonsca says:

Woke up to a very pleasant email "Your Order Has Shipped" :-). Shipped out 7/3/ (and my account was hit last night). Still too early to find info in FedEd tracking system but should expect to get it tomorrow! Sad part is that I just pulled the trigger on buying 4 cases and screen protectors that won't arrive until 7/10 :-(. I guess I have to grab a case from T-mob since they seem to be the ONLY carrier with cases!

mooney1324 says:

Just called my local Best Buy where I have my phone preordered (South Loop Chicago) and they told me that the Verizon phones will be hitting the stores on Friday. Hoping this is true....

Mr. Wiggles says:

Do you think they'll have enough in stores? I've heard BB preorders are shipping on the 15th, which is ridiculous when the phone come out before that... I have my preorder through them. Wish I'd done it through Verizon!

curley says:

Dang, mine got pushed back too, but the vzw rep said maybe tomorrow.

Just got my email saying my phone shipped yesterday! Woot! So excited! Upgrading from a Thunderbolt

numb683 says:

Mine shipped and says it will arrive Friday. It was shipped 2nd day so my question is if they started shipping on the 3rd and are shippind 2 day how do people seem to think they will arrive tomorrow? Especially since today is a holiday and doesn't count as a buisness day.

Bernie3761 says:

Mine was shipped standard overnight not 2 day on 7/3.

numb683 says:

Where do you live?


The one thing I hate about Verizon is every agent tells you something different! I got confirmation mine was shipped on wed (with the holiday it was not picked up until today ) and would arrive Monday. I called to find out why I wasn't getting next day shipping and was told because they shipped "early " everyone was downgraded to 2 day shipping but I could pay for next day, IF fed ex got the. request in time. When she tried to put it through she for an error message. Called back to try a different agent and THAT agent told me I couldn't change my shipping unless i canceled my order. I tried telling her I requested next day to begin with but got so frustrated I Just hung up on her . Guess I'm waiting till Monday.

where are you guys finding the ship out date? I ordered mine from Best Buy How can I check the status?

Mr. Wiggles says:

Best Buy preorders are shipped to the store, and then you pick it up, so we won't get any shipping notifications until they tell us it's at the store. So far there's no word of when they're shipping/arriving that I've seen. I wish I'd ordered mine through Verizon now!