Verizon Ellipsis 7

Improved LTE performance, camera quality and battery life

Remember the Ellipsis 7? That's the Verizon self-branded tablet the carrier released back in November for $250. Well for those half-dozen people who bought one, there's a pretty sizeable update waiting for you. Verizon has posted to its support pages that update MV7A_31D26_422 is on the way with a whole load of features for the Ellipsis 7.

You'll be getting improved LTE connectivity, better mobile hotspot, a camera image quality boost, longer battery life and several other small features. The latest update also lets the Ellipsis 7 be used with Verizon's prepaid plans, as well as better manage where pictures and apps are stored between the internal memory and SDcard expansion.

Even with the latest update, we're thinking that the Ellipsis 7 is a pretty tough sell for any Android enthusiast unless you're simply looking for a functional and cheap device that supports Verizon LTE.

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Verizon Ellipsis 7 update rolls out, still a device few people should buy


My mom got one at the Verizon store even though I advised Nexus 7. It comes with 1GB space for apps already almost filled with pre-installed. It also lags when you tap the screen.

The 1Gb of RAM made me a little anxious. My earlier RAZR was really sluggish with that even when I didn't have that many apps open. But the tablet seems very responsive with a browser and over a dozen tabs, video player, Gmail, Messenger, etc all open. However, I did notice a slight lag begin to build after that. I hate lag (anything above a tenth of a second begins to get annoying, and 30 ms is at the edge of human perception) so I closed/restarted apps. As for ROM, I believe 8 GB is built in, but I added a 32 GB SD, although I could have gone with 64. Assuming the performance remains at the current level I expect to remain a happy camper.

A co-worker bought one of these, most of the public are not to brought sometimes when it comes to tech. He bought it because he just doesn't know any better, when I tried to explain that he could have gotten a much better tablet for the money he still didn't care or get it.

And it's these kinds of products that perpetuate the myth of Android being slow, laggy, and buggy. People don't know better.

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It's funny. I've had no issues with my Ellipsis 7 at all. It's only lagged once and its because I was running Skype, Youtube, and the keyboard all at the same time. Idk... It seems to me that none of you even own one.So why are you even commenting? lelelel
Also. screw the Lucid 2. Terrabad laggy phone.

lelOnlyUsingThisOncelel I completely agree i don't think any of them own one i. Have had mine for 5 month's and I love it. Its fast it Has never lagged it has never frozen plays amazing videos !!!! the only thing I wish mine had was a better. Camera up front and a flash on the back and able move games to the SD card and i would not turn down a USB port other then that 8 gigs is more then enough for me and I have 15 game a full 2 gig of. Music pics and files and still have room left and hay. If you need an extra gig Root it and delete the junk that they pre installed and the most impotent the damn thing is FREE and NOT an overpriced peace of shit iPad iPod or iPhone I will always use android and before any one bitches i don't care I bought a iPhone and iPad i sold them a week later I would of given them away if I wasn't gonna lose 2000 bucks

What is worse is that even with the "update" you still cannot use the full 8 GB. The device still keeps two seperate partitions: "app space" and "storage space". The app space is the stupid 1gb portion filled with the pre-installed stuff and where before the update the ONLY place that apps could be installed to. - The remaining 7 gig was not used at all! Now with the update it throws SOME apps to "storage space" but don't even think about useing ANY email because that still sets in the stupid 1gb spot. Don't even dream of ebooks because - you guessed it they still remain in the 1gb spot. The SD card is not able to be moved anything from or to at all. It can only be used for music and pictures and those must be placed there from a computer! That's right, welcome back to sneakernet. It's only use is as a hotspot and it does stream Netflix/HBOgo/ very good. If you only download then erase one count it 1 ebook at a time then it can handle that. Any more and you'll constantly get the "out of storage" error and not even the pre-installed apps will update. It's a POS.

The partition no longer seems to be an issue. Going into settings->apps I seem that I am using 1.3 GB for storage and have 3.8 left. For RAM (which is for calculation rather than mere storage, where TEAM rigidly corresponds to short-term working memory - what you are immediately aware of, and ROM corresponds to long-term memory, such as childhood memories), though, I am at 700 Mb with 300 MB to go, but this includes Web Video Caster, Chrome browser, Boat browser, Maxthon browser, Google Contacts, and Messenger+. The Chrome has about a dozen tabs open.

I'm with you I've always had mine for months and half what I love it so far and it's about the 8 tablet I Have owned (including brands such as Samsung Galaxy Polaroid And Nexus)

I hope Verizon's servers get crashed by the high amount of people trying to update.

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"When asked to comment on the crash, a Verizon spokesperson said, 'We just weren't equipped to handle the network load. There were literally DOZENS of people trying to download the update at once.' "

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That's a pretty asinine thing to wish upon VZW servers, as there are many people who rely on them that aren't using their weak excuse for a tablet.

Posted via Android Central best phone available: moto x

I was typing in a hurry. I apologize. I don't want Verizon's servers to crash. And personally, I believe that every person has a device that matches their needs. And this is one for people who want a tablet but don't care too much about specs.

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OK you must have some serious spelling problems. it is spelled V E R I Z O N Not B l a c k B e r r y :-)

I grabbed one of these when it was free and for browsing the web and reading news it's perfectly fine. It's a really good hotspot as well.

Oh, ok. Thanks!!

