Verizon Galaxy Nexus retail price

If you're looking to buy the Verizon Galaxy Nexus off-contract, get ready to fork over some bills. It's $299 on contract (and you can find it some places for less), it'll run you $649 if you pay full retail. That's actually a tad less than the quad-band GSM version that's still available for importing.

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I will keep those Benjamins in my pockets (even though they are burning a hole in my pants)I am holding out for the ASUS TRANSFORMER PRIME.... (IF THERE IS SUCH AN ANIMAL?)

whitecomet says:

You are better off adding a line and switch it to your numnber then put a dummy esn on the add a line. I t will cost 240 over two years plus you can get a nexus for 25 no problem and in the end you are 150 ahead with a spare line to use if needed.

SlimJ87D says:

This is assuming you don't have a smartphone on the first line. If you do have a smartphone then you will be paying 2 data plans for $30 each. Also, you are spending $299 for the phone. I think you need to think that through more and redo your math.

Also, I think Verizon will know what you are trying to do, and I think you need to open 2 additional lines to get qualified for an upgrade.

All I'm saying, it's not as easy as you think it is. The amount of time and how much you'll actually save if you save anything at all (to be honest I think it will cost you more) you'd be better off paying for it retail IMO.

Cheetah23 says:

Does anyone know if this is going to be available at Best Buy soon? What are they going to charge off contract, $800?

SlimJ87D says:

Dude... did you not read the title? It says $649 retail...

fiznarp says:

I just left Best Buy. They are selling it off contract for $800.

n0obpr0 says:

Because it's Best Buy.

Amazon wireless is selling at that price as well.

but $200 w/contract

El Jefe says:

Wow. I guess there are some things that they WON'T price match, huh?

font1975 says:

Does Verizon even offer no contract rates?

If not, then what's the point in paying retail? It's not like you can throw another SIM in to use a cheaper company.

Channan says:

Some of us don't have an upgrade available.

s3lambert says:

I will be putting my on ebay tomorrow $$$

bold1193 says:

I wonder if it's worth it, 300 now but locked for two years or 600 (that 25 for 50 deal) and can use my upgrade for something else? Any suggestions?

nickacs says:

Hey Bold, what do you mean? If you buy the phone at retail then you aren't locked into a 2yr contract, your free to upgrade/buy a new one at any time? I current have the Bionic that I can't wait to get rid of, but of course I'm locked in my 2yr right now. GRRRR! Xmas is coming, so I'm telling everyone to get me VZW gift cards! LOL

Lancer033 says:

If you're on an existing contract and don't have an upgrade available, you can buy it at full price (and then sell you're bionic to make up the price difference if you want) You won't have to add any time to your existing contract, but you are still stuck with the contract you have.

jimmyk0789 says:

Thats what im gona do

hmmm says:

Sell it on ebay and then buy a used one in a couple months when it is going for way less.

asarathy says:

What I don't understand is this, a not contract iPhone 4s 16gb is $649 as well, yet they sell it for 199 on contract. They 32GB is $749 to compare similar models with a 299 contract price. Why is Verizon not giving the same subsidy amount for the Nexus?

foxbat121 says:

Because Apple won't let Verizon charge more than $200 for on-contract iPhones. That's why (and also the reason why Verizon initially dropped the ball on iPhone 1 offerings)

asarathy says:

What I don't understand is this, a not contract iPhone 4s 16gb is $649 as well, yet they sell it for 199 on contract. They 32GB is $749 to compare similar models with a 299 contract price. Why is Verizon not giving the same subsidy amount for the Nexus?

Paradocks says:

Simple. The Galaxy Nexus is a 4G LTE phone. The iPhone 4S is not.

MagyariBulan says:

$649 That is a bargain. I'm glad they make it!

