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It appears that a leaked unsecure bootloader for the Verizon Galaxy S3 (Galaxy S III) has lead to a hack that allows the bootloader on the retail version to be replaced. In a nutshell, this means that developers can now build custom kernels and flash them via Odin, and nobody will need (or want) to buy the developer model when it comes out.

Right now, I would recommend that the average user just sit back and watch. Let some developers worry about versions and wait for the first person to put it to good use -- which will probably be soon. I just wanted to pass the news along, as I know there's a few of you out there that have been waiting. For more details, hit the source link below. Happy hacking!

Source: XDA-Developers


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The Verizon Galaxy S3 secure bootloader is no longer an issue


i am fairly new at this , if you could explain in laymans terms does this mean
the same think as
getting a firmware that doesnot have the bootblocked and therefore is not rooting but can be used anyway the user chooses to use their phone.

If not..would you explain again..sorry

I think the answer is yes. :) Basically this will allow custom kernels and ROMs to be installed, regardless if they are rooted or not (that's up to you). The VS3 was already rooted on the stock Touch Wiz Rom, but, for example, this will allow you to install a NON-Samsung Jellybean build.

There are no ROMs YET, but expect them to follow very soon. I would wait for a nice one click solution.

Loss for words.... The power of the android community never ceases to amaze me. No carrier ever seems to be able to stand in the way of good devs and the faith of the users.

You realize that this literally was just announced, right? Someone will obviously write a program for Windows.

Do like the artice patient!

Leave it to you Cyber to make a comment like that... haha! Just got mine today now let the rom & kernel flashing begin!!!

As stated before, the Android community will never cease to amaze me.

This is awesome news. Shame on Verizon for trying to stop us! They have failed and we have succeeded! WOO HOO!

This is HUGE. The only question I have is, will future software upgrades force users to update the bootloader to a secure one?

HAHHAHAHA suck on that Verizon! You cannot stop the Android Community from getting root and bootloader access!

Good news. Now to follow keys Jerry's advice & wait for developers to work some secret sauce. You can bet Verizon is working on a patch as we speak. It'll be couched as a bug fix or something like that. Don't install ANY update from Verizon until you know what's in it. Let some other poor souls be the guinea pigs.

Just wanted to point out, that if you use this command in terminal, you will need the aboot.img file in the sdcard/Download directory. You can find it on the forums over at xda.

If you currently own a locked Galaxy S3 and you have ANY interest whatsoever in using aftermarket software on your phone, I would deeply advise you get your head screwed on nice and tight and do this procedure to your phone.

I can guarantee that either Samsung or Verizon, or both, will insist on patching this ASAP through a "bug fix" update. It will get pushed in fast. Which on another note, would royally piss me off as I am an old HTC Thunderbolt user STILL awaiting my promised ICS update. They're going to make me wait till the end of their deadline, and then some, but they have no problems pushing updates to clear loopholes that may result in lost funds. Eff them.

Either way, once they patch this up you may not be able to ever get the chance to do it again. A subsidized unlocked bootloader phone is potentially a lot of lost money to Samsung, so definitely expect immediate recovery on their part.

I think Samsung and others are wrong about that. As a Network Engineer, I have a lot of people that come to me with a lot of questions about phones/computers/anything with a power cableā€¦

One of the biggest things I tell people about android is how open it is. There are many teams around the world that are working together to make a better product. I also tell them that they probably would never install a custom rom and for some people. I even recommend going to an iPhone as it would just be better for their needs (read: my dad). Taking away the openness of the software by locking down the hardware hurts development and I have already told many people to avoid the Verizon GS3 if they want to do custom roms.

Having a locked bootloader (and the only one that is locked in the WORLD) is outrageous. Samsung and Verizon should not be allowed to do that. I bought this phone; I should be able to do with it whatever I want to do.

I bought the VGS3 as I knew someone would crack the bootloader sooner rather than later. Great Job! Keep up the good work! Hopefully this will push Verizon to just unlock the bootloader and be done with it.

Doesn't paying Verizon for a phone with a locked bootloader encourage them to continue that practice? It seems that getting a Gnex is the best way to vote with your wallet and send a clear message that you only want open phones. I'm guessing that corporate types react more to sales numbers than dev communities. Very cool accomplishment here though.

lol...that's what Verizon gets for delaying the Developer version of there's no need for it :-)