Posted from my "Gift from God" Note 3, my "God-Given" iPad Mini 2, or my "Risen" Samsung Chromebook.

I have one and I have no problem looking things up. The biggest problem that I have is that it always says there are insufficient space for updating. I take it directly to Verizon and they take it in the back and get it to update. I wish they would tell me how to do it. I have had mine for a year now. All Verizon says is well you have a 2 year contract.

Would be hilarious if Verizon just trolled everyone and kept this device up to date at Nexus/GPe-like speeds.

You regretting that purchase?

Lol. Who am I kidding ain't nobody bought DAT shit.

Sent from inside a cave. Yes, T-Mobile covers caves. N5

You'd be surprised. During the holidays, Verizon held several sales on it. I believe, some people have gotten it for free, on a 2-year contract. Add to the fact, that Verizon subscribers can add it onto their existing plans for just an extra 10 dollars per month, and it's not difficult to see why it would sell.

I guess.

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I think you are correct. I got mine for nothing. And it is almost worth that . Only good YouTube and bs

Does anyone else find it hilariously suspicious that this drops around the time Verizon will start supporting the nexus 7?

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If it says Verizon, I just don't buy it.

Posted from my "KNOX-FREE" 4.3 Sprint GS3 Maxx...!!!
(ZeroLemon 7000mah battery)

I bought a Dell venue 8, granted it's Wi-Fi only but it's much better than this pc of junk.
It's basically my son's game tablet.

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Got mine for $49. With a contract. And it does everything I need it to do. Is it a nexus? No.. But it was $50...

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Plus 2 years of Verizon, plus the ugly logo. Yes I know you don't care but have to comment, can't stop.

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I got one of these for free on black friday. I have to say, for that price it is pretty decent. LOL. I have installed it in my truck as a radio/nav system. It is a great device for that as I use Google Play all access for my music. Works great for what I use it for.

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I bought one for my Son. He loves it + it was $50 on contract = good deal.

He is too young for a phone so this tablet is ideal for him. I slapped in a 16gb sd card and he good to go for what he needs.

One thing I noticed is that since I put in the sd card, any apps that are downloaded that can go on the sd card are done so automatically.

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I've never heard of apps going to memory card automatically, I thought that has to be done manually.

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Got two of these when they were free on Black Friday. The only issue I see is With the tablet space. Doesnt allow to move apps to sd. Mostly use mine for navigation searching and music. Hopefully the update adds the ability to put apps on sd.

This was verizon's answer to not giving the Nexus 7 (2013) LTE support.

Meh, it seems every store or carrier has their own branded 7 inch tablet now.

Umm, don't you use an ellipsis to indicate that something has been taken out (or, in this context, that something is missing?)? Sounds to me like a car in South America called Nova.

I received this tablet as a Christmas (can I say that word?) present from my office. I like it but have not had a tablet before. We do a lot of field inspections and plan to use the tablets for data collection. I have messed around with the app iAuditor and there is some possibility there.

I installed the update this morning with no issues. I notice there is a new feature of showing the time on the screen when plugged in...if this was a feature before the default must have had it turned off.

Interested in this tablet for simple email, pdf files and camera. IYO, is this tablet capable of completing these functions?
I would get the tablet free w/ 2yr comm. It would cost me $10 per month for data.

What ever I got one for father's day they were free and its not bad its pretty dam fast with 4g access you all just got a hate bunch of miserable people with no life and all you do is find shit to complain about I just want to unlock it any of you hafters know about doingtxhat biatches

I bit on the $49 promotional price for the Ellipse and I feel totally ripped off. The freaking thing has the WORST touchscreen interface I've seen since the 80s; using the on-screen keyboard results in "hkdjfnvllhdjgsjsh h D kfd if sgfs" and even basic web browsing can be a challenge.

So between that and the foolish way they managed the memory allocation, the thing basically has two functions in my life: 1) a ridiculously oversized MP3 player that I can read my email on in a pinch; and 2) porn. I watch 100% of my porn on it right now, and if it picks up a virus I will pop out the SD card with my MP3s on it and then smash the damn thing with a hammer, with a giant grin on my face and a song in my heart.

How's that for a glowing review, Verizon?

My wife brought the Ellipsis home for me. It's not a bad little machine. Yes, it is not a Samsung, Nexus or Ipad but it does have several good qualities. The screen is responsive contrary to what is said here. It has the MSD expansion and front speakers. Of course this one has been upgraded and the previous tablet reviews may not. The camera, well, it does suck. But it isn't used as a camera. Had I a choice I would have gone with the LG tablet and still may.

OMGOSH is someone paying you to write these improper bashings(not just directed @u) I have this spiffy device rooted and have it out clocking the beloved (also by you) N7. It has zero lag even when multitasking. Its default Hotplug governor is perfect for a quad core device. Plus a crap ton of us got this device free!!!!! And to flydog81,see the average non critic/writer not just agreeing to everything even likes this tab unroofed so kudus for not conforming to the BS . this tab is a solid B and a B+ once EASILY ROOTED!!!!

New to the android world. Can I get a jump on how to quickly root my newly acquired ellipsis 7 so as I begin to unleash its potential?

By the way this is a published /former Android creative syndicate contributor and xda senior member, far from an expert but I'm n
Also far from your average bear/above comment wouldn't let me edit it meant to say rooted root roofed
Craig Michael Curtice