RaiderWill says:

DLNA Capable!
Voice & Data Synchronously!
Mobile Hot Spot for 10 4G Devices!
Video Chat!
HDMI Out Standard!
Verizon's 4G Network!
Super Amoled Plus Display!
4.3 inch Screen!
City ID Capable!
8.0 Megapixel Camera!
Cortex A8 Processor!

Oh Man!...The Samsung... Droid Charge! WOW!!!

Blazing.. @ 1,300 mhz... Awaiting KAL-EL...

SlimJ87D says:

RaiderWill'S Average Comment:

Tyndall says:

It just shocks me that noone is really complaining about the high cost of this phone, even subsidized. $300? really? That's just a ridiculous amount of money for a phone that's hardware is just on-par with other offerings. Yes, I know the screen is bigger, but ICS basically uses the extra screen real estate for a search bar that noone needed or asked for and on-screen buttons that take the place of the space where the capacitive buttons used to be. SO that huge screen is really not any more usable in daily driving than a 4.3" screen?

Yes, I know it's the only phone with ICS, but I wonder when the cost reduction is going to come? No way will they maintain this ridiculous price through the spring. Well, it is Verizon, and they pretty much have made it clear they only wanted the phone on their terms, and probably aren't planning on selling a lot of them, so maybe they will keep the price artificially high so noone will buy them?

I look forward to this phone being released on Sprint, where a "pure Google" experience will be what you actually get vs. Verizon. I wish Google had released this on T-Mobile as well.

I look at the Verizon Nexus and wonder, Where's the Google logo? What is there even on the phone to delineate it as a Google Nexus?

This phone is doomed on Vz.

whitecomet says:

I homo 32gb is 300. This also has lte so it is fair nort great but fair. If you look around 250 can be had no problem.

dd0yl3 says:

What is kal-el, I keep seeing in the forums.

Tyndall says:

quad core with tegra 3 i believe.

Tyndall says:

Just don't buy from Verizon if you want a "good deal".....

Wirefly: $219.99 for a new customer, $249.99 with upgrade, 2-year contracts required

Target Mobile: $219.99 for a new customer, $249.99 with upgrade, 2 year contracts required

Amazon Wireless: $199.99 for a new customer, $249.99 with upgrade, 2 year contracts required

Best Buy: $299.99, however Best Buy is giving away one of six different pairs of iFrogz headphones including the iFrogz EarPollution Luxe Headphones and Microphone, a $26.99 value

LetsTalk: As discovered last night, using code “$75VZN,” LetsTalk is taking $75 off your purchase bringing new customer pricing down to $154.99 and upgrades to $174.99

We’ll add more attractive Galaxy Nexus pricing offers as we discover them!

n0obpr0 says:


kruglovus says:

Why pay $650, if you can buy it for $155 (from LetsTalk) with new 2yr contract, and pay $350 ETF to break the contract? $505 < $650

nickacs says:

Yea, but if you break your contract, don't you lose your cell number too, as you start all over? What if your on a family plan too? If I break the contract, doesn't that F up my wife then who is on the same contract? I think I'm screwed and can only pay retail and can't break my contract.. F*&K!

Germanguy#AC says:

Do you lose unlimited data if you choose to end the contract?

fstop says:

Some of us are grandfathered to unlimited data. Unlimited data > any phone.

3rdpig says:

In a week or 10 days, after the initial rush is over and stock fills back up, there will be discounts all over the place. Right now VZ is just trying squeeze the Gnex fanatics as hard as they can.

movielover76 says:

I want one, but as I don't have an available upgrade I'll be waiting to see what new phones come out and how quickly the price drops, both for a new one and the ebay price, maybe in a few months I'll pick one up I can't justify 650 for a phone

whitecomet says:

Big red is not gonna budge on price for a while. get it through walmart or amazon if you can. I cannot wait to get mine who ho.

Timelessblur says:

what sucks is The iPhone gets a much larger subsidzed price. That being it would almost be cheaper to buy an iPhone on contract, sell it and buy the Nexus off contract and in the end it is cheaper for you.